Ladders, Cherries & Cranes – SoCS

It’s Saturday. The week is over, the month and (in the US) Daylight Savings Time are ending. Seems like a good time to head to the bar. We’ll have an adult beverage, some light (non-droplet-spreading) conversation and we will attempt to work Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt into the conversation:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘trick.’ Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you would still be carrying a grudge.

“Good afternoon, Dan. Can I assume that you ordered a Corona and a glass of John Howell’s Bourbon for me?”

“I did not, David. I ordered a beer but didn’t want to tax the bartender’s ability to keep things straight.”

“I see. I take it from that that Cheryl is not the bartender today.”

“No, that would be…”

“Hello Skippy.”

“Hi David. You sound a little irritated. Did I do something wrong?”

“You did, Skippy. You kept me waiting all afternoon for a glass of bourbon the last time you were on duty.”

At Teagan’s party? Surely you can’t carry a grudge that long.”

“Oh, he can, Skippy, and stop calling him Shirley.”

“Dan, this isn’t funny.”

“I’m sorry, David, but how could you expect anyone to pass up that line?”

“I wasn’t ignoring you on purpose that day, David. It’s just that there were so many tricky drinks to make, my mind got a little frazzled.”

“There’s no trick to pouring a glass of bourbon, and as for your mind being frazzled…well, let’s not go there.”

“Dan, I did trick out your Corona. They’re less concerned about the virus on objects and surfaces, so I’ve been allowed to revive the two-lime balance.”

“A true work of art. It’s almost a shame to drink this.”

“Skippy, why don’t you try your hand at artfully stacking a few cherries in a glass of John Howell’s Bourbon and adding it to a still life with a snifter of seltzer and a glass of ice.”

“No problem, David.”

“Sigh…Well Dan, it snowed yesterday. Were your cars safe and dry in the garage?”

“Safe, perhaps, but I don’t know about dry.”

“Does the roof leak?”

“No, but I didn’t get them in the garage until late Thursday afternoon. It was already raining pretty hard, so they were soaked.”

“I’m amazed they fit. I thought for sure you built that wall too close to the front.”

“David, I can’t tell you how many times I looked up the length, measured the car and measured the floor. I even had my wife help me measure the car.”

“You looked up the length? Where?”

“Um, the Internet. The car is one-hundred and seventy-six-point-four inches long.”

“And the distance from the wall to the door, Dan?”

“More than long enough to hang a sixteen-foot ladder on the wall, David.”

“Here’s your bourbon, David.”

“Thanks Skippy. Where are the cherries?”

“I forgot. I’ll put some in the seltzer.”

“See why I didn’t order your bourbon when I ordered my beer?”

“A wise precaution my young friend.”

“Here you go, a snifter of seltzer and a glass of ice. Dan, I have a question about that ladder…”

“Before you ask that question, Skippy. Can you please get me three cherries?”

“Oops, see, I told you – frazzled. Be right back.”

“Off you go. Cherries.”

“Here you go, David.”


“No problem.”

“You had a question about the ladder, Skippy.”

“I did. I mean I do. I mean, isn’t a sixteen-foot ladder only eight-feet long?”

“A sixteen-foot extension ladder would be about eight-feet long, Skippy. The ladder I’m talking about is actually one half of a thirty-two-foot extension ladder.”


“I want to ask how on earth Skippy knows about extension ladders. Those things are heavy, Dan. How did you manage to get it up on the wall?”

“I used my crane.”

“Of course, how silly of me.”

“David, in answer to your question, my Dad is a painter. Well, he’s a schoolteacher, but he paints houses during the summer. Sometimes I help him.”

“I see. Then perhaps you can explain why Dan has half a ladder hanging on his wall?”

“I was going to ask him that, David.”

“I use that ladder section as the frame for the ladder-lift I made to move shingles up to the roof.”

“I’m surprised you didn’t just build a bigger crane, Dan.”

“Now you’re being silly, David. Except, the ladder section could be attached to the scaffolding, and…”

“Skippy, bring him another Corona before he starts drafting plans on a napkin.”

“No problem.”

“I have to ask, Dan. Where do you store your crane?”

“The boom is easily removed. I hang that on the side of the scaffold. Then the scaffold rolls over two large toolboxes. I could disassemble the whole thing, but this way is easier, and I can still use the hoist.”

“What for?”

“Unloading my trailer – that is the reason I built that rig in the first place.”

“Here’s your beer, Dan. I guess when you get older, you have to worry about lifting things, losing your balance and stuff like that.”

“That’s true, Skippy. Unlike when you’re younger and your only worry is insulting your customers and ruining your tip.”


  1. Another great story, Dan. Your photo of “the only thing in our yard that turns red,” brought a smile. When I lived in Easton, my home backed up to a nature reserve, and in the Fall, the poison ivy turned brilliantly red. It was the one time of the year that I really appreciated that plant. 😀

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    • I’m glad I could bring back a fond memory, Gwen, even if it involves that plant (I am highly allergic). I’m not sure what this bush/tree is. We had two of them, but one died last year. I brushed some of the snow off of this one to keep it from breaking.


  2. Our snow showers were almost nothing, but it’s cold – 22° this morning. I cover our AC too. I was following along with your ladder story because we spent one morning organizing and pitching in the garage this week. We have a narrow but long garage so I can certainly appreciate the measuring you did. When we get ready to trade, I have to use a spreadsheet with measurements, and before we sign on the dotted line, you’ll find me with a tape measure going from mirror to mirror. The salesman always looks at me like I’m crazy, but it’s necessary. Good luck pruning, not the right time, but a guy has to do what a guy has to do. Give Maddie a pat, I hope she’s feeling better.

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    • I left enough room to go one Kia SUV model larger, but I don’t think that will happen. I really like the size of the Sportage. I have a friend who has to back his SUV in until the back bumper touches the wall, in order to get the door to close. That’s too close for me. I’m OK on the sides, but I’ll be checking the length of every car from now on.

      I think I pruned these at the right point, but some of the Forsythia grew wildly after that. I knocked those shoots off in August, as they were hitting my car. I’ll clip this one when it warms up. The lilac branch seems to have fallen from weight of the snow. It’s cracked at the bottom, so it’s off to the brush dump with that one.

      Maddie seems to be feeling better this morning, although I told her she has to wait for the sidewalks to melt before we can walk. It was in the low 20s here as well, and what snow and slush we had is now ice.

      I hope you have a good weekend.

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  3. Planning ahead, like taking measurements, will always serve you well. I wonder how many times someone bought a car and never checked first to see if it would fit in their garage! One size does not always fit all!

    We were spared the snow but not the rain.

    Murphy and I are so sorry to hear Maddie wasn’t feeling well yesterday. Murphy is ‘under the weather’ today. Hopefully it’s a short and sweet blip on the radar for both our girls. Even not feeling well, Maddie looks to be so in her element standing in the snow getting covered with flakes.

    I love the photo of the driveway strewn with leaves. But those leaves on Maddie’s porch…..really Dan you need to get with the program!

    Like Judy, it’s 22 degrees here. Brrrrr. Not ready for this. And to add insult to injury, the time will change again. Aaarrgghhhh!

    Have a warm cozy weekend. Keep MiMi’s fire burning!

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    • Maddie is back in action today, Ginger. Belly booboos seem to be gone. She says to say she hopes Murphy is feeling better soon. She also suggests milking it for all the attention it’s worth.

      We delayed or walk today, to let some of the ice melt, but it was still slippery in places the sun hadn’t gotten to yet. It was 21 degrees when we normally walk. I waited until it was 28.

      When I was measuring, I even checked the next size SUV Kia makes. It would be a tight squeeze, but it would fit. I doubt very much I will ever buy anything bigger than what I have, but it was good to know.

      Enjoy the weekend, and that extra hour of sleep.


  4. How heavy a crane is needed to lift and haul away a grudge ? Or does one use a grape hoe, a shovel, and a wheelbarrow to haul it away to the compost pile. So as to turn that old grudge into a fresh bunch of cherries ? I may need to think about that crane and how to use it to get the somewhat large and awkward pots of lantana and gardenia in and out of the basement winter quarters. It is getting to be a bit more of a work out than I want. And I need to not hold a grudge against mother nature for thoroughly watering the pot the night before I move them to the winter quarter. And never, absolutely never call her Skippy. Is there time for one more Corona ? Good one Dan.

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    • Thanks Teagan. Life in a one-man shop requires a lot of tools, gizmos and thingamabobs. As I get older, more and more of them are involved in lifting and supporting heavy stuff.

      Maddie woke up feeling better today. We are hoping the belly booboos are behind her (so to speak).

      I hope you have a nice weekend.

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  5. I hope Maddie is feeling better today. Poor puppers, give her a chin skritch from me.

    I saw Smokey’s distant cousin on Wednesday when I was walking through the Heckrodt Reserve, but he wouldn’t come close enough for me to capture on camera. First time I’ve seen a black squirrel in a long while.

    I hope you get relief from the rain. After it snowed here Monday, we had a mostly sunny week. Yesterday was gorgeous – sunny, little wind, still a bit cool, but perfect for a Maddie dog to enjoy on her cot. I hope you get some of the same. Have a wonderful Saturday and weekend, Dan!

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  6. “Don’t call me Shirley” Is possibly my most favorite movie line ever. I get such a kick out of it, even if I do mutter it mostly to myself… Skippy and David–I love their interactions. Maddie looks so pretty in the snow. Glad to hear she is feeling better. We finally go cold here–as in no A/C for two days! Happy weekend, Dan.

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    • I’m glad there are others who like that line. I said it at work once, and I got blank stares from my coworkers in a staff meeting. No A/C for two days? Wow. Ours is ready to be wrapped up for the winter, but the Editor won’t let me throw the switch just yet. We sometimes get warm days in November ;-)

      Enjoy the weekend and that extra hour of sleep.

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  7. I hope Maddie is feeling better, Dan. Smoky looks like he has been through a carwash. That snow looks more like ice. I wish I had had a lift to put my 24′ ladder back on its supports. I always got some kind of bruise when I used that thing. Loved the post, Dan. Go, Mountaineers.

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    • It’s a little early for snow and this kind of cold, but it has happened before . It was 21°f (-6°c) when I got up today. That’s cold for October, but we will be back near 65°f (18°c) by Friday. November is like April in reverse. We can go from cold to warm in a two-day stretch. If we’re going to have a bad winter, it usually settles in by mid-December.


  8. I hope Maddie is feeling better. Ugh, that icy snow is so cruel to trees and bushes! We’ve had trees break under the weight of it. Some haven’t broken, but they never recovered from being weighed down into arcs. Pretty, though.

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    • The snow upped the ante on the game. I had one less day than planned, but I made it. I didn’t do anything on Friday other than watch it snow. It was pretty, but a little too early for my plans. Still, I’m glad I didn’t have to scrape if off the cars.

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  9. LOVE the leaves on the blacktop. It’s one of my favorite things every year. I think they’re even prettier in the dark, when headlights hit them.
    I thought of you today when I looked up and saw Notre Dame playing Georgia Tech! Not lookin good for GT.
    Mentor kept saying she needed a long ladder. I kept saying she could borrow ours. I went out into the garage and got its measurement. I don’t know how long it is, but it’s near the width of our garage. She decided to buy one anyway. She researched and chose and was so happy — until she found out it only fits in her garage on the diagonal. facepalm Now she has to research again and exchange it.

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    • The partition wall is where it is to allow enough room for the cars. The floor was down and the wall was halfway up before I thought about the ladders. I also have a 22′ section of staging that has to go up into the loft storage area in the spring.

      I really liked seeing the leaves on the driveway. The low light and the fact that the driveway was wet and darker than normal added to the appeal. I don’t like Georgia Tech, so I’m OK with ND winning.


  10. A yellow ladder. I like it and I enjoyed that little bit of snow. Not going to have that here where it’s back into the 80’s for the next week. But as far as time changing, we don’t change here in Arizona but we do have to rethink the time differences between us and all our friends and relatives and, for my husband, his work schedule.


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    • It’s interesting that the time change still affects you a bit. Do you stay on Standard time or DST? We will get back into the 60s by the end of the week, but the trend is heading down. That’s OK. My remaining work is to clean up the leaves and set the snow stakes before the ground freezes. A more relaxed pace is allowed.

      I hope you’re enjoying the weekend.


  11. So sorry but those pictures of snow made me cringe. Not already! I’m never ready for the white stuff! I like the picture where you proved you have more then enough in your garage. How anyone could even doubt you would is beyond me. Your work is impeccable. Now for Maddie …. poor baby, leaves and wet on her porch. Sorry, Maddie, but there is more to come and much worse at that. Hope you are having a good weekend, Dan. It turned cold here yesterday but so far no snow …. that is supposed to come tonight. Dang!

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    • It’s rare for us to get snow in October, Amy, even at the very end. At least I didn’t have to clear it from the driveway or sidewalk. We did have a little plant damage but I was able to shake the snow off some of the smaller plants, and our small dogwood. Maddie doesn’t mind the snow, but, of course, I shovel her porch. We have rain and possibly snow coming tonight and tomorrow, but the forecast has us back in the 60s by the end of the week. I hope you have a good week, and the S-word stays away,

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  12. Impressive use of space in that garage. I agree, lifting things overhead is not a good idea. Cheers to being able to have two limes again! I guess you got to see ‘pretty snow’ too, eh? I hope it melts fast. We still have piles lingering in the shady areas. And it’s trying to snow again today. Just in time for the Packer/Viking game. It is so windy here I’m glad to not be going to the stands to watch it! Cheers to you and yours – stay well!

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  13. Poor Skippy. Good thing you didn’t order David’s drink ahead of time. The photos are great, especially Maddie in the first snow. It is difficult to imagine the boom, so hopefully you can send more photos next week.

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