You Know We Gotta Know – #SoCS

It’s Saturday, and we have taken over one corner of the bar so we can enjoy our beverages, deal with Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, and meet our local challenge. Linda gave us an interesting prompt for today:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘the last thing you put in your fridge.’ Start your post with the last thing you put in your fridge. Let your mind wander from there. Enjoy!”

To comply with the prompt, I’m going to keep the preliminaries up here in the introduction. If we were having a beer, confusion reigns supreme.

“Lime juice? Skippy, why are you squirting lime juice into my Corona?”

“I can’t find any limes, Dan. I texted the delivery driver, he’s going to get some on his way back. I should have one by the time you’re ready for your next beer.”

“Hello Dan, hello Skippy. Is it safe to join this conversation?”

“Hello David. It’s safe. I was just apologizing to Dan for the lack of fresh lime.”

“It’s OK, Skippy, I use that same brand of lime juice at home.”

“That’s nice to know, Dan, but the important question for Skippy is—do you have cherries?”

“I do, David. I suppose that means you’d like that curious mix of bourbon, seltzer and ice that you drink,”

“A John Howell’s Special. I believe it’s in the system.”

“No problem, I can handle it, old man.”


“Relax, David. Don’t let him get to you. We’re here to relax.”

“Well, I can’t relax until I get an answer from you.”

“What’s the urgent question?”

“Did you set that leaf-prisoner free?”

“Here’s your bourbon, your snifter of seltzer, your glass of ice and your cherries, David.”

“Thanks Skippy. I’ll move the cherries into the bourbon.”

“I thought you might like to keep them on ice.”

“I’m sure. Off you go. So, Dan…the leaf?”

“The leaf that was stuck in my fence. David, I didn’t realize you we upset over that.”

“That little guy looked so helpless, Dan. It was sad.”

“Not only did I set it free, I disassembled the tie-wire so as not to damage the leaf.”

“You’re a good person, Dan.”

“Actually, I think that leaf played us all for saps, David.”

“How so?”

“I’m done raking. I set that leaf free, and it will stay free.”

“So, you think the leaf climbed in behind that wire on its own?”

“I’m just saying it was pretty hard getting him out. I don’t think the wind put him there, David.”

“The limes are here, Dan. Are you ready for another Corona?”

“I am Skippy. You’re going to wash that lime, right?”

“Wash the lime? Like with soap?”

“Don’t you guys have some stuff in the kitchen? I’m pretty sure they wash all the fruit.”

“I’ll google it…it’s says the best thing is Simple Green. I think I saw some of that in the Men’s room.”

“Let me see your phone, Skippy.”

“Here, Dan.”

“Skippy, you’re reading about how to clean limestone.”

“Oh, I’ll go ask the manager.”

“You know what, just give me another blast of the lime juice.”

“Dan, you need to take your own advice. Relax, my young friend. Besides, I think Simple Green is non-toxic.”

“You want Skippy to spray some on those cherries?”

“Hahaha – no, Dan, I’ll pass.”

“I figured as much, David.”

“Speaking of cleaning, how long did it take to finish cleaning the yard?”

“I broke out the power equipment, David. I wrapped it up on Wednesday morning.”

“A leaf-blower?”

“Nah, I have a multi-function machine. It vacuums the leaves up and shreds them on their way into a bag.”

“So, you go from Rosco Rake to Susie Homemaker.”

“It’s not a Hoover, David. It’s a six-horsepower yard vac. It even chips branches up to two-inches in diameter.”

“You’re not relaxed, Dan.”

“Skippy, please bring David another glass of bourbon, and put an order of wings in for us.”

“Ten or twenty wings, Dan?”

“Twenty. I need to relax.”


  1. Wow…what a machine. I’ve only had blowers and there’s no comparison to your miracle machine. Wonderful photos and dialogue! Hope you have a great weekend, Dan.

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    • The nose of the machine is adjustable. If it’s low enough to the ground, it picks up the maple spinners and acorns. But, at that setting, if there are a lot of leaves, it acts like a snowplow. Since this was the last pass across the yard, I had the nose as low as it goes. Acorns, spinners and peanut shells (I wonder where they came from) all gone.

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    • The day I picked to do the leaves was very cold Maggie. It was 19°f (-7°c) when I got up. The past couple of days have been in the 40s and 50s (f).

      The machine does a very good job. More leaves have blown in, but I might let them be.

      I hope you have a nice weekend.

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  2. It’s beginning to look suspiciously like that was a sacrificial leaf. 🧐 I’m glad your leaf management system works and you have completed your mission. Now…on to Old Man What’shisname and shining up the Snowblower. 🤦‍♀️

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    • The snowblower is ready to go. Next week, I will rearrange the shed and put it in winter mode. That’s where the snowblower is pointed out the door :)

      We don’t pick up all the leaves. The squirrels will need some during the winter to make repairs to their nests. The area along our fence is Leaf Depot until spring ;-)

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  3. Hooray! Mr. Hoodie Leaf is free at last! But I’m thinking he didn’t escape being swallowed up by your multi-function leaf machine. That’s a lotta mulched leaves!

    The last picture of Maddie is fabulous. MuMu is still letting you know who’s boss. MiMi is looking particularly sweet today. And I cracked up at the squirrels looking up waiting for it to rain peanuts!

    Have a nice weekend Dan.

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    • I didn’t free Mr. Hoodie Leaf until after I was done vacuuming. He’s free to roam wherever the wind takes him.

      MuMu remains the boss, and I’m her faithful brushman.

      I hope you have a great weekend. Ginger.

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  4. Lost, brown and dying, the carefree drift of the leaf was interrupted. It paused by an innocent looking fence. Looks are deceiving, and it was snared! It waited and waited as hours passed. At last, a kind Samaritan happened along. Finally free of the treacherous manmade trap the leaf was delicately placed on the ground. The breeze returned and it lifted into the air! (Cue the music from Born Free.)

    LOL, sorry, Dan. I couldn’t resist. The gallery was especially entertaining today. MuMu really cracked me up. Hugs on the wing.

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    • Thanks Teagan, that was very nice. I really have no idea how that leaf got behind that tie-wire, but he’s free to ride the wind now. Set free from the fence, he avoided the rake and the vacuum.

      Hugs from Mr. Hoodie Leaf. (Ginger named him).

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  5. Dan, I think there’s a support group for people who work to set single leaves free while chopping up its brothers and sisters. Leaf Saver Anonymous perhaps?

    Nice work on the yard. Now Maddie can sit and watch over her tidy lawn before the days of Mount Maddie come along. Have an awesome Saturday!

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    • The machine has various height settings. On a high setting, it picks up lots of leaves. On the lowest setting, it will pick up acorns and the acorn shells leftover after the squirrels have eaten them.

      MiMi and MuMu are sisters. They are nearly identical. MuMu has four short white socks. MiMi has one long white sock on her front right paw. And because cats will be cats, she stuffs that paw under her chest when she sleeps.

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  6. Dan our squirrels run any time I get too close to the bird feeder. Maybe I am moving too fast and the hawks have trained the squirrels ? Good leaf rescue. And that trailer load of leaves look like a good compost feeding. Though our three compost bins are well fed this year. I really liked your offer to have Skippy clean David’s cherries. What would we do without Simple Green ? Stay safe.

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  7. It’s free!! You’re a good man, Dan. Isn’t it great that we all breathed a sigh of relief for a leaf?! MuMu’s expression watching you out the window cracks me up. Like you’re not doing it quite the way she would. :D Maddie truly shines in the sun. She is one beautiful girl. Have a great weekend, Dan.

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    • We always seem to have one cat who likes to watch me work. MiMi will sit in the window and watch me clear the snow off the driveway. MuMu did seem to be wearing her “Supervisor” hat yesterday, and I was doing something wrong.

      Mr. Hoodie Leaf id free (Ginger named him). You guys are the best. Have a great weekend, Lois. I hope you’re done with hurricanes.

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  8. Thank you for setting the leaf free, Dan. It is a small thing but in this perilous time it is just a nice thing to know something can run wild and free. Thanks for the mentions and I can’t believe that you guys had such a cold snap. Brrrr. I finished the leaves today and certainly could have used that extension to get to the tight spots. Just one question. What was the last thing you put in the fridge?

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  9. I’m pretty sure I saw a “Free the leaf” bumper sticker right next to the “Free Tibet” sticker. (I AM in Southern California after all.) 🥳🥳. So I’m glad you’re “woke” enough to free it. 😂😂. Glad to see Skippy’s fighting back. Happy Saturday and weekend, Dan.


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    • Hahaha – I wouldn’t be surprised to see that bumper sticker in CA. I couldn’t let him hang there. He’s free now, and no leaf bag for him. Skippy has established a fan base, so I have to let him get his licks in.

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  10. I thought I was the world’s worst (or best) for assigning feelings to so called “inanimate” objects. Your concern for the leaf makes me feel closer to normal. Speaking of leaves, it looks like you could have some good compost going on there.

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    • What does it hurt to consider things from the point of view of the leaf? It was trapped. It can be reality, or it can be a metaphor. It really doesn’t matter. It gives us an opportunity to be nice. I was surprised by how many people wanted it to be set free.

      We used to have a compost bin but this is too much. The town has a community compost heap that they tend to. We put the leaves there and can get compost when we need it.

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  11. Love saving the leaf prisoner. Your haul of leaves is huge. A beautiful photo collage, especially the sunrise, “the” tree, the flag, and of course Maddie. Happy Thanksgiving, Dan.

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