Is This What Matters? – #1LinerWeds

A friend of mine, I won’t mention his name so as not to drag him sideways into this nonsense, alerted me to a weird reply to a comment I made on Facebook. For the life of me, I can’t figure out the things people consider important on that platform. Because my posts are echoed and occasionally shared on Facebook, I’m going to be vague about the details.

Suffice it to say my friend posted a snippet of a song lyric and waited for people to guess the song. By the time I saw the post, someone had made a hysterically bad guess. My friend posted the answer and although I remembered the song, I didn’t remember the name of the artist that had performed it. I admitted that and was chastised by another Facebook user for not knowing that fact.

My one-liner, although not shared on Facebook is,

“Lou Rawls, Lou Cristy, Lou Reed, Jerry Reed, Jimmy Reed, Jimmy Buffet, Buffalo Springfield, Dusty Springfield, Donna Summer, Edgar Winter, The Four Seasons, Frankie Valli, Ritchie Valens, Martha & The Vandellas, Van Halen, Van Morrison, Jim Morrison, The Doors, The Cars, The Kinks, The Ventures, The Rascals, The Drifters, The Animals, The Turtles, The Eagles, Sam The Sham & The Pharoahs, Sam & Dave, The Dave Clark Five, The Jackson Five, Jackson Browne, James Brown, Barry White, The Moody Blues, The Blues Brothers, Righteous Brothers, Chambers Brothers, Doobie Brothers, Allman Brothers, Isley Brothers, Mills Brothers  – for crying out loud, how am I supposed to keep this straight after 50 years?”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. I’ve known people who are proud of knowing song titles and the artists that made them famous – ME? I rarely know those facts. I hear a song on the radio, I know if I like it or not, not the title or who sings it!!

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  2. I love all your pictures but the last one evokes a mood . . . . I cannot understand why people jump on others for no real reason. Like he/she/it has never forgotten something unimportant. Oh, and I LOVE Cheryl’s line about people!

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  3. Hysterical one-liner. Holy cow! Someone was picky, picky, picky that day. I often can’t think of the song title or the performer, but I can sing along rarely missing a word. Bottom line? Who cares what I can and can’t remember? Sounds like it was an exercise in creating some fun for all who wanted to join in. Some people just have to ruin everything nice. 😡😤

    That moon shot is extraordinary Dan. I’m a sucker for Maddie’s sunlit feathers. And Smokey must be taking acting lessons when you’re not looking Dan because he’s certainly not camera shy any more!

    Temperature really dropped yesterday and no better today. Snow showers later. Keep safe and keep the wood burning stove on for MiMi!

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    • I’m glad you liked this, Ginger. I wanted to say, “the song was from 1972. I didn’t remember the artist, but I remember the calculus I learned in school that year.” But, engaging with people like this never goes well.

      I love it when Maddie is lit up by the sun. All of the Smokeys are getting brave, but one has seriously lost all shyness. The other day, he came up and put his front feet on my shoe!

      We had a brisk walk this morning. Not much time for pictures, although Maddie still found plenty of things that needed to be sniffed.

      Take care. Stay warm and healthy!


  4. I would never chastise anyone for not remembering a song title or anything else, especially on social media or in front of other people. Facebook and Twitter have become home to far too many who are not afraid to be rude and who forget their own imperfections.

    Love your photos, Dan! The shot of the moon is splendid and I’m laughing at the empty Corona bottles. Apparently, someone forgot where the garbage bin is located in an effort to provide a cool photo. ;-)

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    • Unfortunately, most of the bins have been removed for the winter, but it’s still no excuse for littering. I was just sad that they didn’t leave the last full one for me – I’d have taken care of the empties for a truly frosty Corona ;-)

      Snarky comments left on blogs and in social media are becoming more and more common. I don’t get it. What happened to manners?

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      • Manners used to mean keeping your elbows off the table and saying “thank you.” Now we are grateful for the manners of those that don’t attack us on social media. It’s a different world, Dan, one that our parents never would have understood.

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  5. Nice pics Dan. I like the shot through the trees with all the branches in focus and the soft blur of the moon. Facebook – if it were not for the daylily groups all having migrated there I would never go back. Some very mean inconsiderate people there. And I have not even begun to touch on the quality of FB software. I think they have misery engineers there.

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  6. Ha! You slay me, Dan! That was brilliant. Talk about a great stream of consciousness…
    I love the light on the Taj Ma-shed. I get it about the littered bottles, but the frosted glass does look cool. Happy December. Hugs on the wing!


  7. “Taj Ma-shed” – talk about brilliant…

    The worst part about the bottles was that there were only five. They could have left the full one for me. I’d have taken care of the empties in that case.


  8. It’s sad to think that for some people, the drama is all they have. All those names – whew. I remember them all but don’t ask me to match them to a song. I look up everything – or try to – because some things are not important enough to fire the old synapses.

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  9. Dan–your one-liner is so perfect!! How did you even think of that?! I am in awe. Your moon shot is beautiful. I have tried every which way and my camera will not take a good shot. Notice it’s the camera and not the fool behind the camera?! 🤣

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    • It is the camera, Lois – I swear it is. I can’t ever get it to focus the way I want it to. I actually read the manual (yes, I am a male) to learn how to use Manual Focus in Manual Mode, but it takes so long, and the bird kept moving and…ugh. I got lucky on the ones that are included here. I make this attempt every month during the full moon and I post about 6 pictures a year.

      The post was inspired by what I wanted to reply on Facebook, but I’d never engage the precious folks who make comments like that.

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  10. Love the moon shots, Dan. As for Facebook, after one acrimonious exchange (not on my part) with one of my husband’s relatives, I finally decided to give FB the shove and life has been great. :-) I pop in one in a blue moon but it’s so much more peaceful not to be there. Wish I’d done it a long time ago.


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    • I’m glad you like those pictures, Janet.

      I avoid Facebook in general, I am involved in a few groups, and serve as an Admin in a couple. The guy that posted the challenge normally attracts an interesting and funny crowd. I hope this was an anomaly.I leave pretty quick if the topic looks dangerous or if it appears to be attracting drama queens.

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  11. I love the moon pics as well but the frosty corona bottles are my favorite. And that she’d looks perfect! Great job done! I don’t do FB and this is one reason why. Could I use the C bottles in a blog post? 🧐🥰

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  12. Oh boy. If not knowing an artist’s name is that big a crime I would get dragged every single day. I’m terrible at remembering who sang what but I sure remember those songs I love!

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  13. I’m frequently baffled by how contentious and argumentative people can get in no time FLAT, even on topics of no real importance. Not sure what the heck is wrong with them, but I’ve thought at times how much we’d benefit as a society from having a crop-dusting plane flying over, treating us all to a dose of Valium. Chill, people! Save the ire for the stuff that really matters.

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  14. I see your point and your stream of consciousness (even though it wasn’t SOCS day). I invert names of things on occasion. Like Crimson Tide and The Hunt for Red October is a big one for me. I just said that out loud and my husband gave a knowing smile. Both are good movies, both are military movies, both involve a submarine, both have a chroma in common, but they are completely different films, not that I can tell you which is Denzel and which is Sean Connery because like I said, inversion.
    I was last on FB in March. I’d guess it’s not gotten better since.
    People be cray.

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