Back to (this) Normal – #SoCS

It’s Saturday, and after a busy, geeky week, I’m ready to join my friends, kick back and enjoy a cold Corona and a bit of casual conversation that is all too uncommon these days. During this conversation, we hope to find a way to deal with Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘medium.’ Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!”

If we were having a beer, it would be time to catch up.

“Good afternoon, my young friend. How are you today?”

“Good afternoon, David. I am parched.”

“Cheryl, bring this man a Corona, and while you’re back there…”

“Three fingers of John Howell’s bourbon, a snifter of seltzer and a glass of ice?”

“Yes, please, Cheryl. Unlike last week, I am eager to get that bourbon without chasing that nimrod all around the bar.”

“I’ll be right back, guys.”

“So, Dan, what have you been up to, other than semicolons and curly braces?”

“I take it you’re not a fan of CSS, David.”

“I am, Dan, much like the way I’m a fan of the computer that runs my car. By that I mean, I like the result.”

“How’s that?”

“Before you answer, David, here’s your bourbon. Dan, here’s your beer. Cherries and lime wedge included.”

“You’re not a fan of CSS, either, Cheryl?”

“No, Dan, I’m not. And after paying to clear the check engine light, I’m not even a fan of my car’s computer. You boys want any food”

“Wings, Cheryl. Bring us an order of ten.”

“Barbeque style, with Blue Cheese for you, and Parmesan Peppercorn dressing for Dan?”

“No. Let’s kick it up a notch, Cheryl – make those buffalo style.”

“How much heat would you like, David?

“Medium hot, Cheryl. I don’t want to have to buy Dan too many beers.”

“Your concern is touching, David.”

“Actually, Dan, I don’t like them too hot. Enough about that, you haven’t told me what you’ve been doing.”

“I started my garage renovation.”

“Started? I thought you’d be flying through that project.”

“I made good progress, but, well, it’s complicated.”

“As I understand the project, Dan, it’s raise the floor, build a wall, remove a wall and call it a day.”

“In a nutshell, David, that’s correct, but that’s a pretty big nutshell.”

“How much did you get done?”

“I’ve got a vapor barrier, sleepers, joists and flooring on a little more than half the space.”

“That sounds like good progress, but I would think you’d go all the way across with each layer. Why stop at fifty-percent?”

“David, you have to understand. The space had to be empty before I could work on it. That means, I had to move my tools out of the way.”

“I get that, Dan, but you’re only converting ten feet. Couldn’t you just push the tools into the other part of the garage?”

“Yes, but that part of the garage also has the lumber I’m using to build that floor and those walls and support the structure above that wall I’m going to remove.”

“Hey guys, here are your wings. Dan, I know what you’re talking about. When they did the renovations in here, they had stuff stored everywhere.”

“Am I correct in assuming that the half of the new space you’ve built is now full of tools, Dan?”

“Exactly, David. I’ll start building the other half of the floor on Monday.”

“How long will it take you to finish?”

“It’s complicated.”

“You keep saying that.”

“Once I get the partition wall up, I have to focus on the garage portion. I have to be able to park two cars in there by the end of the month.”

“An admirable goal. I’m beginning to understand, Dan.”

“You follow along pretty well, David. What do you think of the plan?”

“It’s complicated.”

“It is, and these wings are spicy. Cheryl, I think I’ll have another Corona, and I think the old man needs a little more bourbon.”

“And maybe a splash of seltzer, David?”

“Yes please, Cheryl. Good luck with this project, Dan.”

“Cheers, David.”


    • I am going to open about 6′ of the wall between the garage and the what has been my workshop. This will give me a shop that is 22′ deep, 16′ wide for 12′ and 22′ wide for the remaining 10′. I want the floor to be at the same level throughout. I have to bring the garage up about 9″ and the workshop up about an inch and a half. Otherwise, the foundation wall/berm of the garage would be something for me to always trip over. A side benefit will be the fact that I won’t be standing on concrete.

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  1. All I can say about the plan is…. good luck! (but I know you’ve got it all planned out).
    Since you like wings, Dan, I suggest you look for Pecan wings in the store. A new flavor for them, air fried, and I can’t get enough!!

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    • Sorry about the craving Linda. After rereading this and GP’s comment. I want a batch, too.

      I responded in detail to Judy’s question. The short answer is that I want the floor to be level, and it has to span the foundation wall of the garage. Right now, the the back of the garage meets the foundation and the workshop hangs off the same foundation wall. The floor looks like this ____|¯|­­­­—- I want it to be flat.

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  2. While I understand this is a must do project and not a fun time one, I have the sense you must somehow feel the same way about a stack of fresh lumber as I do about a new haul of jewelry supplies fro Michael’s. So much possibility in the raw materials is kind of exciting. Good luck with the project. There is never too much sun and I like that shot too. They are all great but my favorite today is the leaves on the ground. I love the light and color. It is casually beautiful. Have a peaceful weekend Dan.

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    • I do, Cheryl. I love seeing that truck back into our driveway :-) I was planning to share just nature photos today, as I was going to explain the garage on Monday. The curse of SoCS – my brain doesn’t care about my plans once it gets rolling.

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  3. Ok, I definitely need to learn cat yoga! The more I look at that photo the more I’m amazed and the more I laugh!

    Love the shot of the leaf pile that’s back lit from the sun. Like the way the squirrel is camouflaged on the fence rail. Maddie seems to be quite comfy on her lambs wool (?) cover. Actually, she readily adapts to cot and deck and couch. Who’s a good girl?

    Why are you raising the floor? This looks like it’s going to be more of a project than it seems. Well, it will keep you out of trouble for awhile, and out of the Editor’s hair! With a deadline of the end of October, you’re working under the gun. Good luck. I see another ‘project of perfection’ coming up!

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    • MiMi thanks you, Ginger. I think she’s gloating a little bit. She has plenty of moves like that one. I would break in half if I tried that. Maddie started out in the cot, but then realized that the Trex was warm. She’s pretty smart.

      I’m raising the floor so I can have one large level floor in the two work areas. They both have to come up to bridge the foundation wall of the garage (or else I’ll be tripping over that forever). I only need to get the floor down and the partition wall up for now. Then I can start working on getting the cars in the garage. Once they are safe, I can go back to work on the workshop. Depending on the time required to clean leaves and gutters and other winter prep, it may be a long time before I’m done with the shop.

      But, as you say, it keeps me outside. The Editor has suggested I add a bathroom out there (not possible).

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  4. What are you going to do with yourself when the projects run out? Or is that what you call winter? ;-)

    While you’re busy with the garage, MiMi will be looking for new ways to call herself a purring pretzel. Cats are amazing in that they can sleep anywhere, in any position. Gibbs makes me laugh when he lays on the arm of the sofa, both front legs hanging off, as if he’s trying to sleep off a hangover. It’s too funny.

    Good luck with the garage project, stay safe and have a wonderful weekend, Dan.

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    • I have a long list of projects, Mary. Getting the workshop the way I want it will allow me to proceed with more of them. I will be working on the shop during the winter, at least a big chunk of it. Hopefully it will keep me out of trouble. MiMi bends in ways she shouldn’t be able to. Sometimes, MuMu looks at her as if to say, “my sister is crazy.”

      Enjoy your weekend! Go Pack/Go Steelers

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  5. Done by the end of the month? I have faith you will get it done. Ever since Hurricane Sally, we keep our garage door cracked open during the day for the outdoor cats to eat/sleep whenever they want. Sometimes when I take in their food bowls and close the garage door at night, they are sleeping on whatever is in the garage, so they spend the night. We are waiting to have some work done on our house, which involves painting the garage walls and ceiling. My only dilemma is ‘where will the cats go?’ They would have a field day at your garage, you know, helping you. :D

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    • MiMi would love to explore the garage, but we’d lose her in a minute.

      The project won’t be finished by the end of the month, just far enough along so I can keep the spaces separate and get the garage ready for cars. I probably won’t finish the workshop until closer to spring.

      It seems like you’re going to have inside cats and inside-the-garage cats. When they’re painting, you’ll have to crack the door into the house for a few days ;-)

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  6. All of a sudden (after an hour working at my own blog) WordPress didn’t recognize me here…. I’ll take that as a sign that I shouldn’t leave the comment I was about to make.
    Dan, I believe MuMu thinks you’ve been working too hard. Have a relaxing weekend. Hugs on the wing.

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  7. Mostwhere – not quite everywhere, like during a construction project. The construction space is cleared and the stuff from the construction space is stored mostwhere else. Or elsewhere. Enjoy the project Dan.

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    • Thanks. I only have to get part of it done in order to meet the garage-ready-for-cars deadline. I’ll be working on the shop for a good long time. Yeah, a couple of Amish friends would be nice 😏

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  8. Dan, good you are relaxing this weekend. Your projects are fascinating to follow. I learn a lot, just in case I have to supervisor a like project in my house. The latest, a replacement HVAC installation. The installer had to deal with me asking questions about everything! But, I warned him ahead of time. Loved the photos. The contrasting green & a autumn tree caught my eye. Nice! 🍁🎶🍂 Christine

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  9. Raising the floor does seem complicated! I look forward to seeing the progress and of course the finished garage and workshop with all your tools in it and two cars in the garage. 😀

    I love the backlit leaves and critters. I think Maddie has the right idea about finding a comfy warm spot and just chillin’.

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    • I’ve been fascinated by the backlit leaves. I’m not sure I noticed them before. Then I realized that, before I retired, I only had one day a week to walk her while the sun was low.

      The workshop might not get finished for a while. Once I get the partition wall up, I have a lot of winter prep to desk with. But it’s a nice winter project.

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          • Knowing we were moving to a place that snowed my number one goal was getting rid of most the stuff we had in the garage so we would be able to park both cars in the garage. It took a dumpster, lots of giving stuff away, and making the kids go through their stuff but we got it done! I’m so happy to have frost free or frozen free cars in the morning living here so I know how you feel about that!

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            • That had to be a big transition. Most people go from snowy places to non-snowy places. I think it’s cool you chose to go the other way.

              Also, it’s so much easier to clear snow off the driveway without having to deal with a car.

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  10. WOW – you’ve been busy and making great progress. Congrats! I chuckled at the long piece of lumber that was supposed to be cut but they lost the instructions. PS – Did you win the lottery? Lumber prices in our state are outrageous. I like the photo of blurry Maddie and the sun rays!


  11. I didn’t win the lottery, but the local lumber yard that I use is considerably cheaper than the big box guys. The flooring was about $8 a sheet cheaper than Home Depot, and I bought 17 sheets. The driver apologized about the long LVL. He said the cut instructions were on the invoice, but not on the load document. All they saw was 26′.


  12. Oh boy your life sounds like what we just did, Dan. I understand more then you know how much work is involved in your current project. We have piles of lumber down in our basement from going all the way back when we built our house and as hubby told me, some of what is in that pile you cannot even get anymore. Those piles had to be moved, gone through, organized, some being thrown out, and then shelves made and put up throughout some closets in the house. We are preparing for our new furnace. The colors even your way are a popping! I just love the oranges and reds …. they always strike my eye. The deeper we get into October the more color we both will be seeing. I’m out there and looking. To me it is soothing to the soul.

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