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A few days ago, GP – over at Pacific Paratrooper – mentioned that we have been following each other for a long time. I replied, saying that I made that connection through the guy I refer to as West Coast Dan, and his blog Tangential Meanderings. West Coast Dan was the first blogger I started following after I switched from writing a technical blog to this bit of nonsense. Oddly enough, as I was looking through my notes for a one-liner idea, I stumbled onto a note I made in 2018, after reading West Coast Dan’s post on Christmas Day – spoiler, it’s not a Christmas post.

It wasn’t so much Dan’s post that led me to today’s one liner, but when I made a comment about the two nuns in his story not getting a good room in Heaven (I told you, not Christmasy), I was reminded of a Christmas-ish story of my own.

Many years ago, when our daughter was attending a Catholic elementary school, the principal of the school, Sister J. asked me if I could make a few repairs at the convent. These were simple things, replace a faucet stem, unstick a garbage disposal, replace the closer on a screen door, that kind of stuff. I was happy to help.

One day, I noticed a water stain above the entrance. Sister J. said that a different Sister J’s bathroom leaked a little. Assuming it was the wax ring for the toilet, I offered to fix it. We agreed that I would make the repair between Christmas and New Year’s Day, since the nuns would all be away during that time. She actually gave me the key to the convent – think about that.

Well, the leak was way worse than either of us imagined. The tile floor was damaged, the subfloor was rotted, and previous repairs had only caused more damage. I went around town to various merchants, asking for discounts. I got a significant discount on the subfloor, and the local home center threw in the plumbing parts for free. The flooring guy gave me a large remnant when he heard it was for “the good sisters.”

It took about two days, and a little help from The Editor, but we were able to replace the floor, cover it with a very nice sheet-vinyl, rebuild and reseat the toilet.

Shortly after New Year’s I received a thank you card from Sister J. whose bathroom we had repaired. She said some very nice things about the repair and added, “I’ll pray for you every time I’m in there.”

Considering that she was in her late 70s at the time, I figured she was in there a lot, and I told The Editor:

“When I get to Heaven, I’m getting a corner room with cable!”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. Hah! “When I get to Heaven, I’m getting a corner room with cable.” Very funny, but good luck with that request. I also love Sister J”s one liner, “I’ll pray for you every time I’m in there.”

    That single leaf snagged on the post. It looks like a little creature with a tail and wearing a hoodie! Terrific shot. Also love the leaf Maddie singled out. She’s got good taste.

    Always sad to see buildings demolished in order to make room for a new one. But the promise of employment for many people is a welcome addition.

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  2. Good luck getting cable, or good luck my getting in???

    That leaf is so sad looking. It does look like it’s wearing a hoodie (good thing, because it’s cold here today). I may have to set it free, but I worry about breaking it in half.

    There will be jobs, but there are already people picketing the site over the quality of those jobs. Nothing is easy these days.

    Thanks for visiting, Ginger. I hope you can stay safe and well.


  3. Lol, Dan, I like the corner room in Heaven idea. I may choose something different, such as an endless bike trail and no winters.

    I feel your pain about the loss of a scenic view from the building of the Amazon warehouse. Costco has prevented us from seeing fireworks over the minor league baseball stadium since it was built.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, Dan!

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    • How many brewpubs are on that endless trail?

      As much as I like construction, I realize this is just the first step. In a few years, this entire area will be nothing but warehouses. It’s what has happened to most of the tobacco farms around here. At least I have pictures from over the years. I hope you have a great day, Mary.


  4. I want the room next to you! I guess AC isn’t a necessity in Heaven but I want WiFi. I do LOVE your single leaf shots! Poor little guy, trapped all alone, a prisoner on display . . .

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  5. I always wished for a home with a grand view, whether mountains or ocean, or what as long as it was beautiful. I guess I should give that to a protagonist in a story. The view, I mean.
    Dan, that was a wonderful funny ending to the story. I laughed out loud. The shed under that spectacular tree. What a great photo. Hugs on the wing.

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  6. The nuns gave you the key to the convent…they really liked you, Dan! When my kids were in Catholic school, I was on various boards and after one board meeting the principal pulled me aside. She was incensed that she had been asked to produce receipts for her various purchases. Well, yeah…. She and the board president never did get along, but that really sealed it. I don’t think she prayed for him. :D
    Maddie looks so pretty when the light shines on her/through her. Yes, please set that leaf free. Poor thing. You did get a lovely shot of its relative with dew drops on it.

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    • I was honored that they gave me the key. When I showed up, the parish priest came over. The reason they were asking me for help was because he wouldn’t approve the repairs. He stood and watched while I unloaded my tools and two 4×8 sheets of plywood. He said that if I really wanted to help, there were more important repairs needed in the church. I came close to offsetting Sister J’s prayers.

      I was on several boards and committees. Then, when we moved our daughter to public school, I ended up on more committees there. I’m so glad those meetings are in the past.

      It’s been very windy today. I hope the leaf got free. If not, I’ll see what I can do when I take Maddie out. I do like when the light shines through her feathers.

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      • Dan–your reply make me laugh. I don’t think the parish priest and the nuns knew what each other did. They never attended the same meetings…. ‘more important repairs needed in the church’…oh, boy–way to be placed right in the middle of things!

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        • I had done some repairs in the church for the previous priest. It was much easier to want to help him. The new guy wanted the school closed so he could turn the building into a parish center. I never realized that this stuff went on. I always thought it was one big happy.

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          • Oh, all the time. I’m waiting to hear what they plan on doing with my old grammar school. They closed it years ago and the Chicago Waldorf Academy moved in there, then that moved out and I don’t know what’s happened since.

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  7. What a nice thing to do! You are a special guy. The trapped leaf is a good description of how I have felt lately but this morning about 5am, my bedroom was flooded with orange from a beautiful sunrise, so I’ll take it!✌👌😂

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  8. Nice to see a reference to me in the post . Wait one minute . The old nun thought of you every time she sat on the toilet ? Your Sister J I’m sure meant it as a kind expression of gratitude. Sister Agony ( bless her troubled soul ! ) would have meant it in a completely different way . So , Dan , cable ? As Mark Twain might have said : all of my friends will be in the other place . Who will you communicate with ? Oh , Heavenly TV . Or just something to fiddle with while you’re there , repair and improve ? How about harp lessons ?

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    • Sister J. was a sweetheart, Dan. I’m sure she meant it in a kind way. It was the 80s, so I didn’t know to hope for fast WiFi, but the view from the corner room might suffice. Maybe I’ll meet Mr. Twain, I’ve always admired him.

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  9. Hi Dan – what a great story to read about … and a book could come out of that link. Love the comment ‘She actually gave me the key to the convent – think about that.’ Wonderful fun post – and the kind of parents people appreciate … thanks – Hilary

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