October Leftovers – Thursday Doors

Holy Trinity – Greek Orthodox Church – 1917.

As the title says, today’s doors didn’t make the cut on day one, but I think they’re too nice to forget about. I did my best to explain them in the captions.

These doors are my contribution to Norm Frampton’s fun weekly blog party called Thursday Doors. Each week, Norm invites door lovers from around the world to visit his site, check out his doors and share the doors that they’ve found (or the ones they have lying around on the cutting room floor). If you want to participate, head on up to Norm’s place and leave a link to your doors.


  1. Ok, the Halloween spooks must be out early this year. Why not? It’s 2020!

    As I was saying, before I was so abruptly cut off, everything pertaining to Mt. Holyoke is beautiful. I like the house with the neat lawn statues. Very clever name for the barber shop, and the building before it has a terrific entrance indeed. Holy Trinity has a very impressive entrance. Oompah! As does the building you didn’t catch the name of. Glad you saved these from the cutting room floor!

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    • So “anonymous” was you masquerading? Trying to get a second Reese’s Cup ;-)

      I don’t know why these things happen with comments. If they aren’t asking you to login for the 50th time, they’re booting you out.

      I’m glad you liked those doors. I just couldn’t let them sit unused.

      Thanks Ginger.


  2. Awesome collection, Dan. Though they’re leftovers, it’s good that you still had the chance to feature them. I like the first two colleges that you featured as well as the Haunted House.

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  3. Those college buildings are so beautiful. Legendary Who’s Next–that is such a cool name. I like the chair sitting outside. I guess for the overflow clientele. We had a hair salon in town ‘Curl Up and Dye’ which gave me the creeps just a little bit…. Happy Thursday, Dan.

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  4. I love a good post with a mixed assortment like this. The Mount Holyoke buildings make for some gorgeous architecture but my personal fave this week is the multi-coloured entrance with the yellow and purple (?) door.

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  5. Wow, what a cornucopia of leftovers, Dan. The little grey shed is cute, the haunted house is dripping with gorgeous foliage and that colourful entrance is as cheery as it gets. But my favourite building is that fabulous last one. Full of character and elegance, with a hint of mystery about it.

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  6. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of doors you always come up with …and you call these leftovers? You are too humble (I know you’re going to use that phrase with someone- chuckle).

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  7. I like the multi colored door. And the little shed with the picnic table up so close that only one side is usable. I even had time to look up Mt. Holyoak Seminary and College. Now only college. Some interesting history there. They set the model for Vassar. And they are still a women’s only college, though they now accept transgender students. Good collection of doors !

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    • Mount Holyoke was the first of the Seven Sisters. Vassar now accepts males, but I think four or five of the schools remain women only. I didn’t know about the seminary until I read about the fire. It’s amazing where a door can lead you. Thanks for the comment, John.

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  8. Thursday seems to have gotten away from me, Dan — and all I have to show for it is a bowl of chili. LOL. Sorry I’m late. I don’t know why, but I love any sort of arch shape — or unexpected curved things, like those on the college entrance gate. So it’s no surprise that my favorite is the building you said you had showed before. I’m in arches heaven. :) Take care in that early snow. Hugs on the wing!

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    • It’s never late for dropping by, Teagan. I’m glad you like the arches. When I realized I was back on the street, I decided to get a better picture. I really like arches and iron gates. It’s still snowing, but not much accumulation. Just a nice lazy day.

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    • Yay!I’m glad you got a day out with the girls. The ivy can look interesting in the winter, particularly when we get freezing rain. I think that would be a good look for the haunted house.


  9. Hi Dan – a good eclectic selection … I guess Haunted House is a restaurant … while Race Street … I’m guessing is where there was a mill race back before the town was developed and the canals tamed the river/s. Lovely to see – take care – Hilary

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    • I think the Haunted House is a entertainment venue. According to their website (I had to look it up), it an interactive indoor haunted experience that makes you play the hero in this “real life” monster horror movie.

      Not for me, but…

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