A day off

I thought I’d share some photos from our walk on the morning after the storm we had on Saturday. The rain was most welcome. I’m not complaining. I hope you enjoy the photos. They are explained in the captions.


  1. Great collection of photos. We called them fire hydrants. Now we live in the land of septic tanks. When we first moved here, our male dog was at a loss where to pee on our walks!😂

    Maddie has so many choices now of where to sit and where to stretch out. She’s a happy puppy. Love how your flowers keep hanging on and looking beautiful.

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    • Yeah, they call them fire hydrants around here as well. I’ve lost some of the local words, in the nearly 40 years that I’ve been here, but they are still fire plugs.

      I hope you enjoy what looks to be a very nice day, Ginger.


  2. Funny, when I was little I really didn’t know what those things were but I figured they were just doggie port o potties. We didn’t have many fires in my neighborhood. 😏 You and Maddie make nice silhouettes. Poor Sharon, but like all beautiful things she will shake it off and look up!

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  3. Dan, you know I’m fascinated by local and regional language. “Fire plug” is something I had forgotten. I grew up calling them fire hydrants… but as soon as I read “fire plug” I remembered it from long ago. It sounds like a word my dad would have used — his words were a little different from the rest of the neighborhood — language from a rural area I guess… Anyhow, I’m sure there were several people in my area, who used that word too, or it wouldn’t have been such a “duh!” moment for me.
    Thanks for taking us all for a lovely stroll, even when you needed a day off. Beautiful photos too. The one of the car door is particularly interesting. It could make a great background for something. Have a peaceful day. Hugs on the wing.

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  4. Your photos today are particular “artsy,” Dan–I love them. I love the discussion of fireplugs. I think that when I was growing up I heard them referred to as both fireplugs and fire hydrants. There is one case, though, where the terms are not interchangeable–I remember hearing of stocky guys described as “built like a fireplug,” but have never heard of anyone “built like a fire hydrant.” :)

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  5. Interesting the distortions in the shadows. Just looking at the first shadow one might think you have a two legged walking companion. In the second one Maddie could almost be a brontosaurus with some guy on really tall stilts.

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    • MiMi and MuMu were hiding from me, John. The shadows on my car startled me. It was early, and I needed to put something in the trash. I didn’t expect to see that.


  6. I like the photos, but just the word “rain” sound exotic and delightful, Dan. :-) I love that last shot of Maddie where she appears to be lying on her back with everything in the air (even though I know she isn’t.)


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  7. Hi Dan – Loisa says it right about Maddie … ‘plumb tuckered’ – I was like that in our heat … now it’s cooler – thank goodness I think! Wonderful range of day-off photos … take care – Hilary

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  8. Great photos Dan and yes you guys did get the rain…..so needed out west here. We have a lot of the smoke in the air in Southern Cal from the Northern Cal fires. We flew up to Seattle yesterday and couldn’t believe the smoke haze in the air all the way up California. Have a great week!

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  9. great photos from the walk… and
    dan – right on- a fire plug huh?
    we call them hydrants
    and I especially like this because I have about fifty fire hydrant photos right now – and the mood of this one – from a shadowy walk – so nice

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      • well dan, I just might have to add this to the interview post I have in the works. Can I use this “fire plug” photo?

        Also, speaking of the interview – I was wondering if you could send me three to five images to use – – can be anything – but ones that you think connect to the Q&A
        (and may I pick one or two from your blog if needed) and by the way – I am so glad that I did not RUSH the interview post out there last month – it feels good to slow down and enjoy this post –
        I might try and do a few more interviews as 2020 closes out – but it really all started with you because I wanted to know more about PA and your take –

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