Signs of Life – #ThursdayDoors

Connecticut River Railroad Station as seen in 1888 – From Holyoke Public Library.

One of the reasons I am optimistic that Holyoke, MA will eventually bring the area around the dam and canal system back to life, is the visible signs that that process has begun and is ongoing. I’m going to give you a break today, I’m just going to share the things I saw that made me happy.

This post is part of the fun weekly blog fest called Thursday Doors. Norm Frampton is our host, and each week, he invites door lovers from around the world to come to his blog and share the doors they’ve found. If you want to share your doors, or see doors from other, just head on up to his place.


  1. There seems to be no end to all the sites and history that Holyoke has to offer. Love the building that once was a firehouse. And that Merry-go-round is phenomenal!! Thanks for the walking tour today.

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    • I’m glad you’ve enjoyed these, Ginger. I think I’m done with historic Holyoke. I still have some random doors for the day I run out of new stuff. I do have more doors to share from my visits through the area. I wish the firehouse was part of the official restoration so we could tour it at some point. At least I’ll get to get pictures of the Merry-Go-Round in motion at some point.


  2. Thanks for taking us along on the walk, it was lovely! The view of the old brick buildings is a beautiful view. I hope those buildings are teeming with activity in the future, and oh, that Merry Go Round! It’s beautiful. Those doors remind me of two Merry Go Rounds that I have ridden numerous times in Calif. One in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, and the other one in Los Gatos’ Oakmeadow Park. Come to think of it the one in Santa Cruz might have doors like that too. The Merry Go Round is one of my favorite rides even today that little kid in me never grew up. 😀

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  3. That classic looking old merry-go-round seems to be so well maintained – absolutely gorgeous, and the building that it’s housed in is quite pretty too. I had no idea there even was such a thing as a volleyball hall of fame, but hey, why not?
    Great post Dan :-)

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    • I love train stations. I’m not sure what the new owner plans to do with this one. He’s committed to fully restoring it, but he says he doesn’t have firm plans. I hope his plans at least include an open house.

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  4. Ooooo! I love that merry-go-round! There’s one like that in Mansfield, Ohio. There’s even a “factory” that makes and decorates carousel animals. Just a few people, since there isn’t a HUGE market for them.

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    • Yep, a hall of fame. It was closed, so I’m not sure who’s in there. Maybe next year, I’ll get to visit and see the carousel in operation. It does bring back Twilight Zone memories.


  5. I love the train station!! Thank goodness it’s being restored. I hd no idea there was a volleyball hall of fame – nice! The merry-go-round is quite fancy and colorful, a treat for any child to ride. Thanks for a great doors post, Dan.

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