After the Hard Part – #1LinerWeds

I’ll start with some good news. The exterior work on our shed is finished. I still have to hang the lightning detector (part of our weather station) and find a place to mount a small floodlight to shine on the entrance door, but the siding, roof and soffit work is done. If you’ve been following this project and want to skip the recap, drop down to paragraph four.

For such a small building, this project presented numerous challenges. The first phase required jacking the shed up and applying a waterproof membrane to the lower edge of the walls. The shed is in a tight corner, so I worked on two walls with less than 2′ (61cm) between the wall and the fence. The doors had to be removed, built out ¾” and rehung. One doorway had to be raised so I can get my snowblower in and out easier, and the window had to be replaced. All of those things were upgrading what was already there. The final wall brought new work.

We wanted some protection for the entry door, specifically the barn door track. The original plan was to extent the roofline out about four feet, but shortages of pressure-treated lumber scaled that back to an 18” overhang. That left me with two tasks that I find annoying. Annoying task one – installing siding in the little triangle above that overhang. Annoying task two – installing soffit on the underside of that overhang. Task one required cutting siding on a long low angle. Task two required fitting J-Channel (the stuff that holds the soffit) in the space between the door track and the roof structure.

I finished siding the little triangle above the roof around noon. The Editor asked if I was going to stop for the day or keep going. My answer included an expression my boss from 30 years ago used to use. I told her that I was going to try to install the J-Channel.

“Once I get the channel installed, the soffit will go one-two-six.”

The expression held. The J-Channel, once installed, makes a track on both sides of the overhang ceiling. The soffit sheets are cut into panels and snap in the track. Once the J-Channel was installed, the soffit was up in less than half an hour. This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


    • I think they squirrels were hoping a nut bar was going to be added to the shed. Smokey ran the length of that fence faster than I could run across the ground. They are so funny to watch. They can get around entire yards without ever touching the ground. Happy midweek, Teagan.

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  1. The shed looks awesome, Dan! Great job! Can you come to build ours now, lol! That is one of the next projects Dave has, to knock down our existing rat trap of a shed and build a new one, complete with a carport for his truck. It’s too big to fit in our garage. However, now that I pulled up the carpet in the master bath dressing area, he’s liable to remodel that first.
    Maddie’s tail looks like a waving arm in the shadow. I had to look twice at the puddle picture…at first, I thought she was looking through a frosted window! Look again!

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    • A shed with a carport big enough for a truck – now that’s my kind of project. I wish him luck with that. When we were thinking about the roof extension, I joked about extending it all the way to the workshop so I could park my utility trailer under it, Crazy thought. I just popped over to your place to see the start of that bathroom. I was wondering how you’d convince him to start inside ;-)

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  2. The shed is a thing of beauty! Well done! Glad you can check it off your “to do” list.

    Smokey’s tail is so fat my grandma would have said that means we’re going to have a very cold winter!

    Love Maddie’s tail shadow. She’s never at a loss for figuring out how to steal the show! And the bunny is so cute. Haven’t seen our bunnies for a while. And the hummingbirds have left for warmer weather. Time to bring out the flannel sheets. Lol.

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    • The squirrels and chipmunks are eating like it’s going to start snowing this weekend, Ginger, Fat tails and bulging bellies. I keep reminding them that they’re suppose to store some of those.

      Maddie seems to know just when to set in front of the camera. We aren’t seeing as many bunnies. We see evidence of the one that appears to be living under my workshop, but we only see it one in a while. We aren’t walking until after 8:00 am, to let the school buses get gone. I’m wearing a denim shirt while we walk, no jacket yet. I hope you’re having a good week.


  3. You are one tenacious project manager. Congrats! Of course it looks terrific. I can hardly stand the suspense of waiting for your next undertaking. Meanwhile, I hope you can relax a bit. I love Maddie’s tail too. And Jinx and the bunny and Smokey and puddles and the rose of sharon. Two parks for two different pups. That’s perfect. Happy Wednesday Dan. 🙂

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    • No, Peter. This is just a lightning detector. It lets us know when there are lightning strikes within 25 miles (and gives us the distance). It’s part of an Accuright Weather station. The house electrical feed is grounded but nothing else has been done. Now you have me worried ;)


      • The grounding only helps in case of a fault in the system. I don’t know how the detector helps, though. If the place is prone to lightning strikes, you might have to install a Type 2 surge protection device next to your main board. Schneider guys have some good ones. ABB too. A full system with copper conductors requires a serious design with calculations based on the number of lightning strikes per year in the area, and many other factors.

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  4. As so many others have said, Dan, your work on improving the shed was impressive–you definitely did not take the kinds of shortcuts that a contractor might have taken. I love all of the photos of the usual cast of characters, including the cute little bunny. I had a question about your weather station. Does a “lightening” detector tell you when the sun is starting to rise and the skies begin to lighten? I suspect that is an additional feature and not the one that you are planning to hang. :)

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  5. Hi Dan – that looks good … well done on finishing this project in time for winter and for a good few years ahead. Fun associate pics too … take care – Hilary

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  6. Ok, take the melody of “I feel good” and put in “It looks good, like I knew it would.” :-) Ear worm. But my favorite shot is that one of Maddie and the reflections which looks to me like the door to a different world. On that note, I will wish you a lovely evening and will see you again tomorrow for Thursday Doors.


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  7. You do such meticulous work! It makes me feel my husband was right when he called his work “jack-leg”, although he did nice, neat, solid work. :) Love the pictures, as always. Maddie at the puddle looks like she’s looking through a frosted window! lol!

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    • Thanks. There are still places where I said “it’s a shed!” and opted to do a little less than the perfect thing.

      Maddie in the puddle – arrrrg – I’m not sure what she was looking at, but she was blocking the reflection of the airplane, perfectly.


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