Free WiFi for Hartford – #WATWB

I know, the title sounds like a scam. It’s not, it’s for real, and it’s coming to the Hartford, Connecticut neighborhoods that need it the most. The story below is all excerpted from an article in the Hartford Courant.

Free, citywide Wi-Fi is coming to Hartford through a public-private partnership between the city, Dalio Education and the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. Mayor Luke Bronin announced Wednesday.

In his announcement, Mayor Bronin said, “Internet connectivity is not a luxury, it’s an essential part of learning, earning and living today, and we believe that every Hartford resident and every Hartford business deserves a good quality internet connection,”

Jay Williams, president of the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, said the health crisis sharpened its focus on supporting basic human needs. While many services can be accessed virtually, many Hartford neighborhoods have no access to high-speed internet, he said.

“With schools and businesses closing and people looking to obtain vital services, access telehealth and educate their children virtually, it became clear that we must expand our definition of basic human needs to respond to the stark digital divide in our region,” Williams said. “We are proud to support this partnership to ensure that every Hartford resident has access to high-speed internet to seek employment, participate in online schooling, access well-being services and a host of other things many of us take for granted.”

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Below are some of my favorite images of Hartford.


  1. Charisse Snipes deserves a raise! What a great idea she had. You have to wonder about those parents who cannot select remote learning because they have no computers at home. Such a great story, Dan. Your photos are wonderful–I love fog–but the photo of sun rising is gorgeous!! Have a great weekend. Stay cool. A/c guy at my house now–something froze over during the night and it is HOT in here!! :D

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  2. Hats off to Hartford for thinking about the well-being of its citizens. I have no doubt this same scenario plays out all across this country, but Hartford is actually addressing the issue. Too often the ‘less fortunate’ among us get caught up in the shuffle and left behind to figure out their dilemma on their own.

    Hope this catches on in all our towns and cities….like Covid-19 did, except with a positive outcome!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • When they first changed to remote learning in the spring, it was a challenge for so many kids. They will get access, and they will get devices as well. I think it’s a great idea. I do hope it catches on in other spots.


  3. Hi Dan – how very lucky Hartford residents are … let’s hope other urban or even local towns/villages hear this news and decide to do similar. Congratulations to the Mayor and to the supporting organisations … take care – lovely foggy photos … Hilary

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  4. Most of our coping strategies during this pandemic require reliable high-speed internet connections, whether it be on-line learning, Zoom conferencing, or Netflix binging. In many ways it rated up there with water and electricity as an essential utility.

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  5. What a magnificent example of seeing the need on a community level and stepping up. I can only hope leaders across the country realize this is the sort of approach we’ll need in every community to provide equal educational access.

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  6. What a great initiative! I remember my dad wondering years ago, when businesses started advertising their presence on the internet, how people without computers (he was one) would see these websites or their information. Now the issue is not only putting computers in the hands of those who need it, but also providing WiFi and good internet service. Kudos to Hartford for taking care of its citizens with a basic need in the middle of a pandemic.

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