Natalie Says it Better – #WATWB

Friday was the last Friday of the month, but I was so caught up in the response to my blog on Thursday, that I didn’t have time to prepare a WATWB post until today. When I asked for help on Thursday, I was hoping a few people would look at the gallery that appealed to them and let me know their preference. I felt bad asking for details, although having the details is helpful, especially if the engineers get involved.

The response was overwhelming!

People You crawled through multiple galleries. You left your thoughts. You shared your details. You fought through the stupid Masonry gallery calling you back to an image as you typed your comments. Some of you responded to the follow-up questions I had. Some of you even responded to problems other readers mentioned! People helping me and others, it just doesn’t get any better!

Your collective willingness to help was amazing. It was inspirational. It is so good to see at a time when all we seem to read about is people fighting with each other over…well, just about anything.

Thank You!

The “We are the World” Blogfest is in its third year. This blogfest’s goal is to spread the message of light, hope and love in today’s world. We are challenging all participants to share the positive side of humanity. This month’s co-hosts: Shilpa Garg  , Lizbeth Hartz, Sylvia Stein, Roshan Radhakrishnan, and Peter Nena, welcome participants. You might want to join us in during future months. #WATWB is a blog hop on the last Friday of every month. If you want to SIGN UP for WE ARE THE WORLD – Click HERE to be part of the Light.

Natalie Merchant says it better than I can. I hope you enjoy the video that serves as my link for this month’s blogfest.

By the way, it looks like I’ll be using the standard gallery option inside a Classic Block.


  1. Hi Dan – just glad you’ve decided what to do …and everyone has helped. Kind and generous – the blogging community certainly is … have a good week – Hilary

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  2. Your post reminds me I signed up for WATWB last month but forgot all about it. I think I need to post a reminder to myself! I am glad you were able to decide on the gallery option that works best for you and your readers.

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  3. Thank YOU, Dan. Your technical expertise has been such a help to us on many occasions. Your dedication to solving all types of challenging situations is an inspiration. And you always bolster others, assuring them they can do it too. 👏🏻😀

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  4. What goes around comes around. Your thorough investigation is helpful. Now I have some ideas on what to look for if I ever decide to do a gallery. And Natalie Merchant is perfect. Maybe one day I’ll remember WATWB again and use one of my waiting drafts.

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