More Good News – #SoCs

Here we are, facing another Saturday in partial lockdown but able to gather at the bar and attempt to wrestle Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt to the ground. September is turning out to be the month for guests. Stick around, you’ll see what I mean. In the meantime, let’s see that prompt:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ’sharp.’ Use it in any or all of its definitions. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be risking your cherries by teasing Cheryl.

“Good afternoon boys…and Faith! This is a wonderful surprise. I know what these two clowns are having, but what would you like, Faith?”

“Sadly, I’m just going to have a Coke, Cheryl. It’s been a long day, and I haven’t eaten anything to speak of.”

“Well then, we should get some food in you. I’ll bring some menus.”

“I would like a Corona, Cheryl.”

“And a splash of bourbon for you?”

“Indeed, Cheryl. You’re happy to have a visitor today. Do you know about the visitor next week?”

“John Howell? Yes I do, and I plan to be here.”

“Really? It sounded like John and Brad were hitting it off pretty well last week.”

“David, I feel the need to remind you that you’re paying, even if she throws you out.”

“Understood, Dan. But Cheryl won’t throw me out.”

“No, and I won’t trade shifts with Skippy. Here’s your bourbon. Your glass of seltzer and your ice.”

“Cheryl, the ice cubes are on a plate…”

“I warned you, David. Cheryl, if you cash him out, include a second Corona and an order of wings.”

“He can stay, Dan. He can even have a cherry.”

“On the plate with the ice. Ouch. Are you receiving her message, David?”

“I am, Dan. Cheryl, at the risk of additional penalties, what happens if Bra…Skippy shows up next week? You know, as a customer.”

“He’s free to sit in the lounge or at one of those tables.”

“He can’t sit at the bar?”

“Nope – Corona rules. Two people, at opposite ends, or a single party of three.”

“Sounds like you have all the options covered, Cheryl.”

“I’m not missing the chance to meet John W. Howell here in my bar.”


“Don’t you start, Dan.”

“No, no, don’t worry. I’m on your side. But I wanted to let you know that John won’t be the only person visiting the bar.”

“Who else is coming?”


“Teagan? Teagan R. Geneviene? Everyone’s favorite flapper is coming back to the bar?”

“Yes. The date isn’t firm, but she will be here soon, Cheryl.”

“That’s wonderful, and you can bet I’ll be working that shift.”

“This is getting complicated. If I may ask, no offense intended, but, Faith, what brings you here today?”

“We hiked Mount Tom. It took a little longer than planned, and like I said, I haven’t eaten.”

“Mount Tom? I thought they closed that.”

“Um, they closed the ski area, David. You can’t really close a mountain.”

“But without the ski lift, Faith, how did you get to the top?”

“Wow, you really aren’t hanging with the sharpest tools in the shed today, are you David?”

“No need for insults, Dan. It’s just that I rode the ski lift to the top several times in the off season.”

“It’s no longer running.”

“So, when you say ‘hike’ you mean you walked up to the summit?”


“That sounds difficult. I mean, not for you Faith, but I’m surprised you got you dad up there.”

“It wasn’t a long hike, about four and a half miles round-trip. Dad did pretty well, but it was steep – we’re both tired.”

“OK, so John will be here next week. We know why Faith is here today, why is Teagan coming?”

“Does she need a reason, David?”

“No, of course not, but I’m guessing she has one, I mean, it’s a long trip.”

“She is getting ready to release ‘Hullaba Lulu’ in book form.”

“I remember that. I read the serial.”

“I read the serial, too, David, but I can’t wait to read the book.”

“Really, Dan? Why?”

“The serial is one experience, David. A great one, but a book is a totally different experience. When I get my copy, I will get a cup of tea, get comfortable and read.”

“For how long?”

“For as long as I like.”

“You make it sound romantic.”

“It’s a different context. Take John Howell’s book for example. I read the beta version, but I bought a paper copy of the book, and I will read it – at – my – leisure.”

“In a comfortable chair with a cup of tea.”

“Or perhaps a glass of bourbon.”

“You know, for a young man, you’re showing signs of wisdom, Dan. Cheryl, bring him another Corona. And, if I have returned to your good graces, an official John Howell’s special for me.”

“You know I can’t stay mad at you, David.”


    • It’s funny, Judy. She lays down out there and she literally can’t be bothered. Except by the chipmunks. They move to fast. She lunges after them. I fear she’s going to snag one at some point. It was fun to get outside and do something interesting. I hope you have a nice holiday weekend. Avoid those pesky tourists (you don’t know where they’ve been ;)

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  1. Photo of Maddie and her friends is priceless. Congratulations on your hike with Faith. That’s no small accomplishment. I wouldn’t have been tired. Id’ve been out cold on a stretcher! Lol.

    Poor Mimi, getting robbed of her beauty sleep once again. Love the pic with Maddie slurping up the raindrops. She is too funny.

    Hope you all enjoy a safe and fun weekend away from all the crazies. Murphy sends belly rubs to Maddie and lots of petting to the tuxedos!

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    • Thanks Ginger. The hike was more than we bargained for, but I’m glad we did it. I was too tired to sort out the pictures. I was so mad at Maddie for slurping those drops. I’d hoped that I had gotten the picture before she moved in, but… I knew her fans would approve.

      I’ve been waking the cats up a little too often. I think they might be plotting a revolt.

      Enjoy the weekend. I’m staying close to home.


  2. Visitors to the bar sounds like fun, Dan. I hope David behaves himself and doesn’t get his ice cubes on a plate again. Never mess with the best bartender ever, huh?

    Congratulations on completing your mountain hike. I can understand why you were both tired, but it’s also the best reason to stop for food and refreshment afterwards. Have a lovely weekend and give the furry ones lots of pets from me.

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    • Thanks Mary. The hike was more than we bargained for, but it felt good reflecting on it from a table at the bar. Until I had to get up. My legs were not happy. The critters are all in their favorite sleeping places, as I write this reply. They know how to live.

      I hope you have a good long weekend – oops – you’re having the longest weekend ever – enjoy!

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  3. Uh oh. I hope I haven’t caused a problem in wanting to meet two of my favorite writers/bloggers. Congrats on the steep hike. We did lots of those in Georgia. No flat land in those parks! Climbing is a real workout. That food looks delish. I hope you get to relax, read and sip tea 🤭after your beer This weekend. 👍🏻

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  4. I am already standing in line to buy Teagan’s book, Dan. Thanks for the heads up! Sounds like a great hike. From the photos, I cannot tell if you took photos along the way of your hike and are saving them for a later post or if you decided not to carry a camera along. Great day at the bar as always. The food looks great.

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  5. Dan, you and Faith had a remarkable hike. Wow! It’s been decades since I would have been up to that. Like Cheryl, I did some hiking in the deep southeast. There was a place… Cloudland Canyon (I think is the name) the park crosses the state line and is in Alabama and Georgia. I hiked to the top of the waterfall there. It was amazing. I would not be able to do that now!
    I’m pos-i-lutely giddy over the huge shout-out you gave me. Heartfelt thanks for showing the Hullaba Lulu promos. I appreciate you pointing out the different “feel” of reading the book, even though you read the serial. The fun and humor get to flow freely in the book form, just like giggle water at a speakeasy.
    We’ll all compete for John Howell’s attention — his book launch is going to be an exciting whirlwind. He’ll be visiting my blog on the 25th.
    The gallery is so peaceful and wonderful today. I could just imagine Maddie slurping the weed’s raindrops. Happy weekend to you and the family. You’re the cat’s pajamas!

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    • Let me know when you’re ready to visit, Teagan. The crew will be waiting, sans Skippy, of course. In New England, it’s pretty easy to spot another state from almost any serious peak. This was a good climb, tiring, to be sure but it was a beautiful day and I had a patient guide. Looking down from the top of a waterfall is always amazing. The water seems under control at that point.

      I hope you have a great weekend.

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  6. Teagan and John Howell–this’ll be fun, Dan! Poor Brad…well, maybe not… Cheryl does run a tight bar. Maddie and the squirrels–so darn cute! I think I have told you, but I really enjoy seeing Maddie’s eye view of her walks. A whole different perspective. Enjoy the long weekend. Oh, wait a minute–every weekend is a long weekend when you’re retired! Gotta love it!

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    • Well, they won’t be here together, but hopefully both will show up in September. John will be here next week. Teagan to follow. I have been enjoying the Maddie’s eye view photos, but I was mad at her for licking the water off that blade of grass. The sun was shining through it. I think it would have been a great image, then…slurp. Like she doesn’t have a water bowl at home!

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  7. Great to see a little of Faith. I had to laugh out loud at the squirrel duo hitting the deck with Maddie. What were they thinking? I’m looking forward to my visit next week. It should be fun. I’m glad Cheryl’s going to be there. I loved David’s comment about Brad and I getting along. The photos were all terrific. Well, except for that pole. Have a great week, Dan.

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  8. I LOVE the new look here, Dan, and I LOVE the picture of Maddie with the squirrels. How adorable that they are friends. Your gallery holds pictures that are just so special and I thank you for posting them. As for that mountain, I applaud you and Faith!! All right! You go!!!

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  9. Yum! Those entrees surely put your energy levels back to normal after the hike. I should have waited to read this until after lunch! Now I want Italian…anything! 😁

    I love the soft pink hue of the White Rose of Sharon. I’ll be at the bar when John and Teagan show up! I’m looking forward to those dialogues.

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  10. Well done dan

    And near the end

    Things of taste!
    And side note – don’t drink much beer at all but had a corona with limelight a Cubano sandwich – and oh so good together –
    And love the photos – the shrooms had me zooming in a little

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