Mapleton Hall – #ThursdayDoors

I love the way they’ve restored the exterior.

When I was touring the Suffield, CT Historic District, I stumbled onto and interesting fact – there are two historic districts. I’ve been through other towns that have historic homes outside of the established historic district, but I’ve never seen a town that has multiple districts.

As I toured the second district, I snapped a few photos (most of which I have shared in previous posts) and I discovered one gem – Mapleton Hall. The following has been excerpted from a few different, including CT Historic Buildings, and CTVisit.

“Constructed in 1883 as a Grange Hall to serve Suffield and the surrounding community, located along the trolley line from Hartford to Springfield, Its pancake breakfasts made it a ‘must see’ location into the early 20th century while ‘entertainments’ were added to provide additional draw. There are two murals representing mid-century theatricals. Two wings were added to the central hall in 1896 due to the large crowds. The hall has been lovingly restored and maintained by the Suffield Players to that period including the tin ceilings and wood floors. It is a historical gem.”

Mapleton Hall is the performance home for The Suffield Players, a community theater group. Community theater, as well as the professional theater companies, orchestras, and opera companies, are struggling with how to stage performances during this pandemic. The Suffield Players plan to open the 2020-21 season in early October with “The Dining Room” at Mapleton Hall, above, which had to be rescheduled because of the novel coronavirus shutdown.

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    • That’s what I thought, but it’s always been a community hall. I was wondering why it had a bel tower if it was never a church or a school, but I guess they would alert people to meetings. Who knows?

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  1. Hi Dan – what a delightful looking Hall – at first I thought it was a church … but I see the side has been extended – and so is large enough for shows etc … what a gorgeous little gem. Take care – Hilary

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    • In this case, the “they” is the Community Theater group. They are currently painting the exterior, which I think is wonderful, especially since their season was cut short, and opening for 2020-21 is still in question.

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  2. It’s a simple yet beautiful little building that I can imagine would be an ideal place for live local theater. I really sympathize with those in the live entertainment industry right now. All the disruptions and uncertainty are no fun for anyone of course but this is an industry that has been hit so incredibly hard and will be for some time to come ;-(
    Enjoy the break Dan!


    • Thanks Norm. I agree, this industry has suffered a total loss since March. I don’t know if they’re going to be allowed to begin again this fall. The best answer at this point seems to be “maybe.”

      Enjoy the break. See you in September.

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  3. Interesting about the two historic districts. We once lived in a community with a historic district, then an architectural preservation district. Kind of made more sense than two of the same.

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    • I think they refer to them as an east and west district, but they aren’t connected. It’s odd, because there are some historic homes in between the two districts. I’m not sure, if I owned such a home, if I’d want to be in our outside the district. Sometimes, their restrictions are difficult to deal with.

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  4. It’s a lovely building. I hope it does open for the 2020/2021 season and you get an opportunity to go inside and perhaps take a photo or two to share.

    I love the history and that bell tower. Pancakes sound pretty good it’s been ages since I’ve had any!

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  5. What an interesting building! At first glance I thought it was a church, then realized it was a bell tower and not a steeple. The louvered section above the door roof looks great. I love this building and its history. Super doors post, Dan.


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