David’s Brave New World – #SoCS

More than anything on Friday, I look forward to receiving the email carrying Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. I take a peek, but I try not to think about it, because Linda wants only minimal planning on our part. I like to carry the prompt into the bar and work it into our discussion. This week Linda wants us to work with this:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘more.’ Start your post with the word ‘more.’ Enjoy!”

If we were having a beer, you would be late.

“More please.”

“Another Corona, Oliver? You want a wedge of lime, or just a twist?”

“Lime wedge, please.”

“Aren’t you getting ahead of your buddy?”

“I am, Cheryl, but my buddy is late, it’s ninety-two degrees, and I spent the day working on my shed.”

“Well then, I guess I can tip another Corona under the plague shield.”

“Sorry I’m late, Dan. I had to stop at Home Depot and it was crowded.”

“Six-thirty, A – M.”

“Huh? What? What are you talking about, Dan?”

“If you want to get in and out of Home Depot quickly, plan to arrive at six-thirty.”

“Here’s your beer, Dan. Would you like something to drink, David. You’re already a round behind.”

“I would, Cheryl. I think a glass of John Howell’s bourbon would help me relax, but I’m going to need the seltzer and a glass of ice, if you don’t mind.”

“Coming right up.”

“So, Dan, what’s the deal with heading to Home Depot at the crack of dawn?”

“Like with so many things in life, David, it’s all about timing.”

“Oooh, how’s this for timing? One glass of bourbon, one glass of ice and a snifter of seltzer.”

“And three cherries. Aren’t you kind?”

“You looked like you needed a little kindness, David.”

“Thank you, Cheryl. Cheers, Dan.”

“Cheers, David.”

“You were telling me about timing…”

“Yes. You see, contractors arrive at six-o’clock when Home Depot opens. By six-thirty, they’re on their way out. Homeowners, even the early ones, don’t start arriving until seven or seven-thirty.”

“So, you have a window to work in?”


“A fairly narrow window, though, Dan. I’m not sure I can get around that fast.”

“You have to know what you want, and you have to know where it is. Each store’s layout is a little different.”

“I was down the road in Bloomfield earlier. I didn’t know where anything was. It’s like they put my store in a blender.”

“That’s why you have the app, David.”

“I don’t have the app, Dan.”

“Give me your phone.”

“Why? Are you going to install the app? I don’t like apps.”

“You’ll like this one.”

“I don’t do business on my phone, Dan.”

“You don’t have to. Cheryl, will you tell David…never mind, just bring us another round.”

“Easy Dan. David, if you don’t like the app, I’ll make Dan delete it before I give him another beer.”

“OK, here, I unlocked my phone. I think I’ll try these cherries.”

“I need you to authorize this.”

“What? What am I authorizing? Are you buying something?”

“The app is free. You’re just letting me install it.”

“What good will it be, if I’m not going to shop with it?”

“Here, look at this. You can search for the things you want. The app shows you where they are in the store.”

“Wow, the aisle, the section and the shelf – that’s pretty cool, and I don’t have to buy it?”

“Nope. But you do have to write it down, if you want to get out of the store before the amateurs start piling in with their Starbucks and their plan of the week.”

“OK, Cheryl. Mission accomplished. Dan can have another beer.”

“Would you like another round, too, David.”

“I think I need one.”

“You boys want any food.”

“Cheryl, I would like a bowl of clam chowder.”

“How many beers has he had, Cheryl. Dan, it’s ninety-some degrees out there. Why on earth would you order chowder?”

“They have good chowder. I like it, and I don’t want to wait until December to have a bowl.”

“We sell a lot of chowder, David. In fact, the chef made another batch this morning. Would you like a bowl?”

“What the heck, it’s a day for new things, chowders all around.”


  1. The chowder looks yummy, Dan. Am I correct in assuming that it is New England style, as it appears to be, and not the heretical Manhattan style? I was not sure if there is a geographic boundary equivalent to the Mason-Dixon line delineating areas of preference. I sometimes eat oatmeal on hot days, so I don’t see a problem with chowder in the summer. Besides, I know plenty of people who love ice cream in the winter. You like what you like, says the guy who reheated a leftover taco for breakfast yesterday morning. Thanks for the timing tip for Home Depot. I need some stuff but had not yet worked up the energy to fight the potential crowd there.

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    • Manhattan style and, there is such a thing as Rhode Island style clam chowder (even though the latter sometimes includes bacon) are never consumed. A reheated taco sounds great for breakfast! I don’t know about the boundary line, but I remember having to specify New England style chowder in upstate New York. There should really be road signs warning about the transition.

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      • Around here, there is a tea boundary line. In New England when I was growing, the default tea is hot and I had to specify “iced tea,” if that is what I wanted and it never came pre-sweetened. Here in Virginia, especially as you move south of Northern Virginia, the default is sweetened ice tea and you have to specifically ask for unsweetened tea and “hot tea.” More confusing are all of the regional variations on the question of what to call carbonated beverages and submarine sandwiches.

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  2. Did you ever suspect the day would come when you had to “time” when you went shopping? My, how our lives have changed.

    Beautiful Rose of Sharon. The bunny and Sparky are looking very fit. MuMu’s been brushed, you have MiMi’s permission to go on a very long walk, and Maddie is always up for a walk and a sit. Good start to the weekend. Maddie’s cot has turned out to be a great investment.

    Good thing the neck of the beer is “corked” with a lime to keep it from spilling while clearing the plexiglass!

    Cooler here this morning. I can actually breathe! Weekend ‘promises’ to produce lower temperatures and humidity.

    Hope you and all your girls enjoy a wonderful weekend. Stay safe.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Gone are the days of just popping in to stores on a whim, Ginger. I stopped at Home Depot one afternoon, and I walked right back out. The place was crazy. I stopped at our grocery store at noon and I quickly learned why my wife says to never do that.

      It was 67 when we left for our walk. I felt like we should bundle up ;-)

      The bottle tips under nicely, but tall wine glasses have to be filled in a two-part contortionist movement by the bartender. Glass first, then wine in a mini-carafe, and I don’t know how she manages to pour.

      Stay cool!


  3. Clam chowder hmm. That might just go over grits as nicely as sausage gravy. I have been tempted to put the HD location app on the phone. Now if someone could just fix their inventory app…

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  4. I think we may be those amateurs you were talking about. Now the big question, Does Lowe’s have a similar app? We are noticing a change in the sun and the shadows here. Summer is far from over, but I can see the difference already.

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  5. What gets my goat is when I go to the same store across town and they have the store flipped. I stand there and cannot get my bearings….ever. Smart man to go early. Did Maddie last very long outside? Her cot looks like it is right in the sun–not good for a redhead. The crows on the soccer field made me laugh. I thought of Woodstock in ‘Charlie Brown’ comics trying to kick a soccer ball. One little ‘poot’ and nothing happens. Makes me laugh every time. Have a great weekend, Dan. Try to stay cool. Key word: try….

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    • We did not stay outside very long, and the sun was dropping below the trees, so she ended up in the shade. The two stores near us are flipped and turned inside out. I get totally lost in the one I visit least often. I was tempted to roll a soccer ball out there and see if any got flattened by it and rolled along. I wouldn’t want to hurt them, but it’s a funny thought.

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  6. I am going to have to find a non-dairy version of clam chowder. I can taste your bar’s version in my head and it’s so good!

    Have as many beers as the Editor will allow, Dan. You deserve it after working in 92 degree heat. I hope the weather cuts you some slack before the summer ends so Maddie can have additional sitting time after your shopping trips to Home Depot.

    Happy Saturday!

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    • There are non-dairy recipes for New England clam chowder. Of course there’s always the pitiful substitute that is Manhattan clam chowder, but you’d need to be desperate,

      Several years ago, I put in place the “no beer for thirst” rule. Basically, I started making sure to drink water on days like this, until I wasn’t thirsty and then switch to beer. I’m thinking of rescinding that rule ;-)

      I hope you’re having a good weekend.

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  7. Ah yes, the chowder. Man, does it look good. I love that Home Depot App. It saves a ton of time and you don’t have to go looking for someone to help. Excellent photos, Dan. We also need rain and can’t seem to get any. Have a super weekend.

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  8. Man, if there’s something I miss about living in New England it’s the chowder. Can’t find a decent bowl of that stuff anywhere else that I’ve found. I’d eat it year round too!

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    • It’s hard to find good chowder outside of this region, but I keep trying. If someone has it on the menu, I order it. The bar I go to makes a very good version.


  9. Timing is everything right now, and for sure check to see if your store has it before you even leave the driveway. Buying these days requires a lot of prep work. Who knew? :-) I like good grits but usually get them when I’m in SC, and could eat good thick clam chowder most any time. Stay cool. I worked a half a day and it was miserable out there. I won’t be stepping outside again except to get the mail. :-)

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    • I finished for the day just before noon, Judy. I’m not going back out now until Monday, and only if it isn’t raining. I would have been in and out in a under 15 minutes, if I didn’t have to have a 16′ piece of trim cut into two useful segments. The app said they had 8′ pieces in stock, but they did not.

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  10. Your fur babies are so sweet. And constant. Okay, I have to tell you here that once we did some online grocery shopping both for pickup and delivery, I really dig seeing all the available products and selecting them without having to reach around someone, be in someone else’s way, have multiple people run baskets over my bare ankles or listen to bluetooth phone conversations from three aisles over or hear the screech of an unhappy child not getting their way while Mom just stares out into space. There are still a few in store experiences I want, like choosing my snacks for the week or checking out cold coffee brews, ice cream selections. I sure have saved some money though….

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  11. I’m like David about apps. Even if it’s free, I think it’s going to use up more space on my phone. This app for Hone Depot does sound pretty nifty if you want to get in and out fast. If I’m looking for something in particular, it’s like a treasure hunt. Good thing I’m retired and have time to browse. When we go to Lowes or Home Depot, my David goes to tools and hardware, and I wander around home decor and gardening. Eventually one of us will text the other and find each other again. Timing is very important with some things.

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  12. Whhhhaaaatttt! You don’t have apps on your phone. How do you pay for stuff and send your pictures to FB? [smile!] I don’t have many, Dan, but I have electronic banking, Instagram, PayPal, my email and Whats App.


  13. Clam chowder. Oh man. I haven’t had that in a long time and now I have a hankering for it. My mouth is watering. Now I will have a chat with the chef in the house. I will have chowder and soon! LOVED your gallery, Dan.

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  14. Mmm. Chowder sounds good. The ClickCart grocery order this morning didn’t have the 8 oz whipping cream I ordered, so they substituted a quart of heavy whipping cream for the same price. Is chowder in my future?

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  15. I really enjoyed this, Dan. David learned the app thingy (John Howell likes that word, too), you survived 92 degrees, and ate clam chowder in August. Life is good! But, getting to Home Depot at 6:30 is out of my league. Enjoy the rain and cooler weather today. I hope Maddie doesn’t have to live through thunderstorms.

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    • We were very lucky. We had high winds, but no damage here and we didn’t lose power. Over 700,000 people are without electricity in CT still today (Thurs), and the repairs seem like they’re going to take a while.

      Sometimes, tea/chowder is just the right thing.

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      • I’m glad you’ve still got power, but feel sorry for those without it. At our house in San Jose we’d experienced loss of power for days and days a few times. We were always last to get back up because we were a little pocket of 1 of 8 houses on a separate line surrounded by a sea of lights everywhere. We made the most of it but it got hard when everyone around us had their power back on and we still didn’t for days.

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