What’s in a Name – #SoCS

Another week living the pandemic dream, and here we are, back at the bar trying to work our conversation around the challenge from our good neighbor to the north, Linda G. Hill. This week, for the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, she has given us:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘-tion.’ Find a word that ends with ‘tion.’ Bonus points if you start your post with it. Have fun!”

For reasons of bonus-point-compliance, I’m keeping the “if we were having a beer” pleasantries out of the post.

“An-shun, is there a D Anshun here?”

“Um, Brad, that’s ‘An-ton’ and yes, I think I’m here.”

“Oh, I guess I never knew your last name, Dan.”

“Well, we’ve been on a first name or nickname basis for a long time. What’s up with calling me out. Did I win a prize?”

“Actually, Dan, you did!”

“Seriously? What…how did I win anything?”

“You filled out a survey about the service you received here last week, and your name was the one randomly drawn. By the way, you said you received excellent service – thank you very much.”

“Uh, Skippy…”

“Yes, David.”

“Last week. That would have been Cheryl providing the excellent service. Now, what did Dan win?”

“It says your, I mean his party’s first round of drinks is on the house.”

“That’s great news, because today’s my day to buy.”

“Whoa, David. I think I’ll switch weeks with you. You can pick up the next two weeks.”

“I guess that’s fair, Dan. Cheers.”

“Uh, Dan, there’s just one problem.”

“What’s that, Brad?”

“It doesn’t include John Howell’s Bourbon.”

“Fine. Next round, pour him a Four Roses.”

“Wait a minute, can’t we just take the Four Roses price off the John Howell’s?”

“I’ll have to check with Donny.”

“Do that, and make sure Dan’s imported beer is included.”

“Oh, that’s a good point. I’ll be back.”

“So, it’s your not-so-lucky lucky day, Mister Anshun.”

“Not if I have to drink Bud Light, and really, it’s Anton.”

“But why, Dan? I mean it is spelled A-N-T-I-O-N.”

“It just is. The people at Ellis Island wrote it down that way, but we’ve always pronounced it as if the ‘I’ is silent.”

“Your whole family?”

“No, our little branch of the family tree. Others pronounce it as if the ‘O’ is silent.”



“Why don’t you all get together and decide once and for all how to pronounce it?”

“Are you kidding, David? Our whole family couldn’t agree on which way is up.”

“I see. Are you in the majority with the silent ‘I’ ?”

“Who knows, and who cares? Besides, it wouldn’t matter.”

“Why not.”

“Because of people like Skippy. All through school, college and my career, everyone mispronounced my last name.”

“Do you correct them, Dan?”

“Sometimes, sometimes, it isn’t worth it.”

“I remember your telling me about your poetry professor calling you Mr. Anty-on. It seems you didn’t correct her, but if I recall, you were sucking up to her.”

“Maybe a little.”

“OK, guys, I have good news. Donny says that since you’re not just splurging because it’s free, your Corona and you John Howell’s special are on us.”

“That is good news, Skippy. Now, how about another round, and I think Dan said something about ordering wings.”

“I don’t recall saying anything about wings, David. I was thinking about having a bowl of chowder.”

“Chowder goes great with wings, Dan.”

“Skippy, that is the lamest attempt at sales I’ve ever heard, but fine. I’ll have an order of chowder. When – now pay attention – when the chowder is up, put the order in for wings.”

“No problem.”

“Five dollars says the wings and the chowder arrive at the same time, Dan.”

“I’m not taking that bet, David.”

“Come on, what’s a day at the bar without a little action?”

“I don’t bet on things as a rule, and betting on Skippy to get an order right would be a fool’s bet.”

“Can’t blame a guy for trying, Dan. I got two free glasses of bourbon and some wings, I thought I’d top it of with five bucks in my pocket.

“Not today, my friend.”

“OK guys, here are the wings, and Dan, here’s your chowder. Will there be anything else?”


“Yes David.”

“Take the ranch dressing away. Bring me a cup of blue cheese and bring Dan a cup of Parmesan peppercorn.”

“No problem.”

“That’s it.”

“What’s it, Dan?”

“From now on, he’s Skippy to me.”

“Welcome aboard my young friend.”


  1. Depending on how people pronounce it, there’s a lot in a name! Our last name gets brutalized by most people, even after they’ve been corrected. Sigh…..

    Love the pudgy fellow in Snoopy’s house. Maybe Snoopy is subletting! Poor MuMu, she looks so sad.

    Amazon sure doesn’t do anything small, do they?! On the up side, they will employ a lot of people.

    Much cooler temperatures this weekend. Everything here covered in frost. Brrrr. Fall is definitely around the corner.

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    • I’m not sure if Snoopy is letting this out on AirB&B or what’s going on. All I know is I’m not making that hole bigger 😏

      Maddie knows it’s Saturday and is already nudging me toward the door (no buses today). I think I’ll enjoy the cold.

      My fear with the warehouse is that they’ll abandon it after the tax breaks expire. We’ll have to wait and see. That’s a big dirt pile.


  2. I never realized you’d have so much trouble having your name pronounced correctly!
    I wonder what kind of ruckus will go on if that cute little bird is still around when Snoopy comes back. You’ll have to keep an eye out.

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  3. I admit I’m one of those people who can’t get past the ‘I’ in Antion. Mentally I keep thinking Anty-on even though I know better. I do have the pronunciation of “Dan” nailed down though. Hope that counts in my favour 😉

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  4. Ha! Amazon Range, Mt. Bezos… Dan you slay me. At least there will be cranes to photograph. I actually wish people would pronounce my name the way it’s spelled. They’d get it right then. As you say, it’s not worth it. Until they pronounce it as Gwenevere… How they manage to get there is so incomprehensible, that I have to take them down. LOL. Hugs on the wing.

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    • I can only imagine your name giving people trouble. It seems straight forward enough, but it’s a lot of letters. But Gwenevere? Yeah, what’s wrong here? I’m waiting to see Mt. Bezos covered in snow. It’s going to look like we live near the Alps. Hugs, Teagan…(R. Gen-e-viene, he says quietly).

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  5. I gave up on my name being pronounced properly and hope others excuse me for my mispronunciations. I’m one of the worst! I loved your final photo especially. ♥

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  6. You and I have the same issue with last name pronunciation. I’ve heard geese, gise, gizee, etc. I have to tell people it rhymes with sleazy and then they get it. And, yes, I mispronounced your name in my head for a long time until I was corrected (I think in another post).

    That darn Skippy! I don’t know why the bar keeps him on other than to serve as your Saturday muse.

    Happy Saturday, Dan. Give all of the furry kids a few skritches from me and thanks for the Mt. Bezos laugh.

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    • Well I’ve been mispronouncing your name forever. I can remember that method (sorry).

      Skippy had his fan base. If I don’t put him behind the bar every now and then, people complain. Who knew?

      All the M-girls are sleeping in a warm spot. It was 38 when Maddie and I left for our walk today. I worked outside in long jeans, a flannel shirt and a vest. M as justSayin d sad are you feed Gibbs & Ziva before those long bike rides.


  7. My eyes are failing obviously, because I somehow overlooked the “i” in your name! I had to doublecheck your avatar to see if it was there! All to say, I’ve always thought the name was pronounced Anton.

    Enjoy your weekend.

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  8. This is what happens when the regular help takes a day off. 😏LOL. Great photos, Dan but I don’t see any snak…🤭
    Did you read about that crane that fell across the bridge in Pensicola during hurricane Sally? They really got hit hard there. Being from Louisiana I have seen and heard many botches of names. Even ones you would not suspect. Like my good friend who went from one difficult French name to another. Cambre to Calmes. On our side of the river is is Calm-ees. On the other it is Calm. I won’t go into her maiden name. I did wonder at first if the ‘i’ in your name was silent. One last question though. Is there an emphasis on the ‘t’. ? We can’t even talk about Scandinavian names. Just toss out all but three consonants and you’re good to go! 😀

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    • I can only imagine names in Louisiana, Cheryl. If I had my way, my name would be pronounced “an ’ton” – but, I respond to anything close.

      I didn’t see the crane that fell. That’s scary. We heard that Sally was mostly rain but I guess there was a bunch of wind.

      I love that pronunciation changes across the river.


  9. I really enjoyed my time at the bar this morning. With a last name spelled phonetically I never have any mispronunciations. I think Skippy will now and forever be Skippy to all of us. LOL. The gallery is absolutely fabulous. It makes me miss our rabbit. Texas Pete has not been around in the last several weeks. And that bird in the house picture should be framed. So good!

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    • Skippy will never be Brad again. It confuses new readers, so I needed to move us to consensus. He’s hopeless.

      If that bird sticks around, well have to give him a name. I wouldn’t poke gun at him, but maybe I’ll make him a house with a bigger door.

      I hope you’re having a nice weekend.

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  10. I have been mentally mispronouncing your last name for years, Dan. Who knew? I will try to do better now. I had to click on the shot of the giant crane. I was certain that you had decided on yet another improvement to your shed, but apparently it is not in your yard.

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  11. Another Amazon warehouse. That means they have Nexus in CT now? Maybe they always have. Love the photo of the bird in the birdhouse. That is a tight fit. Looks a little like a Carolina wren. Making a decent bowl of clam chowder is an art. Like the perfect lobster roll. Great visit to the bar. When is Teagan joining you? (Nice of Linda to design such a well-suited prompt for you.)

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    • Amazon has another warehouse about five miles from this one, but this is less than two miles from the airport.

      If that guy hangs around, I might make him a house with a bigger door. It might have been temporary, we’re in the midst of a cold snap.

      Teagan will be here when she pushes “publish” on “Hullaba Lulu” – I can’t wait.


  12. I LOVE a good clam chowder!I have always pronounced your name Dan. Hahaha. couldn’t resist. I too have always pronounced your last name Anton. No reason. With my name, most pronounce it correctly they just can’t spell it. I spell it out and they correct me!!! How easy is Read? Nope I get Reid, Reed. and occasionally Reade. Yep, animals are easier to deal with. Hi Maddie!

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  13. I loved the chowder photo, Dan. That bird in Snoopys house was a hoot too. So happy to see Faith away from that pole. Is that place really named Texxas? The Amazon warehouse is something. I swear in the end there will be one seller, Amazon. Thanks for a super post. Glad to see you joined David in the Skippy label.

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  14. Weird. I’ve been pronouncing your name (in my head) correctly for years BUT I’ve been seeing it incorrectly. I always read it as Anton. This is the first time I realized that you spell it Antion. The brain is mysterious (or, at least mine is just nuts).

    The chowder looks yummy! It will be several weeks before it’s soup season around here.

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  15. Ah, yes. The silent “i”. It took me a little while to adapt, Dan, after years of thinking it was “Ant-e-on”, but I made the switch a while back, and now I’m set. Glad to see all the animals, domestic and otherwise, are doing well!

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  16. The Amazon Warehouse looks huge…..
    I remember having the “i” in my mental pronunciation….that’s when I would visualize the spelling when thinking about the way to pronounce it mentally. When I didn’t visualize the spelling I always put the “i” silent. Go figure the weird ways of my mind!! :)

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  17. Thanks for letting us know how to pronounce your name. I can relate to letting people mispronounce it. Macco was said like Mako or Mack-o. Before my high school graduation, I made it a point to tell the principal, it rhymes with taco. That did the trick. I hope Amazon at least plants some good sized trees when they’re done.

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  18. Haha, Dan, this really made me laugh. Do you have any idea how wrong people get my name? I’ve been Roddie, Ronnie, Robear, Rebecca, Roberto, Robin [very common] and recently, Rosie. I went to the hair dresser for the first time in six months and a lady came up to me and said “Are you Rosie?” Of course, I’m not Rosie, but it turned out the receptionist wrote me in as Rosie and not Robbie so they couldn’t find my file. I also get called Mr Cheadle. Several times at work, I’ve received the “man” gift. I’m not complaining, I’d rather have Johnny Walker Black Label whiskey than some daft girly thing.

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    • Haha – I’d go with the “man” gift as well. I would never have guessed people could mess up Roberta or Robbie. I guess we don’t pay much attention or fully process what we hear. I’m glad you enjoyed this.

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  19. I’ve got one last Rose of Sharon that I must get today, Dan. And how awesome you know your history from Ellis Island. I’m impressed. LOVED your gallery ….. so many pictures!! I’ve yet to pick up either one of my cameras since our Cookie left us. I know what I have to do and that is even if I don’t feel like it, pick them up and use them. And then I’ll thank me. Sorry to hear about the Amazon mountains. Hoping they at the very least plant trees.

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  20. Great post Dan. Love that you named the bird Snoopy and I can’t wait to see what happens when Snoopy returns in February to find a squatter in her/his home! Yikes! As for the mispronouncing of last names, my name has been difficult for many people over the years and though I haven’t quite thrown in the towel, I only correct people who wish to know how to say my full name or when they annoy me and I want to correct them (ie telemarketers). LOL

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    • We called her Snoopy because she loves to sit on top of the birdhouse. She has hatched a couple of babies in there over the years. She won’t be happy. Last year, she chased a blue jay away from the house when she had little ones inside.

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  21. also, Dan – I ahem the post set to go out Monday (tomorrow) and guess what – this month is an anniversary of when we connected – just for fun I looked at our first comment chat and it was 9/22 (on my blog) – and I have seen Farnk Angle do that with his readers so I was just curious.
    So the timing of the interview post was spot on!
    I decided to not use any of your photos and will instead just add links –
    have a great night and be in touch tomorrow

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  22. We have a Mt Bezos here in Indy, too. Prolly can see it from the moon.
    Even I know you want parmesan peppercorn.
    My name gets butchered all the time, too. Last week I received a work email from a woman I’ve known professionally for years and it began with MR. MOTTEM. I felt sad.

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