Unexpected Guests

Nom nom nom.

I think I said I was going to take summer Mondays off. I haven’t been, but this seems like a good day to not write. I managed to get a few nice pictures while sitting with Maddie. Then, I got a few more during breakfast. I tossed the remnants from the box of Special K into the yard, and, surprise, surprise, crows like Special K. If the pictures look a little funky, I was shooting through two windows. When I tried to open the door, they took off. I tried to get a couple of pictures with other birds, to give a hint at the size – the crows are huge! There are quite a few; I couldn’t choose. See if you can find Jinx.


  1. Fun with crows! Interesting how they prefer cereal over bird seed, or maybe they’ve had enough seed and wanted something different. Maybe it’s the sweetness that entices them.

    Whatever the case, I hope you, the Editor and all of the furry and feathered Antion crew have an awesome week.

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  2. Those are some big birds alright! You’re right, next to them Chip looks like a mouthful. At least the tail end of the cereal boxes won’t go to waste. I pour the last remaining cereal into a small strainer to get rid of the yucky crumbs/powder. But I like your idea better….bird food!

    Maddie looks very pleased with herself, and I hope the world looks better to MiMi upside down. It sure isn’t looking real good right side up!

    Stay healthy and safe Dan.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. MiMi has always loved laying on her back and hanging her head over the edge. Maybe the world does look better that way. I used to just toss the crumbs, but I decided to put it out one day. Somebody ate it, so I keep doing it, but I wasn’t sure who was eating it. These guys look big enough to want a plat of ham and eggs.

      Looks like we’re going to get wet here after today. I might try to squeeze a little work in, but it’s going to be 92 – yuck.

      Take care.


  3. Who knew crows liked Special K. I hope they are tested for enhancements before the big game. No cheating, crows! Chippy does look tiny….. Queen Maddie–she looks so pretty surveying her domain. And that little jester, MiMi. Such cute kids, Dan. Have a great week.

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  4. I love the photos Dan! Great shots – those are huge crows. Remind me not to put Special K in my yard! LOL. Smokey is so unusual! I have never seen such a dark squirrel! Love it! :). Thanks for sharing!

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    • Maddie thanks you, Cheryl. I think you’re the person who told me that you don’t want to see just one crow. I was worried about Chippy, I’m pretty sure one of those crows could scoop him up.


  5. Monday, Monday, can’t believe I almost missed this post. The legend of Jinx lives on!
    But Bushwa! Those are some big crows, Dan — especially if they’re bigger than the squirrel. East coast neighborhood squirrels can be pretty hefty. By the way, I love the shot of Smokey with peanut. Here’s to Tuesday. Hugs.

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    • There was a “Special K Challenge” that was promoted years ago. Special K is a long standing Kellogg’s brand of rice flakes. The diet suggested replacing two meals a day with a bowl of Special K in skim milk. I don’t think the company promotes the diet these days.

      I have one bowl a day in whole milk, so I’m in no danger of losing weight 😏

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    • We have a bunch of crows in a neighbor’s tree. Earlier this summer, they seemed to be teaching the young ones to fly. The adults would leave the tree, the young ones would follow and they’d circle and head back. The the young ones flew circles on their own. It was fun to watch, but they are noisy!

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