It’s that Time of Year – #SoCS

It’s Saturday, and we’ve crossed another week off the 2020 calendar – there are ten left, in case you were wondering. We’re going to enjoy a beverage and some conversation, and we’re going to try to mix in Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with ‘m’.” Use any word that begins with the letter “m” as the subject or theme for your post. Enjoy!


If we were having a beer, you’d be a little spun up.

“Good afternoon, Dan.”

“Hi David. Is Cheryl here?”

“She’s downstairs looking for a bottle of John Howell’s Bourbon.”

“What if she can’t find one?”

“Perish the thought, my young friend.”

“You can relax, David. I found it.”

“Excellent, Chery. Pour some in a glass, add a few cherries and we’re good. Oh, and give Dan a Corona.”

“No snifter of seltzer? No glass of ice?”

“Well, yes of course I want those too. I just figured you knew that.”

“You know what they say about what happens when you assume, David.”

“I do, Cheryl, but I think I’m safe on this one.”

“Cheryl, can you have someone change this TV to ESPN?”

“Sure, Dan. ESPN? Or ESPN-two, U, N or whatever.”

“Straight up ESPN, please.”

“OK, David, here’s your bourbon, your beer, Dan. I’ll switch the channel and be back with the seltzer.”

“Is this what you wanted to watch, Dan?”

“It’s just a commercial, David. There a football game coming on soon.”

“Yes, but at the moment, we have yet another commercial for a Medicare Advantage plan.”

“Open enrollment starts November first.”

“Why would Joe Namath degrade himself by hawking insurance?”

“If I had to guess, David, it would be for the money.”

“Yes, I know that, Dan. But you know you’re seeing this commercial because you’re a football fan and he’s a football hero of your era.”

“I have an era?”

“Of course you do. We all do. How old were you when Joe Namath won the Super Bowl, Dan?”

“If I remember the year The Jets won, I would have been fifteen.”

“Prime age for being enamored with a football hero.”

“But David, that was fifty years ago.”

“That’s how marketing works, Dan. That’s why we’re seeing this commercial during this game.”

“Here’s your seltzer and ice, David.”

“Thanks Cheryl. Dan, what game will we be watching when this marketing exercise is done?”

“Pitt is playing Notre Dame.”

“Any chance that’s going to end well for Pitt?”

“None that I can see.”

“But you’re wearing a Pitt jersey, Dan.”

“I’m an alumnus and a fan.”

“I think you might not want to advertise that fact today.”

“Just showing my support, David.”

“In other words, marketing.”

“You seem to be on a mission, David. Why are you so upset with marketing?”

“I’m getting sick of it, Dan.”

“Open enrollment, or marketing in general?”

“Marketing in general, but open enrollment brings out the worst. My age makes me a target. I see these ads on Facebook and Google, there are commercials on every game I watch, I get emails and even paper mail. It almost makes me glad to see a political ad.”

“Whoa. Let’s not get carried away, David.”

“Yeah, David, I think that’s a bridge too far. You guys need another round?”

“We do, Cheryl, and you probably need to make sure you have a good supply of that bourbon. Open enrollment hasn’t even started yet.”

“I’ve got several bottles, Dan, and a good supply of Corona.”

“Thanks, you do take good care of us.”

“I was raised to treat my elders well, Dan.”



  1. Open enrollment – now there’s a topic that causes me to shudder. We have been lucky and stayed with the same plan for the last couple of years, but this year they lowered the monthly premium but deleted dental and vision and added premiums for each. So, we are having the fun experience of shopping for a new plan, and I’ll leave the conversation right there. :-) Stay well and may we all be free of insurance and political ads soon.

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    • It’s an annual dance, Judy. I just wish you could flick a switch to indicate “I signed-up for insurance” or “I know who I’m voting for” and make the ads stop.

      I hope you have a good weekend.

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  2. These pictures look like you were at our house a few days ago. Haven’t seen fog like tat in a while.
    Seems to me a lot of big-name celebrities have been doing TV ads lately – like you, I suppose it’s the universal answer – MONEY*.

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  3. I love a good fog. (Unless I’m driving!) The chain picture, the water droplets, the fog . . . I love it all! Thank you Dan. Oh and Marketing is the stick that moves the cattle in the right direction.

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  4. I dealt with government bureaucracy all of my working life, but I am not sure that anything matches Medicare in complexity and opacity. I was shocked when I got my annual Medicare booklet in the mail–I can remember some phone books that were about that thick. I safely ignore the targeted ads for Medicare plans and the phone calls offering me “help.” I must say, though, that I find them less irritating than the political ads and phone calls. I will be happy when election season will finally be over. As for your photos, Dan, I love all the misty morning photos. We have had a number of days recently that started in a similar way. I like that you featured Smokey today–I always enjoy seeing him.

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    • The majority at the bar was in favor of Medicare ads vs political ads, Mike. I’m glad you like seeing Smokey. I can’t always get a good picture of him, so I feature him when I do. This one (there are 3 or 4) is less skittish than the others. He comes very close.

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  5. I finally received my paperwork for open enrollment yesterday. I filled it out and got it back out in the post then woke up early with a start thinking, “Oh no, I shouldn’t have checked THAT BOX!” We’ll find out soon enough if I did it wrong or not.

    I love the foggy images, and your long view of the yard and Smoky. You didn’t say anything about what looks like 3 palettes covered with something underneath…? Another project coming up?

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    • Open enrollment is that time when you start second guessing yourself over little things. I’m hoping we can just stay the course with the carriers and plans we have.

      The covers are keeping the Editor’s firewood dry. You could call it a project, but not mine. I just curl up on the couch with the dog and enjoy the warmth when she fires up the woodstove.

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  6. Raindrops on pine needles, foggy photos, Maddie keeping tabs on one of the peanut eaters, the beautiful maple tree still being a show off…..great gallery.

    And now we’re inundated with open enrollment tv ads and in our snail mail. We’re staying with current insurance. Premium not raised, co-pays not raised and in some cases co-pay eliminated. But it does make me wonder where our policy is going next year!

    Sadly, Covid will be alive and well for some time and there will always be politics.

    Have a great weekend Dan. Lots of on and off rain for us next week. Glad I was able to mow and trim lawn yesterday. Murphy sends hugs and scritches to the 3-M’s.

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    • Murphy’s kind gestures are appreciated, except for MiMi, she was still sleeping when I gave her a scritch.

      We’re staying the course as well, Ginger. I’m not sure where any of this is going. Maybe open enrollment and elections happen at the same time for a reason. I like the coverage we have, and the premium is OK. That certainly sounds like something the government would want to “fix.”

      Enjoy the weekend and try to stay dry next week.


    • Hahaha – I like your contribution. Sorry about the confusion, I didn’t remember that open enrollment is a US thing until after I posted this. I should add a note, but hopefully people will guess correctly.

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  7. I come across Joe Namath and Tom Selleck almost daily with their ads for the elders, but I don’t pay much attention. They are a little too repetitive and I don’t need Medicare or a special mortgage at this point. I’d rather be able to watch Wisconsin football since they had a great game yesterday.

    Have a wonderful Saturday, Dan, and enjoy the warm weather for me. We havehighs in the 30’s today.

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  8. Go Pitt! I believe in miracles. Look at my guys, the Saints. Who would have ever believed they would win a Superbowl but they did in 2010. Best game I have ever watched. And your guys have a much better long time record. Poor Drew. 🤦‍♀️
    😂Thanks for making me a whipper snapper Dan. And that term alone will ‘date’ me. My grandparents used it all the time. Yes, I do have a very healthy respect for people who managed to live a long life woth littlt to none of the conveniences young ‘uns these days expect. I actually looked to my parents and grandparents for wisdom, insight and experience. It will be a very sad day when too many young people find themselves alone in a world where their wit will be what saves them and not their cell phone navigation app. 😞
    I have to agree with David. I loathe marketing now more than ever but for so many reasons. Don’t even get me started on Tom Selleck. Yeah, Mr. Magnum, you would never lie to me about my money choices….
    I love the constancy in your world-Maddie and her OCD habits, Smokey and Jinx-it is comforting. Today’s favorite photo for me is the chain link closeup. I love that one. Have a great weekend Dan.

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    • I have to let you have the punch line now and then, Cheryl. You are so good to us. The chain link closeup is one of my ongoing challenges. The way the light bounces all around that chain always makes me think it will make a good image. Despite how many you see here, most of the time the pictures are meh.

      Marketing is getting worse and worse with every bit of information they collect about us. We’re to blame, we share too much too often.

      I hope you have a great weekend!


      • I love they way when all the camera and audio options first appeared even my techie son laughed when I suggested someone would be listening in or paying attention. Mother always knows best about many things. Nowadays if I even mention something random to hubs, like “Glasswing Butterfly, suddenly I get all these internet suggestions about butterflies and some Glasswing image will show up on Pinterest. We put Alexa into a medically induced coma as soon as she indicated she was listening to our conversations without even calling her forth. 😒🤔

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  9. Foggy photos and a dark squirrel. What’s not to like? I evidently have an era as well as I remember the Packers beating the Cowboys in the Ice Bowl and where we were and with whom! I’m happy not to be worrying about Medicare right now as my gainfully employed husband has credible insurance for both of us. Once he decides to retire, the fun will begin in earnest. Sigh.

    Just want you to know I think of you every time I see Corona beer. :-)


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    • Awww, thanks Janet. The Ice Bowl is certainly a game worth remembering. Any game that can be described with a phrase ending in “…beating the Cowboys.” is a good game.

      Smokey is sending you wishes for a good weekend.

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  10. Open Enrollment. Another occasion which gives my shredder a workout. And we get double the mail since there are two of us! Love the photos. I see you had your share of fog, too. I love a good foggy day. The photos are just gorgeous. The orange tree and Smokey with his peanut. But I particularly like the car lights in the fog.

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    • I’m glad you like the picture with the lights. I wasn’t going to include it, but I really like it. Smokey is just the cutest thing.

      Keep that shredder humming, and have a good weekend if you can.


  11. Between Medicare ads and political ads, I am sure my mailman will be glad when this is all over. The pine needles with raindrops is such a pretty shot, Dan, and Smokey with the peanut–he is a very good-looking guy. Enjoy the weekend.

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    • Isn’t he a handsome little guy? We love seeing him (them) in the yard. This one is by far more daring than the others. He comes right up on the deck and comes up to our shoes when we’re walking in the yard. I don’t know about the mailman, but I’ll be glad when this is over.

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  12. I’m sick of those robocalls, too. Bleh! Your photos take the sting out of the irritation, though. I love your pretty little maple tree, the fog, the chain, the ball-playing birds, the pine needles … Well, all of them, actually! I finished reading THE UNITED STATES OF BEER. Interesting window on history, going back to the stone age as quick background.

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  13. I thought open enrollment started back on the 15th. I know I have to sign Mary up for insurance on the 1st. I’m sticking with my Medicare plan, which has been good so far.

    It is kinda sad seeing Broadway Joe shilling for a Medicare Advantage plan. I was almost 13 when Super Bowl III was played….

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    • I thought it starte on the 15th, John, but when I looked it up, I saw the 1st mentioned. We are staying with the plans we have, so I haven’t been paying much attention. I guess, if I was Joe, I’d take the money, but…

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  14. I think it is quite frightening how we are tracked on the internet and social media. I looked up the details of a therapist the other day and then she popped up on Facebook as someone I might know. I hadn’t even met the lady and didn’t know anyone she knew either. A good choice of m word.

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    • Thanks Robbie. It is crazy. I sent my daughter an email, asking her if she was interested in my car because I was thinking of buying a new one. Within hours, I was getting ads for car dealers.


  15. I will turn 65 early next year and have been swamped with mail alerting me to that fact (like I didn’t know) and offering all kinds of help. I started to toss each mailing into a paper box just to keep track of the volume and it’s about halfway full right now. Fortunately, my husband went down this road before me so I am familiar with all the options but it sure makes me envious of the universal healthcare other, more enlightened countries, offer their citizens. My Canadian friends look at me with pity.

    Love the last pic of the pine droplets.

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    • I remember those “you’re turning 65” emails, Janis. Fortunately, my wife rolled through the barrier before me, so like you, I had a leg up on the process. My guess is you’re gonna need a bigger box.


  16. I turn 65 in December and the mailings just keep coming – books, thick envelopes. I got one today that looked like an official government something or other. One guy even came to my house. He was quite pleasant, but I already have a broker working on options. Still, I’d rather see a Medicare ad than a political ad any day. I’m also thankful that Joe Namath’s ads aren’t quite as whiny as that one was. I reach for the mute button a lot these days. I enjoyed the photos!

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    • I think we’re getting pretty good at reaching for the mute button. Maybe we need a game like “Name that Tune” where we bet how many syllables it will take before we can mute. The more official the mailings look, the more suspect I am. But you’re right, I’ll take Medicare over politics. Thanks for stopping by.

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  17. Um, between the spam calls and the emails I get, you’re not the only one with insurance promos coming your way. I ignore them all. I’ve yet to buy anything I see on TV or on a commercial or ad. I can make up my own mind, thank you. Joe Namath …. yep I remember him too. Now those were the days of football! Your gallery with the fog …. wayyyyyy cool! We had fog here the other evening but I was so bushed all I did was look out the window to admire it. Of course I was thinking, “now that would make a great shot” or “ohhhh look at that!”. I’m glad you brought us some fog. Loved it. Thank you!

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  18. Have you ever read The Power of Habit – Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business? There’s a great chapter in the book on how Target markets to us by ‘reading’ our minds. It’s an interesting book to read. PS – I LOVE the pine tree dewdrop photo!

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  19. I am glad I have my health insurance plan. I hope we will still have health insurance and Medicare for a long, long time. I see you have fog. We have had a bit of that here in Southern California and it is very welcome. Smokey looks good with his cracker.

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  20. Fog is beautiful! Lots of good shots!
    We watched (I passively watched) news today and THE MEDICARE ENROLLMENT PERIOD IS ENDING SOON for sure. Given the volume of the commercials, I do believe they think everyone eligible has substantial hearing loss.
    The Mister was certain that ND would win and that always sets a good mood :)

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