Writing with Care – #1LinerWeds

I have a mini rant to air here today. I am tired of considering and reconsidering the subjects I blog about, the words I use and the titles I choose. For months, I’ve been avoiding words, phrases and subjects that might encourage unwanted political commentary.

This isn’t me being paranoid, well, no more than usual, after all, they do say:

“Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean people aren’t really out to get you.”

My reasons for choosing my words carefully are based on comments I have received (and deleted) on previous posts.

If you’ve followed this blog in the past, you know that I’m not here to push an agenda. No politics, no religion, no convoluted marriage of the two. I also steer around most social issues, at least the “popular” ones. My goal is to entertain. It’s not that I don’t care about those other subjects, it’s just that I have no standing from which to pontificate.

You know who has less standing than I do? Some random reader that leaves a comment trying to divert my platform to their cause du jour.

End of rant.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. Your blog, your words. Every blogger should be able to choose their avenues of expression. I choose to stay away from the lightening rod topics of today because I don’t need the extra drama in my life. :-) You sure hit a jackpot with your trex decking. :-)

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    1. I have been trying to get bunny photos. Ours is only out in the very early (dark) morning. He/she is eating, and I am reluctant to use a flash. Smokey, on the other hand, is not shy. At least not when there’s the possibility of a peanut.

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  2. Wise words and stance, Dan. I look forward to lawns and buildings returning to their natural unadorned state in a few weeks. Humm, a bonfire of conflicting political signs might stir delight. 😀

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  3. Sigh. I want to scream from a very high rooftop. I want to use words my Mother would not approve of. And I want a delete button that works outside of my keyboard. Yep, I said it, I want trolls and bigots and bullies and, and (it’s a long list) deleted, permanently. But instead I obey the rules and bite my tongue. (that hurts you know, a lot!) Rant away my friend. Good people understand. Bad people should be deleted. Sigh, if only . . .

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    1. I am quick to hit the delete button, Pam. If the person makes a second attempt, I add them to the list of people not welcome at the bar. If I need more commentary than David, Cheryl and Skippy can supply, I’ll have another party ;-)

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  4. Bravo Dan. Your blog, your rules.
    Whatever sort of agenda someone chooses to push on their own blog is their own business, but those who engage in boorish behavior on someone else’s blog need to be told that it`s not ok.

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  5. You have a great blog, Dan, so I would say keep up the good work and don’t mind the trolls. If you don’t give them air, they can’t breathe.

    Politics and religion are difficult topics to write as about, even when trying to be fair and smart about them. You are wise to stay away and simply entertain.

    Have a great Wednesday!

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    1. Thanks Mary. You thread that needle very well. You have an ability to write about, or slightly near a conversational topic without touching off a wildfire. Unless you are better are smiting bad comments than I realize.

      We all came to the blog world for a reason. We should be allowed to pursue our objectives without being used by others.

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  6. Perhaps these people who feel the need to “high jack” your blog via their comments do it because they have so few followers of their own. They see the opportunity to grab onto your coattails and reach so many more readers. I’m not defending them, I just can’t see why else they would do it. Or why they think they can get away with it.

    Your blog. Your words. Your rules. Period!

    Love how the sun highlights Maddie’s hair. She is gorgeous. I smile every time I see her. Two Smokeys! I love watching squirrels playing tag. And I think MiMi would’ve like a couple of more hours before saying “good morning!” Lol.

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    1. Thanks Ginger. I think they do see an opportunity, I get “people” following me for the same reason. They see the number of followers and they jump on, hoping to show up in the sidebar list of followers. The default behavior for that list is to show newest followers. I changed it to show people who comment, which might drive the comments. When I find that connection at work, I block the person.

      I also love the way the sunlight shines through her hair. The only bad thing about that is the fact that I have to get down on my knees to take those pictures. At least I know it’s worth it ;-)

      The two Smokeys always crack me up. I try to take that picture often, but it’s usually just a blur of black tails. I was luck to get one close to in focus.

      MiMi would prefer waking up around 4:00 pm, which is when she likes to play.


  7. Here, here! Your blog your agenda period!

    The fall trees and all the fallen leaves are lovely. I noticed on my walk yesterday the leaves are piling up and need raking in several yards. The little peek at the bridge was lovely. It will be nice to see it now from a different perspective.

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    1. Our yard is one of the several around here that needs to be raked. We don’t even have a lot of trees, but they blow in from the neighbors. I’ll be out later today filling a few bags. I was so glad to see the river running at a normal level around that bridge. It has been so low all summer, you could practically walk across.

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  8. I know exactly how you feel. I just ignore any political commentary annyone leaves on my blog.

    When we were growing up, we often heard the admonishment not to bring up politics or religion in polite company. What happened?

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  9. It strikes me, Dan, that you are genuinely yourself in your writing and that is one of the reasons why I enjoy reading your postings so much. Perhaps you do censor yourself a little or avoid some topics, but it sure is not obvious to me as a reader. The sad truth, though, is that some folks will try to use our blogs to push their own agendas and consequently we have to be vigilant. It was nice to see shots of most of your usual cast of characters, minus the bunnies and the lady with the walker. :)

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  10. Keep on keeping on, Dan. Ugh, the diverters, the spammers, the little trolls waiting to pounce….be gone with them! Squirrels running around the tree–I love that! Maddie is such a pretty girl. Yeah, I don’t know if MiMi was actually welcoming you to the new day…but she’s a cutie.

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  11. Interesting. I don’t get random commenters who have political agendas to push, I get random commenters who want me to use their services because they know better than me about how to write and promote my blog. It’s fascinating. And gets said commenter immediately put on the Comment Blacklist. Irritate me and you’re toast, my annoying little troll.

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  12. Lovely photos as always and getting down on your knees to take Maddie’s photos sounds painful but we all love the results.  Even the leaves in the bag are pretty to me.Do your own thing Dan✌

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  13. Woo-hoo! That’s it, Dan. You tell ’em! After my own meltdown over a comment last week, you know I support this 100%.
    The gallery is outstanding today. I love the sunlight on Maddie’s fur. That line of oak trees is magnificent, as is the bridge. But MuMu reaching is utterly adorable — my favorite.
    Keep saying, and not saying whatever you want. Hugs on the wing!

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  14. I always feel a bit guilty whenever I stray from my “no politics, no religion, no judgments” form of blogging. Fortunately, no one thus far has called me out on it. The only objection I’ve ever received to one of my posts was from that loony neighbor, and because the comments became so nasty I deleted the entire post and blocked her from my WP, Twitter, and FB sites. (Really, who would’ve thought that anyone I knew actually reads my blog!) Now there’s a 6-foot fence with a privacy screen between us, so at least we don’t have to look at each other. My other neighbors are all wonderful. Guess you can’t win them all.

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      1. My neighbor and I had issues over the property line, and I wrote about it. The issue had to do with where her garden was located and where Puppy Cody like to do her business (along the rear line, and I made sure it was on my property as indicated on our survey). While I didn’t name her specifically (other than to refer to her as Loony Tunes), I did indicate it was the rear neighbor. Apparently, she recognized herself in the post and became quite angry that people would think she’s not a good person. Really, with my small readership, what are the chances that anyone she and I both know would read that post? In any event, the post is gone, the fence is up, and all is well in the neighborhood.

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  15. I cannot imagine anyone taking your words and turning them into some kind of political, religious, or social comment. I’m with you on that behavior. Cut em off. Your photos are terrific as usual and you could never guess Maddie was having a nap in 37-degree temps

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  16. Agreed! I feel a bit like Maddie in that last shot on the right. Still trying to regain my full health and although I’m better, seems there’s always one more thing. Ahh, well. “I will survive.” I got of FB after a nasty (not on my side) “discussion” where the other party and her friends thought she was “schooling” me and talk about painting with big brushes!! I’ve been off FB since then with a few zip-in-zip-out exceptions and using Messenger to talk to my s-i-l in France in real time and you know what? I don’t miss it at all. So that woman’s nastiness gave me the push I needed to jettison FB. I should probably thank her but….nah!


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    1. Actually, you’re closer to Maddie than you think. She has been having a rough time since getting her recent shots. She’s been sleeping a lot and trying to get comfy anywhere she can.

      I’m still on Facebook, but I interact with very few people. I can’t give it up, because I administer a few pages, but I limit my activity as much as I can, and I steer clear of hot spots.

      I hope you feel better soon.

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  17. Other than that guy who wants me – and all other Baby Boomers – dead, my blog has been mercifully free of political or other crazy rants. I try to stay neutral with what I write as do you… I can’t imagine anything you’ve said setting someone off (not that it takes much nowadays). Hopefully things will level off soon.

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    1. Yikes! I haven’t had anyone want to kill me, but I’ve been surprised at how many things I’ve said that are somehow in support of one party or the other. I am hoping things will settle down soon.


  18. This is a tricky subject, but I guess it all relates why we blog. I do it to leave something (including how I lived, and what was important to me) for my kids and grand kids which are 12 people, so a mini tribe, when we are not there anymore. My own experience is I did not know my grandparents, and my parents did not want to talk about the 2nd World War, so there are big gaps in my life that I don’t want my family to have..

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    1. That’s a very good reason. I have some similar gaps, but I hope to preserve what I do know. I have no problem with people who tackle important issues, in fact, I admire them. It’s just not what I want to share here.


  19. Hi Dan – yes I hear you … I just delete inglorious comments and ignore them totally. Frankly with the turn of weather – it strikes MiMi has the best way of life … she can turn over and go back to sleep – when she feels the need just have a quick walk about and then come back to her warm nest … lucky beloved cat! I know Maddie does pretty well too … all the best – Hilary

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    1. Thanks Hilary. Your approach is the best one, and one I try to follow. It was just that I felt I had to cancel a post I had scheduled in order to avoid more of what I had been receiving, that sparked the rant.

      And, yes, MiMi does have the good life.

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      1. I’ve had a few … x number at a time …and quite often when I’ve been away – ie not easy to sort out times … but eventually they disappear – get fed up with no response I guess. Blinking pain – yes … still a cuddle with Mimi should help ease the frustration … and I’m sure there are other ways!

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  20. Given how ridiculously scary so many things have become of late, it’s kind of amazing in a way that we’re all not just looking for a massive hug.
    But why anyone wants a fight over what vocab we use…
    Thing is, it’s generally got nothing to do with what we did or did not say, and everything to do with their hang-ups.

    I mean, I have hang-ups… but luckily I also have a wardrobe to hang them in.

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