Mount Holyoke College – #ThursdayDoors

Williston Library. Isn’t that a magnificent entrance?

Since I’ve written two fairly long and geeky posts this week, I’m going to give you a break today.

Several people asked me if Holyoke, Massachusetts is the home of Mount. Holyoke College. It’s not, the college is in South Hadley, MA, but it’s close. It’s also close to Mt. Holyoke, which is in Hadley, MA and in the Holyoke range of mountains – hey, on the east coast, we consider 900′ (274m) to be high enough to call it a mountain. I drove to the summit of Mt. Holyoke to see if I could get an aerial view of the Holyoke Canal system. You’ll see more about that trip later, but on my way home, I drove past Mount Holyoke College. The college is operating remotely for the fall semester, so I had unfettered access to many doors.

Mount Holyoke College is considered, by folks who consider such things, to be one of the most beautiful campuses In the United States. I don’t know much about the school, and I only took a brief walk around the campus. Based on my observations during that walk, I can’t argue with that assessment. I can’t give you the history of these buildings, but I can share the photos. I hope you enjoy today’s gallery.

Thursday Doors is a weekly blogfest hosted by Norm Frampton. Each week, he invites people who love doors and architecture to share some photos at his blog. If you have photos to share, or if you just love doors, visit Norm’s site.


  1. What a stunning campus! They do call them ‘Hallowed Halls’ . . . My University is not that old technically but parts of it were built in the late 1800 and those building do feel a little sacred.

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  2. “Beautiful” doesn’t begin to describe this campus. The buildings, the entrances and the grounds are exquisite. Everything is so pristine. How do these young women manage to study! I would be “sight-seeing” all day! These buildings were designed and erected by people with a grand vision who took great pride in their work. And we still enjoy the benefit of it today.


  3. What a gorgeous place, Dan! I used to dream of studying in a place like that. The connecting passageway is lovely. I’m sure that on bad weather days, rushing from class to class, no matter the weather, it’s a relief. I love the rounded tower-like building best (behind the signs), and that rounded turret (blueish). Although “magnificent” is the perfect word for the library entrance. Wow… what a wonderful place. Thanks for this stroll. Hugs on the wing.

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  4. I’ve been in the northern woods too long – seeing these magnificent buildings is like reading a fictional account – we have nothing up here that comes close to these structures. Thanks for sharing.

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  5. When I was much younger, I eagerly awaited the August issue of Glamour magazine that would highlight the top women from various colleges in the US. Mount Holyoke College always had at least one woman on the list. I figured it was in Holyoke, MA, so thank you for the clarification on that, Dan. What a beautiful campus. I did not like school but I would go here just to be able to walk the campus.

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  6. I especially like the terminal for intergalactic travel. You know the one with the spaceship parked on the roof. As for the building formerly possessed of two grand entrances – one was closed off to make a toll window to pay for the windows above that are bricked in. The building houses the society for the closing of apertures. The windows were bricked in for psychic testing. If this window were not bricked in what would I see when I looked out ?

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  7. Love the dappled light in your first image. My goodness Dan, you are doing great with the block editor! Beautiful gallery. It will take me some time until I get this skilled:) Jesh

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  8. I LOVE stone and the architecture is STUNNING!! What a beautiful campus, Dan. Impressive not only the those buildings but the landscaping as well. My favorite is the library entrance. I can just imagine what it must feel like passing through those doors!!

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  9. I give this Doorscursion an 11! A simply beautiful campus and I love the chapel. Hopefully you can return sometime when it is open. I imagine the inside is just as beautiful. And ehat. Nice place to spend between classes.

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  10. The library and chapel entrances are both stunningly beautiful Dan, but honestly the entire site is gorgeous. You really can’t go wrong with a campus like this as your canvas. So much history and deep architectural character to explore. It must have been a fun visit. Thanks for the tour :-)

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    • It was so relaxing to walk around, Norm. It’s sad that there’s no students on campus, but I probably wouldn’t have gotten these pictures if they were there. I love the chapel and library.


  11. I spent a year studying there as part of the exchange programme of my degree in American Literature from the University of Sussex, in the UK, and yes, it is gorgeous. It’s also the oldest Women’s College in the US (and it usually gets voted as the most beautiful College. As you mentioned Mount Holyoke, there is a tradition related to the mountain. Usually early in the course year, one day without any prior warning, they sound the bells and everybody gets on the buses and go to spend the day at the mountain. I haven’t visited very extensively, but it’s a lovely part of the country. Thanks for the memories, Dan.


  12. Yes, it is beautiful! Stunning doors, Dan. I signed up to attend a guest lecture series a few years ago, so I was lucky to be on the inside looking out. The long windows were leaded. The room had a big fireplace. The view was gorgeous. What a treat.


  13. Hi Dan – wonderfully interesting post – I see it was established in 1837 … explaining perhaps that amazing entrance to the library. Loved Olga’s reference too … I hope you’ll get back sometime at some appropriate time so you’re not out of place – perhaps taking Faith with you. Fantastic campus … and now just spotted Jennie’s comment … fun interaction. All the best this coming week – Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. I think if I go back after students are allowed back on campus, I will have to take Faith along for cover. It is so beautiful. Just walking around made me feel good. But it’s weird to have it empty of students.

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