Aunt Adele’s Wisdom – #1LinerWeds

Last week, I finished the raised floor in the section of our garage that I’m adding to my workshop. On Monday, I started building the partition wall. This was easier said than done. The wall runs parallel to the ceiling/roof trusses and it falls directly between two of them. That meant that I had to install some 2×4 bridging between those two trusses to support the top plate of the wall. It wasn’t a difficult task, but it was time-consuming.

The picture in the gallery (above and below) is a favorite “tool” of mine. It’s a wrist band that is elastic and secures with a Velcro strip. It has a magnetic plate sewn in, and you can stick about 12-15 nails or screws to that magnet. It’s great when I’m working on a ladder, or just over my head, when I don’t want to wear a nail apron. The Editor bought it for me, years ago. Each 14 ½” section of 2×4 had a joist-hanger on both ends. Both of those get screwed into truss with four special screws. So, when each one was ready to attach, I moved the ladder, put eight screws on my wrist band and went to work.

My father would have put those eight screws in his mouth. I have to admit, I’ve done that, but it’s not a good practice. Even though my father would do it, he cautioned me not to. Of course, your father telling you not to do something that he does is meaningless to a little boy. I wanted to be like my dad, and that meant nails were held in my mouth.

My father’s sister, Adele was my favorite aunt and our next-door neighbor. She saw me helping my dad one day with a mouth full of nails and called me over. She shared some information that worked where my father’s best advice had failed.

“You know, when the men in the nail factory have to go to the bathroom, they just pee into the bin of nails.”

Every time I load a few nails on my magnetic band, I think of my Aunt Adel. I’m sure she’d be happy to see me using it.

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  1. Love that wristband – I am getting one of those! Thank the Editor for me!!
    Everyone has got to enjoy your autumn photos of New England. That is the finest place to take in that season!

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  2. Love your Aunt Adele, and that when you strap on your wrist band you think of her and probably smile because of all the good memories. :-) Thanks for showing the wall and how you’re doing the pocket door. I really like pocket doors, and we have two but I didn’t see how they put them in. Decent weather this week for your work schedule. :-)

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    • I do think of her often, Judy. She was very special to me. I decided to build pocket doors because I want to be able to hang stuff on the garage side of that wall, and I want to be able to walk in the shop regardless of whether the door is open or not. You can fit them in 2×4 walls, especially if you buy a pre-hung set that comes in a metal support frame, but this will be easier and less expensive. The weather this week has been nice, which is good because the garage is so stuffed that I’m cutting the boards outside in the driveway.

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  3. That one-liner is priceless! Aunt Adele would be so proud that you not only listened to her, but heeded her advice. Applause to the Editor for coming up with such a clever gift. I bet this post will be sending a lot of folks to their local hardware store to buy the wristband!

    Maddie has you trained so perfectly Dan. You should hire her out to train other humans so their dogs would have such a safe and pampered life. It would be a community service!

    Gallery is great, but those last two photos are terrific. You outdid yourself on the second to last one.

    The ‘shop’ is coming along nicely. I know there’s still a long ways to go, but I have no doubt you can’t wait until you’re working “in it” instead of “on it”!!


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    • Thanks Ginger. The photo you mention is my favorite. I’m glad you like it, too.

      I think Aunt Adele would be happy to see that I’m not sticking sharp screws in my mouth. She didn’t like it when my dad did it. They were the two youngest children in his family and we were all very close. I would get up on Saturday mornings and run to her house in my PJs for breakfast.

      Maddie has actually adjusted her schedule to allow me time to get a vest and shoes on. It’s like she knows when we have to be heading out the door.

      I hope to get the wall finished (enough) today so I can turn my attention to clearing space in the garage.


  4. Ha! Aunt Adel had a wicked sense of humor and sharp wit to get you to stop putting nails in your mouth, rather than a stern lecture on the dangers. I can understand why she was your favorite aunt.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday Dan. I hope you’re having enjoyable fall dog-walking weather.

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    • She did have a wonderful sense of humor, Mary, and she let us break minor rules, but found a way to get us to follow the important ones. We’ve been for our walk, in the fog today, but about 60 degrees at 7:00am, so I’m happy.

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  5. I’m forwarding this one to my better half. Lol. That is a handy little device. I LOVE your Aunt Adele. 😂😂🤣Thanks for sharing your Autumn leaves and sunshine. It’s been rather gloomy here for about a week now. I think there’s another tropical storm out there. The best thing about Georgia when we were there was getting to see the leaves turn colors. Yellow and red everywhere! I couldn’t stop taking photos! Carry on, Toolman. 👍🏻

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    • Thanks Cheryl. That wristband works in so many places, especially when your up or under something. I’ve even used it to hold small tools, like when doing electrical work. It keeps me from fumbling through a tool belt or nail apron.

      I am having a hard time passing trees without stopping (as you can see). This is the first year I’ve had so many chances to walk in the morning.


  6. Horsefeathers, Dan! The more you show about this project the more amazed I am that you’re doing it by yourself. Holy Hannah! I love the wrist magnet — it’s brilliant. Your aunt had to have been such a character. That was a vivid comment. LOL. Hugs on the wing.

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    • I’ve learned the tricks required for running a one-man show, Teagan. The project is moving at a modest pace, but it’s going in the right direction. Aunt Adele was as wonderful person, and just rough enough around the edges to make her fun for kids to be around. She was the kind of person that, when you were around her, you knew she loved you.

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  7. The wrist band magnet sounds great, but I wonder if the magnet is strong enough to demagnetize all of your credit cards. Maybe that is no longer a concern with chipped cards, but I sure wouldn’t grab my wallet when wearing that thing. :)

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  8. Just love your Aunt’s story, Dan It’s the kind of thing and old Uncle of mine would have said. I have to confess there are still moments when I put nails in my mouth – not good. Some time ago I was restoring a little bench and I caught myself putting screws in my mouth. Maybe your Aunt’s story will do the trick on me.

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  9. I think hearing your Aunt’s story would have urged me away from the practice of putting nails in my mouth. The people that always amazed me were those who upholstered furniture with a mouth full of upholstery tacks. Those people are tempting fate. You know I love tools and I am trying to think of a good use for such a velcro wristband. Unfortunately, my work usually involves silver and it has little to no magnetic properties. The fall photos are great. It is moving along rather quickly now.

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  10. Omigosh, I need one of these wrist bands!! My dad and I have spent the last month reshingling multiple rooves and we definitely could have used this! Just yesterday I was up there cursing every time the nails spilled out of my shirt pocket as I clung there trying not to fall (nice and steep!). And I must admit that it took a LOT of willpower not to just put some of them in my mouth. But given how those awful roofing nails make my hands feel, it didn’t seem smart to be putting them elsewhere, lol!

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  11. My first reaction was picturing you with your left hand stuck to a tin roof, unable to move it. Then the pics reminded me if Fibber McGees closet which is probably too old for you to relate, and then great beauty in the trees and leaves. Made my day.

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  12. That wristband is very much like one of the seamstress tools that has been on my wishlist. A wristband for holding sewing needles! I don’t sew often so haven’t ever bought myself one. There are magnetic bowls to hold them too.

    The wall is looking good and the project sounds like it is progressing well. I love that advice your Aunt gave you! I’m going to try to remember that if I see He-Man or The Handsome Surveyor with nails or screws in their mouths. That wristband would make a great stocking stuffer! Thanks for the idea Dan and The Editor! 😀

    Maddie might love to hear the crunch of leaves under her paws as much as some of us humans do. I love the low perspective you’re shooting this year.

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  13. Your Aunt Adele’s quote cracked me up, Dan. A fun way of getting her point across. I told my husband about that magnet wristband and he’d never seen one before, but was as impressed as I was. That is one handy little tool. You can see through that leaf–what a beautiful photo! You know I love your pictures from Maddie’s eye view. She does see the pretty in things.

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    • She was pretty quick. I loved her wit and her willingness to step out of the traditional “adult female” role at the time. She could hang in there with the men in her life and give it as well as take it.


  14. That magnetic wrist thingy is a handy invention. I wouldn’t be surprised if you invented it, thanks to Aunt Adele. Also, I’m always impressed by how you get those ground level perspectives.

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  15. Your Aunt Adele’s wisdom is hilarious. She was a smart cookie. Of course I still hold screws and nails in my mouth…oh, my! Hubby and I definitely need your magnetic bracelet. Thank you for a lovely photo gallery, Dan. There will never be too many of the trees, Maddie, Veteran’s Park, Smokey and Sammy, and the bunnies.

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  16. Dan, that last picture is gorgeous. That backlighting is mesmerizing. As for women and their wisdom, your aunt proves that sometimes yes it does take a woman to get the job done. I laughed out loud when I read about the bathroom. Too funny!!! Your Aunty Adele didn’t pull any punches and knew exactly what she was doing.

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  17. Oh, nails in your mouth – am glad the Dutch are not smart enough to even think about that. Related, you are really into carpentry right now, eh? I realize now with our last move in Aug. that once one starts this, it’s contagious. We now have ripped the white plastic counter off the kitchen counters, and blue floor tile will come on top of it (my squeamishness about stains you can’t remove) upstairs, a small toilet is out -to be replaced by normal size, and a shower pan, that was so filthy our first reaction was, I’m not going to clean that.
    But now he is hanging two 9 x 7 feet paintings on our living room wall. We can;t keep going on like this, sigh …

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