Midweek Puzzle – #SoCS

It’s Saturday, and one more week of 2020 is in the can. Which can? You decide. I’m focused on the cooler behind the bar, the one holding the Corona. One thing is for sure, we have Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt to reckon with.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘list.’ Make or talk about a list. Enjoy!”

If we were having a beer, you’d sound almost concerned about me.

“What happened to you on Tuesday, Dan?”

“What do you mean, David?”

“As much as I hate to admit this, I follow you on Twitter. On Wednesday, you were linking to blog posts from Tuesday. Did you get your days mixed up?”

“No, a small task on Tuesday went into overtime.”

“Small task? Like shoving a lime wedge into a bottle of Corona?”

“Hahaha – exactly like that, Cheryl. Well, not my task, but a task I’d like you to complete. And pour the old man a glass of John Howell’s Bourbon.”

“Are you buying the drinks today, Dan?”

“I am Cheryl.”

“Yatzee! Sorry, David, but Dan tips better.”

“No offense taken, Cheryl. I tip the standard percentage. I believe my young friend goes overboard. I also believe he doesn’t understand living on a fixed income.”

“I’d rather buy one less Corona than stiff Cheryl on her tip.”

“Awww, in that case, your Corona is on the house.”

“And your tip will be less, Cheryl. Even at Dan’s inflated scale.”

“Nope, I include the value of the free beverage in the calculation of the tip, David-it’s only fair.”

“That’s why Dan is on the ‘nice’ list, David.”

“Are you saying that I’m on the ‘naughty’ list, Cheryl?”

“Just that you should be careful, David. You wouldn’t want to find coal in your stocking.”

“Yeah, yeah, enough of this social etiquette stuff. What kept you so busy on Tuesday that you weren’t able to tweet John Howell’s ‘Anything Possible’ post until Wednesday?”

“Wow, I didn’t know you paid that much attention to my twitter feed.”

“Only for the references to John Howell, Teagan, Mary, Cheryl, Linda and a few others.”

“Thanks David. I feel special. I assume you see my tweets about my new posts…right?”

“Well, here’s that free beer, a near-perfect wedge of lime and the bourbon ensemble for your buddy. That should make you both feel special.”

“Well, I see a couple of cherries in my bourbon, that always makes me feel special. Thanks Cheryl.”

“No problem, David…[snicker].”

“Now don’t you start!”

“I know you miss your buddy Skippy.”

“Not enough to want to see him behind the bar, Cheryl.”

“Well, I have to run some holiday errands, so you’re going to see him next week.”


“And it will be your week to buy, David. I’m already looking forward to it.”

“I could forget to show up at three o’clock, Dan. Perhaps have a senior moment.”

“You’re sharp as a tack, David. No one would ever believe that.”

“If you say so, Dan. Speaking of senior moments…Tuesday?”

“I told you, I got tangled up in a job at home.”

“What job? I thought you finished your projects, at least the ones that had to be done before winter.”

“I kept forgetting to install the idler wheel on the shed door.”

“I hate when you do that.”

“What, forget an idler wheel? It’s not like I do it all the time.”

“No. I hate when you use a term that I don’t know, and I can’t even fake a nod of understanding. It means I have to ask you to explain.”

“David, you should know better. You boys want any food today?”

“I do know better, Cheryl. Since I have to ask-and-endure, and since Dan’s paying, let’s have some wings.”

“You got it.”

“An idler wheel, David, that probably isn’t the proper name, perhaps guide-wheel is better, but…”

“Perhaps getting to the point would be better.”

“It doesn’t matter. Anyway, it’s a little wheel at the back end of the sliding door that keeps the door close to the wall as you open and close it.”

“Guide wheel would have been better. It might have even saved me this explanation. On the other hand, I fear there’s more because, well, how hard could it be to install one of those, Dan?”

“Not hard at all, on a wood floor, David, but harder than you might think in the middle of a stone walk.”

“Oh. That does sound difficult. Did you have to cut a stone? I only ask, because I remember you doing that once.”

“No, I decided to bury a small post and move the stone out of the way.”

“Excuse me for saying, Dan, but that sounds even easier.”

“It would have been, if moving the stone had turned out to be an option.”

“I’m really going to hate myself, but why wasn’t it an option?”

“It’s a fieldstone walk. It’s like a puzzle. I ended up having to remove about a dozen stones, replacing three with different shape stones and reseat the whole mess.”

“Sounds like you need another beer with these wings, Dan.”

“I think I do, Cheryl. And give the Mister inquisitive another splash of bourbon.”

“Cheers, Dan!”


    • According to the “evidence” in the yard, we also have a big bunny. Actually, my wife has seen it, but only when it’s still dark outside. My wife was singing the Rivergirl chant on that wheel, “are you going to put something at the back of the door to keep it from flopping all over the place?” I kept saying that I had this great plan, but…

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  1. Why is it that the job you figure should take maybe half an hour to complete, takes several hours….. maybe a full day? And the job you put off and put off because you know it’s going to be ridiculously time-consuming is finished in a couple of hours?

    Pretty soon you’re going to have a village of Smokeys! That puddle picture is the best!! Beautiful sunrise shots.

    Cold and rainy here. The kind of weather that you and Maddie would snuggle up on the couch. Hope you and the Editor and Faith are able to stay well and continue to keep safe. Murphy sends you all sloppy kisses (sorry about the sloppy. She’s not a neat kisser!). Happy weekend!

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    • Sloppy kisses are always welcome, Murphy. Maddie sends a wag and a scritch. It is true what you say about those jobs. The wheel/stone fiasco took so long that I didn’t dare start the next think I wanted to do. I went out yesterday to do that, and I spent more time getting dressed than I did doing the job.

      Cold and pouring here. Not walking today, unless it’s for business.

      We have seen as many as four black squirrels in the yard, but these tow clowns have been paling around. One is shy but the other will come right up to our feet. We have to be quick tossing the peanuts.

      I hope you have a nice, albeit wet weekend, Ginger.

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  2. Hello, Dan. ( using voice of HAL from 2001 A Space Odyssey.) Excuse me while I take an Advil. Ok, I’m back. That Idler Wheel project made my head throb at 8 am. Think I might join you for that beer. Your attention to detail is limitless. I’m glad you got the job done in the end. And thanks for being the kind of customer that cares. We are the same way, even in other countries where many Americans don’t see fit to tip at all. 🤦‍♀️I love, love the last image of the tree reflections. 👍🏻👍🏻Have a relaxing weekend. Really.

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    • I’m glad you liked that image, Cheryl. I tried and tried to get it to be in a more prominent spot in the gallery, but WordPress would not cooperate. The bartenders rely so much on tips (the restaurant owners are allowed to pay then about 1/3 of minimum wage), so we try to be generous. Now that that door is the only way to enter the shed, I needed the walk in front of it to be higher than the ground, so water wouldn’t pool and freeze and I tried to get it level enough to shovel (since the blower is behind that door).

      Enjoy your weekend.

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  3. Thanks for the explanation of the idler wheel. Like David, I would not have a clue. The pictures of the project were great. I liked how smokies come under the gate. Pretty smart little beasties. Good use of the prompt and thank you for the pingback to Tuesday’s post. I hope you are caught up enough to relax this weekend. BTW, I enjoyed having a Steeler game mid-week at a decent hour.

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  4. I enjoy when “you use a term that I don’t know” because then I learn something.

    But don’t you hate when real life interferes with blogging? (Now there’s an interesting question- isn’t blogging “real life”?)

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    • I hope I didn’t cause a future error on your part, Maggie. I think guide wheel was a better choice, but the whole ‘no editing’ thing got in the way. Your question about real life interfering with blogging made me laugh. It does seem that way sometimes. But, real life feeds the machine.

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  5. I often wonder what you are going to do with yourself once the projects run out. Or are they endless?

    You do a great job sharing blog posts on Twitter, Dan. Thank you! I am not so great at it, probably on the tweet/retweet naughty list, but I suppose there are projects of my own that take time away from social media. Your focus on being kind to other bloggers will make you a permanent fixture on the nice list and keep you busy.

    Have a great weekend, stay safe!

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    • Oh, Mary, there’s always another project. I still have a workshop to build. Once that’s complete, the sky’s the limit. This was only a few hours, but I thought it was only going to be a few minutes.

      I think sharing blog posts from you guys is a great way to balance out the negativity on Twitter. I don’t keep a list of who tweets and who doesn’t, so don’t worry about being on the naughty list. You are locked in on the nice list, except for a previous and potential future Super Bowl Sunday.

      I hope you have a great weekend and a nice week.

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  6. Thanks for the shout-out, Dan. :)
    That task couldn’t be easy. While a “round peg” will go into a square hole (easier than the famous square peg issue, LOL), making everything look neat is no easy thing. That’s a nice addition to the Taj Ma-shed. I should have put this in list form but… Particularly nice puddle pic, pretty puzzle, and Smokey Ready to Ride — look out Rolling Thunder. Love it. Hugs on the wing.

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    • I think Smokey wants the keys to that quad, Teagan, he looks ready to ride, for sure. Of course, as I was sorting through the pictures for this post, I realized a better way of making that guide – one that wouldn’t have required moving the stones. Oh well, the whole walk has to be raised and set in paver sand eventually, at least this section is done.

      I’m glad you like the puddle,I think that’s my favorite, after Smokey. I hope you have a great weekend. Cold snowy hugs from the north to you.

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  7. I suppose the idler wheel must have been important to put that much work into it. Watch that fella trying to take a ride. Our squirrels often wreak havoc when they get close to worldly possessions. We have had them chew through a strand of Christmas lights, and once through some cables on the Explorer we had at the time. Maybe we should feed them – but then they would not get their exercise trying to get into the bird feeders. 😂

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  8. I know we have one of those on the barn door, but I didn’t know what it was called. You are now ready for Mother Nature’s knock, knock. It’s pouring right now but turning to snow later today. We are still in drought conditions so I’m not complaining about the rain. Happy weekend.

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    • I think ‘guide wheel’ is probably the right term. Once I realized that, it was too late to fix without editing a few sentences, which Linda frowns on. The rain turned to snow here about an hour ago. We had over an inch of rain before it changed over. We are also not complaining. We still are well behind the normal amount for the year.

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  9. I join the chorus of those who have no idea what an “idler wheel” is, so I can’t judge whether “guide wheel” is better, but at least I have a mental picture of what a “guide wheel” does. I loved the Smokey photos and am trying to imagine them in leather jackets. Is that an a motorcycle, an ATV, or what?

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    • An idler wheel is normally one that puts tension on a drive belt. It isn’t involved in the power (creation or consumption) just keeping the belt tight. I thought it would be a good fit, since it applies pressure to the door. I think guide wheel is better, but it was too late to change and correcting the issue made for some good conversation. I think Smokey might like a leather jacket. The vehicle is a quad-ATV. It’s not mine, and I think the neighbor would be wise to cover it.


    • I may have misled you, Deborah. I think guide wheel is better. As I just explained to Mike, an idler wheel is normally one that puts tension on a drive belt. It isn’t involved in the power (creation or consumption) just keeping the belt tight. You have one buried in your car that keeps the timing belt in tension. Smokey on the quad is just too cute, He makes me laugh every time I see him sitting there.

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  10. Great post, Dan. I loved the photo explanation of your entrance. Wow, you make it look easy. Your photo of the reflection in the puddle is extraordinary and definitely marketable. Have a great weekend.🙂

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    • Thanks Gwen. I tried to get that reflection photo to be in a more prominent spot in the gallery, but WordPress was not cooperating with me. I almost lost the entire post at one point, and I had to paste several lines back in. I hope your weekend is nice, too.

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  11. haha! David is killin’ me: “Perhaps getting to the point would be better.” How many times have I said that??! A whole lot. I think this is why ‘small talk’ is like a knife in my heart. I am a ‘get to the point’ kinda gal. So Skippy next week, eh? I had better make it a point to get here early. you see what I did there?? Have a great Sunday, Dan.

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    • This walk is nice, but the ground in the back sank/compressed or something after multiple drought years. It’s lower than the grass in spots so I have to raise it up this year. It is like working a puzzle.


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