I Can See Safely Now – #SoCS

It’s Saturday, so we are gathered safely and in isolation in our corner of the bar where we will try to wrestle Linda G. Hill’s  Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt to the ground and celebrate our victory with an intoxicating beverage. Hey, we’re adults, we get to do that. Today, Linda has given us:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘opt.’ Use it as a word or find a word with ‘opt’ in it and base your post on that. Have fun!”

Yes, having fun is required.

If we were having a beer, you would be wondering about my appearance.

“Is this some new Corona virus precaution Dan?”


“The goggles. Are you trying to block the virus?”

“Ha! No, David. I just picked these up from my optician. They’re really comfortable, so I thought I’d leave them on.”

“Dan, we already have plexiglass between us, I’m not sure you need goggles.”

“Hi Cheryl. I was just explaining to David, I just got these and they feel good. I wanted to leave them on to see if they stay feeling good after wearing them for a while.”

“What are they, Dan?”

“They’re my new safety glasses, Cheryl.”

“Cheryl, please bring me some John Howell’s bourbon and bring Dan a Corona. Do you want that in a sippy-cup, Dan?”

“The bottle will be fine, David.”

“Why did you decide to buy safety glasses?”

“I’ve always had safety glasses, David. I wear them in my shop and whenever I’m using tools outside.”

“Then why did you buy these safety glasses?”

“Well, I went to the eye doctor, for my annual check-up…”

“Do you go to an optometrist or an ophthalmologist, Dan? Oh, here’s your beer.”

“I go to an optometrist, Cheryl. Since my prescription didn’t change this year, she suggested I could use my insurance to get new sunglasses.”

“Dan, how long is this story?”

“You did ask, David.”

“I know, but I forgot how long it takes you to answer a question. Did you ever hear the expression ‘long story short?’ It might be worth considering.”

“Do you have something better to do right now, David?”

“Of course not.”

“Well, in conclusion, I decided to get new safety glasses because I wear them more often than sunglasses and the prescription is much older than my regular glasses.”

“I’m going to hate myself, Dan, but you didn’t actually answer my question. Why did you get this style?”

“There are three reasons.”

“Cheryl, please stand by with that bourbon bottle, I may need a refill sooner than later.”

“Bourbon manned, well, womanned and ready.”

“Proceed, Dan.”

“One, I think they look good. Two, they’re wrap-arounds, so there are no side-shields to lose, and three, they are really comfortable. And…”

“Whoa whoa whoa! You said there were three reasons. You gave us three, you’re done.”

“I just wanted to add that I opted for Transition™ lenses, which will be nice when I’m cutting the grass, working outside or running the snow blower.”

“I’m happy for you, Dan.”

“I know, David, you have people.”

“Don’t make fun, Dan.”

“No offense, David.”

“So, in all the years you’ve been wearing safety glasses, have you ever used them, so to speak?”

“Several times, David, twice in a big way.”

“Twice? What happened? And, remember, long story short.”

“One time, several years ago, the tip of a hardened screw snapped off and actually stuck in the lens of my glasses.”

“Holy moly! Dan, that could have been a trip to the ER.”

“David, you have to do better than that, a trip to the ER is old hat for Dan. Go with what your mom said.”

“Haha – you’re right, Cheryl. Dan, you could have put an eye out!”

“I know, I felt the impact.”

“I’m almost afraid to ask, but when was the second time.”

“That was this year. I was using a nail gun. I shot a nail in and it hit a knot. A big chunk of the knot flew out and hit my glasses.”

“OK, it’s official. Cheryl, I think these glasses look good on Dan. Could you set us up with another round?”

“Absolutely! You want to add any food to that, David?”

“We’ll have some wings, Cheryl – finger food, no sharp implements for Dan.”

“He’s wearing the glasses, David.”

“I’m not taking any chances.”

In case the title reminded you of a song.


    • Thanks Judy. My older glasses are very old school. I had the lenses replaced (when that was all the insurance would allow) but the stainless steel frames were still in very good shape, so I kept them. I didn’t know styles like this were available. I think I will enjoy wearing these.

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  1. Better the safety glasses than a trip to ER or a Nick Fury patch. Excellent choice in completing your wood shop apparel. I like that small universe in the water droplet. Long story short sounds like a lead in to why the computer program testing was way way way too short. Especially if it is the Mars Lander de-orbital and atmosphere re-entry sequence done by two separate groups using different mathematical scales for the hand off from one program to the other. Or in other terms jumping to the dramatic ending and skipping the relevant plot development. Ask Cheryl to line up a few more rounds and another order of wings. This just might take a while.

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    • There really should be a bar within driving distance of the two of us and Cheryl, John. How long do you think we could survive on wings? How long could the daylilies survive without you? We had a similar “math scales” error where I worked. Some poor programmer lost track of which currency was which in his calculations. No spacecraft were harmed, but much midnight oil was burned recalculating months worth of numbers.

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      • ouch. Yes – programming is a situation where long story short is a dangerous concept. And hurry up and get this done leads smack dab into the danger zone. During the winter the daylilies are on their own until growing season stats. Surviving on adult beverages and wings sounds like a scientific question. Kinda like I before E except after C. Unless it is a scientific situation. Now where did that money go that did not go through the currency routine and how much of the transaction history do we need ? Happy Saturday Dan.

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  2. Love the goggles Dan. You got a twofer. No, actually a threefer……goggles, sunglasses and prescription lenses. Lucky for you the prescription didn’t change!

    Sorry, I don’t believe MiMi wants to say “good morning”. Sounded more like profanity to me. Murphy agrees!

    Will you look at the winter tail on Smokey! Gorgeous. And those bits of colorful clouds are so pretty. The two water drops are great, especially the one showcasing your garage! Neat!

    Getting colder again here….rain later. But no snow! Yaaayyyy!

    Enjoy your weekend. Hope Maddie’s deck dries off so she can get a sit in today.

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    • I think we will sit today, Ginger. I’m going to rearrange the shed so the snow blower is pointing toward the door, in case next week’s storm doesn’t remain rain as expected. I no longer trust Mother Nature.

      MiMi might agree with you. The sequence is actually backward. I said hi to her, and she folded up and wrapped her tail across her face.

      When I was trying to get the picture in the water drop, Smokey was eating a peanut on that step. I missed him, but it was worth the effort.

      I hope you have a great weekend and that the snow stays to the west,


  3. Boss looking glasses, Dan! Transitions is definitely the way to go! We never get anything else. Saves money and having to change back and forth with sunglasses. Nice sunset photos! Our Moms were so wise. In the years I was in Ophthalmology I have seen many horrific incidents of eye/vision loss. Once, just outside our clinic, a crew was working on the city underground water lines. They were prying something loose before making a weld. The foreman came in with a piece of pipe metal embedded in his eye, perforated his cornea clean through. When my doctor asked if he was wearing safety goggles he said that, yes, he always did, but that just before he knelt to observe the problem he took them off for only a moment. And in that moment….Stick that in your bourbon and sip it, David. 😉PS. We on had patient in her 20’s who was legally blind in one eye. She had a new kitty who slept with her and loved to paw her face to wake her up….need I say more? Since you live in a high risk environment, I think the new glasses were a wise choice! 🙂And they look dandy with your mask! 👏🏻👏🏻
    BTW. WP is not allowing me to ‘like’ anyone’s posts, even if I sign in. It just exits the page and brings me back. 😡

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    • I knew you would understand the importance of these glasses, Cheryl. It was actually my eye doctor that convinced me to get prescription safety glasses. It was for the reason you mentioned. He said “you’re less likely to take them off so you can see better when working up close.” He added that that’s exactly when you’re most likely to be injured. I’m not really concerned about how these look, but with the addition of the Transitions lenses, I’m more likely to wear them while doing yard work. No sharp stick in the eye for this boy. Oh, they’re also held in place by my hearing protectors – full-on geek.


  4. I was fascinated by your discussion of your new safety glasses, Dan (yeah, I am a little geeky). Since my cataract surgery a few years ago, I no longer see an optometrist, but have an annual visit to the ophthalmologist who did my surgery. I am still hanging in there at 20/20 for distance and need reading over-the-counter reading glasses only when the lighting is bad or the print is small. Your new safety glasses look pretty cool and most importantly provide needed protection, considering the kind of projects that you undertake. I love the sunset shots and the artsy approach to photographing the water drops.

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    • Thanks Mike. It takes a geek to get psyched about stuff like this ;-) Cataract surgery looms in my future, but I will always have a pair of safety glasses, perhaps just less expensive ones. After two bouts with sudden hearing loss, I am even more vigilant about hearing protectors. I always wear them (and the sudden hearing loss happened in an office building and a hotel) but I’m even less concerned about how that looks when I’m mowing the grass than I ever was.


  5. Good decision on the safety glasses, Dan. I recall one trip to the Urgent Care when hubby was doing some cabinetry work. He was wearing safety glasses and using a high speed tool that kicked sawdust back up under his safety glasses and into his eye. We had an eyewash kit, but it wasn’t doing the trick so off to Urgent Care we went for an uncomfortable 30 minute eyewash.

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    • Yikes, I’ve had dust and debris get in, and that is painful. I was lucky to get it out at home, These fit closer to my face. The worst thing ever with my old glasses was when a hornet got in under them and couldn’t get out. I was stung several times before I could get them off. I was on a ladder at the time. Tools, glasses and almost me came flying off.

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      • Yikes! That sounds uncomfortable. We have had our own interactions with yellow jackets in pant legs and around safety glasses but never up on a ladder with a hornet! That could have been a disaster! Imagine if you did not take safety precautions!

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  6. Considering your two stories of almost putting an eye out (and making me cringe), I’m glad you spent the insurance money wisely on the safety glasses. You need both eyes so you can fully see how delighted MiMi is when she has to say good morning to you and so you can continue to work on all of your projects.

    Cheers and Happy Saturday, Dan!

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    • I’d have to be wearing rose-colored glasses to see MiMi delighted ;-) I’ve always worn safety glasses or goggles over my glasses, but these will make it much easier. Those two stories are small reminders of why I keep them on when it’s hot and I’d rather leave them and the hearing protectors on the shelf. It’s wearing a bike helmet, Mary, it’s not the look we’re after, it’s the safety.

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  7. Oh, safety glasses, nice twist, Dan. Dang, they look so much better than I remember the old ones looking. Very cool. I don’t think Smokey wants a peanut. He wants his own safety glasses, for when he starts drilling away at a nut and tiny chips are flying. :) Hugs on the wing.

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  8. Ha! David was in rare (rarer?) form today. Every time I read your bar posts with David, I picture Anthony from Blue Bloods. You cannot not like the guy even though he grumps a lot. Anthony and David are dear to my heart.
    Oh, the accidents we had in Risk Mgmt with people not wearing safety glasses of goggles…!!! Ah, MiMi. The look tells me so much more than one meow ever could. :D Have a great weekend, Dan.

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    • I am proud to say that I have always worn safety glasses or goggles and hearing protection. Safety in the shop is no accident (as the posters say). I have ended up in the ER/Urgent Care/Doctor’s Office and in the care of my wife, many times, but fortunately not for eye-related injuries.

      I am glad you like David. I think the days you like him best are the days he is portrayed most like his namesake, who can always make me laugh or catch me in a mistake (especially when a bet is involved).

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  9. First, that is one of the darkest squirrels I have ever seen! Second, the whole eye protection thing is huge. My late mother-in-law had actually “lost” an eye as a child. Yes, horrible story come to life. Scissors. You were lucky with that screw going only into your glasses!

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  10. Thank goodness you had a photo of the glasses!! :-) Always better to err on the side of safety, says someone whose husband always wears a helmet while cycling as do I when I do. You also have a bevy of lovely photos. I vote for the drop shot.


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  11. I love that song and I’m glad you’re keeping your eyes safe. The drop shot with the reflection is amazing. I did a double take on it. The sunglasses that fit over my regular glasses broke, so I tried some of my dad’s old clip on flip ups, and they were not bad in a pinch.

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  12. Your new safety glasses look terrific, Dan. The first time I got prescription sunglasses it was like the sun broke through and the angels sang. I hadn’t realized how much my vision had changed until I saw how much better I felt driving.

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    • The best part is how comfortable they are. I don’t mind wearing them at all. The first time I bought prescription safety glasses, it was all on me. Still totally worth it.


  13. Hey, Dan! I’m gonna have to get a pair of prescription glasses for my safety glasses. Those glasses are a must whenever I work with my husband. I have a few masks we both wear when hubby uses the saw. That sawdust can be nasty! Those shots of the sky are awesome … they remind me of angels. Your fur-family brought huge smiles to my face …. never tire of seeing them. Thank you for the song at the end. I was actually listening to it as I wrote these words. That is my kind of music, … what I grew up with.

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  14. Oh, I love the reflection of the garage in the raindrop — that is BRILLIANT! Your goggles do look very smart. I would have loved to have those for my mother after she got severe dry eye. That was just what she needed!

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    • I didn’t know they made these. I was always a little jealous of the guys wearing contacts that could wear this style of safety glasses. When I realized I could get these with prescription lenses, I was sold. I’m glad you like the raindrop world.

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