Caddyshack, STNG & the Lunatic Fringe

Once in a while, an incident occurs from which many one-liners can be drawn. Please bear with me

There’s a Star Trek episode called “Darmok,” which features a species (The “The Children of Tama”) who communicate in metaphors. When the Enterprise first encounter the Tamarian ship, its captain sends the message, “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.” A metaphor that describes the confrontation that is about to occur.

I know several people, including our daughter, with whom I could communicate in metaphors drawn from movies like Caddyshack, The Blues Brothers, Animal House, Ghost Busters, Stripes and other works of serious cinema. Along those lines, I would describe an encounter I witnessed at our town’s Public Works department as “Danny and Tony at the caddyshack office window.”

Last week, our town participated in an area-wide hazardous waste collection. The collection is run by the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) and is held at various towns throughout the year. After cleaning our shed and our garage, I had filled about 25% of my trailer with a wide variety of cleaning supplies, pesticides, auto-care products, and the like. I loaded my trailer and headed to Public Works early Saturday morning.

The process was well-designed. Vehicles entered behind the Public Works building and proceeded around the building. Along the way, questions were answered, forms were filled out and waste was removed. As the guy in front of me turned from driveway into the facility, he stopped at a table manned by two Public Works employees. I decided to eavesdrop, in order to learn what was expected.

I am the white car – silver trailer — yellow bits are the places we had to stop during the process — the black spot never got any farther than that first station, but almost hit me while turning around.

The conversation went off the rails quickly and became a little scary.

The Public Works employees asked the driver for his ID. The driver responded angrily, stating that we would not show them his ID. This exchange went back and forth for several minutes. Simple, legitimate requests from Public Works were met with anger and paranoid accusations regarding privacy, and individual rights. The underlying issue was the need to establish that the driver was a resident of one of the participating towns. The end of the exchange was blunt. The driver firmly stated,

“I am not showing you my ID.”

To which the Public Works employee responded,

“Then we’re not accepting your hazardous waste.”

The driver sped out of the facility, almost backing into my car in the process. Once the excitement was over, I was reminded of a scene in Caddyshack where Danny Noonan is behind the window of the office in the caddy shack when Tony D’Annunzio orders a Coke. Unaware that the price of Coke has increased, Tony is upset when Danny hands him a Coke and fifty cents change from his dollar. Their exchange ends with:

“Well I ain’t paying no fifty cents for no Coke.”

“Oh then you ain’t getting no Coke. Know what I’m talking about.”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

I had a link to a video clip, but the YouTube account has been closed. The image below is from the quotes page on IMDB.

Scene from Caddyshack.


  1. A very worthwhile option for residents, and a very off the rails person. Proof of residence seems like a required piece of information, but then again so many people are ready to protest just about anything these days. Bottom line, you got to gift all your unneeded items and didn’t need a car repair expert. :-) I went to recycling yesterday, and they had replaced the normal 4′ containers with some that were about 6′. I literally had to throw the stuff over my head. Yes, I sent an email but was polite in my wording. :-)

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    • This is such a nice service. Our town doesn’t get water from MDC but we pay to host the collection one month. I feel good knowing everything from paint thinner to pesticides will be properly disposed of. I was seriously worried that he was going to hit my car. There was no way I could get out of the way. Being polite never hurts. I was very nice when I handed the guys my license. We joked a bit about them having my ID, but smooth sailing after that.

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  2. Love the leaf photos. Especially through Maddie’s legs! hahaha Now I know that people see the world differently. It can be a very scary place. But why do some people think they are the ONLY one inconvenienced? That the rules don’t apply to them? I bet PeaBrain will try to sneak back when the facility is closed and dump his stuff along with his brain pan. Damn, I hope they have cameras!

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  3. Isn’t there enough problems, chaos and anger in this world without adding the idiot at the hazardous waste collection site? Good grief, the public works employee didn’t ask for his SS number, or his credit card account. He needed to make sure this nut job had a legitimate right to be there, just like he asked everyone else. Too damn many people today just itching to start a fight.

    Love the backlit leaves too! Good for Maddie making her presence known and not appear just as a shadow. Your Flowering Quince has a beautiful color blossom. My blossoms are salmon colored. Very often around this time of year mine will produce a few blossoms, but not so far this year.

    I don’t blame Maddie for not enjoying being wet. Murphy comes in from the rain and sits right down in the laundry room waiting to be dried off. She wears a coat, but her head and bum and wagging tail get soaked. I hate to admit this, but if she’s really wet she gets dried with the blow dryer. She loves it! No, she isn’t spoiled at all. Lol.


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    • Hahaha – please don’t tell Maddie about the blow drier, Ginger. It’s already an ordeal with her “dry my head!” routine. She sticks her nose under the towel and keeps flipping it up until her head is good and dry. Yes, it’s not like these dogs are spoiled…not much.

      The Public Works people were so polite, and so patient. I would have lost it with this guy. He claimed to be from a town about 20 miles away. They told him that town was participating and that all he had to do was offer any proof that he lived there. The towns get billed for the contributions by their residents, so proof of address is a big deal. He just refused.

      It’s good to know that this isn’t totally abnormal for Quince. I thought I did a Rip Van Winkle deal and slept through winter.

      Maddie is a photo-bombing artist. I don’t even always stop for the shadow pics, but I guess she sees me raise the camera. She must know her fans want to see the full Maddie.


  4. It’s too bad when people allow themselves to go through life being angry and stupid over simple requests. I wonder what else this guy gets angry about…

    Nice STNG reference, Dan. Great episode about how it’s always in our best interests to seek non-adversarial communication rather than the alternative.

    Enjoy your Wednesday and give the kids a few skritches from me.

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    • Thanks Mary. Everyone has been brushed, scratched, fed and given their favorite treat. Maddie has been for a walk. I’m getting ready to start my day.

      I really don’t understand the anger toward innocent people who are just doing their job. The bartenders tell me that they get several customers a week that get angry about not being able to sit in a particular stool or table (even though there are plenty of places to sit). They yell at the bartender, then refuse to leave a tip – It’s A State Law – it’s not the bartenders fault!

      I hope you’re having a good week.

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  5. Like so many others, I love the leaf photos, including the one with Maddie blending in. As I read your narrative of your hazardous waste adventures, I just shook my head and sighed. He is probably one of the people who berate grocery store clerks for insisting that you wear a mask. It’s so much easier to simply follow the rules and pick your fights for things that really matter.

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    • I’m glad you like the leaf pictures, Mike. I was getting the feeling that I was overdoing it, but This is the first autumn I’m able to walk every day, so I rarely noticed them before.

      This was such an innocuous request. The ID was just confirming the information that he would have had to enter on the form. They explained the whole process and all the reasons. The MDC bills the participating towns. Dumping this stuff is free to the residents (which is a very nice benefit to receive for our tax payments), so it’s no wonder they have to know where you’re from. I was just glad he missed my car when he stormed out.


  6. Ha! I know it’s annoying as all get-out, Dan. But I’m glad you were able to find your sense of humor pretty quick. I think you have a movie here. “The Dunderhead at the Dump,” Bill Murray as a retired cop. The dunderhead actually did run into his car. He pursues, trash bouncing out of both trailers as the two go. Dunderhead is too self absorbed and angry to realize Bill is behind him. Okay… I have other stories waiting. I’ll shut up.
    Loved the leaf photos. Hugs on the wing!

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    • Hahaha – I think I like Bill Murray being cast as me. :)

      These are the (almost) everyday scenes that, if you wrote them, they might not be believable. I try to find humor in the absurd, Teagan. Sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps me from going over the edge.

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  7. You and yours would get on fabulously with mine! He-Man and our kids speak in movie lines and metaphors all. the. time. While I am clueless most of the time. I speak in some movie quotes not their movies though, and songlines, and some poetry. Totally different planets me thinks sometimes, but they’re fun to listen to and funny plus I just love them all so. 😀

    I like the framing of Maddie’s legs and the backlit leaves. Some of our trees are still half green too. You have Mums! I wonder if the ones I left at the old house are still there and in bloom? I’ll pretend they are and gorgeous! 😀

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    • Haha. My wife misses most of these lines but I think she’s ok with it. Quoting poetry is a somewhat higher plane. I’d be impressed.

      Apparently, the jury agrees that Maddie frames the photo better than I do. Oh well. I tried. Thanks.

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  8. Imagine meeting this guy in a store and he’s not wearing a mask…! So nuts. I just stand back and give these people plenty of room. That sounds so rude to say ‘these people’ but it seems the smallest things get so blown out of proportion. That photo of Maddie blending in is so pretty, and seeing things from Maddie’s eye view–well, I love those. Have a good day, Dan. Don’t let the a$$holes get you down.

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    • Thanks John. There was a guy like this in the bar with his wife. He was super mean to the waitress. She said “I only have to deal with him for an hour. That woman has to live with him.”

      I’m glad you like the leaves. I’m finding them hard to resist.

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  9. Awesome photos, Dan. The sun through the tree, backlit leaves, Maddie, flowers, the bunny!! They all make up for the jerk in front of you in the Hazard Waste line. He was a time bomb ready to go off. Hope he doesn’t carry a gun next! Be aware and safe wherever you are! 🍁🎶🍂 Christine

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    • Thanks Christine. I try to avoid these people as best as I can. I was worried that he might get violent – you never know these days – but he just left in a flurry of squealing tires and profanity.

      Turning to nature does help.

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    • Yeah, these guys were as polite and professional as could be. They checked my ID, asked me a few questions about what I had for disposal,and explained what would happen at the next three stations. I wasn’t planning the picture with Maddie framing the backlit leaves. I have to give credit to her for that one.


    • I’m glad you like that episode. Whenever I watch that episode, I think about the metaphors I would use. I keep drifting back to movies like these. I’m happy to share these images, and I’m glad you enjoy them.

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  10. My husband and I often communicate with movie lines too… is that weird? That guy was a piece of work. It seems that so many whiners are demanding their “rights” nowadays. Fine, then you don’t get to (fill in the blank). I enjoyed imagining that jerk driving back home with his precious hazardous waste… then I realized that he is probably the type who would just dump it somewhere.

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  11. Who knew there’d be so much adventure in the hazardous waste line? I have thought the metaphorical language of the “The Children of Tama” was very limited, but just realized that the alien was probably trying to keep it simple for Captain Picard. It was good to see them overcome the barriers and become friends, at least for a little while.

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  12. Yippeeeee!!! I love the images so much. Maddie knew the sun would glow on the highlights of her beautiful red hair. As for the disgruntled driver, the behavior of so many people right now leaves me at first speechless, then hurt for the disappointment our Creator must feel in us, and finally anger that makes me sorrowful. It is all quite insane. May the rest of your week be peaceful.

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  13. I have to add something. All this bucking about ‘rights’ not to wear masks and show ID, yada, yada. How is it possible these folks can even abide wearing clothes? I mean they have to be one of the most annoying things in life. Costly, cumbersome-especially in Summer-and the fashions keep changing every year. Then there are glasses. I mean, from the ‘I don’t have to’ perspective, why not just wing it? One can listen to the tv for all the ‘real’ facts, feel their way to the fridge for beer and snacks and never have to see clearly anyone they hate ever again. Glasses, again, are costly and rarely comfortable. Shoes? Don’t even get me started. Why should I be forced to wear shoes and shirt at a beach restaurant where they allow horse sized animals inside to dine right next to me? BUT I understand the importance of rules and civilized behavior when large numbers of humans are involved. Why? Because of those humans just like your disgruntled drop off guy. Okay, putting away my soapbox and going to do what I do. Laundry? Maybe I should keep that box. 😉Hoping you have a beautiful day. Looking forward to reading your Doorscursion post today. 😀


  14. I frequently use quotes from movies and my youngest daugther and her family always get it. I also come across lines in movies that give me an AHA! and those I write in my quote book. Sometimes they come from the strangest movies.

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  15. Yikes! There are a lot of scary people in our country right now. The man in front of you at the hazardous waste facility is one of them. My son is great at remembering movie lines. I could not use metaphors from movies because I always forget them.

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  16. This was great, Dan! I love those moments of one liners from a past movie or show. Remember Gary Larsen cards? The one where the cow says “car” to warn the fellow cows to behave like cows. When we’re driving in tight quarters and need to alert each other that a car is coming, we just say “car” and then laugh our heads off. And, those great movies in the 80’s gave us plenty of one liners. Super photo gallery, Dan.

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