Why Am I Here? – #1LinerWeds

It’s been cold here for the past week, so Maddie has been rocking her buffalo plaid coat as we walk. Waiting for the temperature to get above 30°f (-1°c) hasn’t been an option, since it would put us on the street when too many people are out.

Maddie loves wearing that coat, and we like keeping her warm, but putting it on her is like putting Superman’s cape on her. She becomes energized the minute she sees it. At least once, often two or more times during our walk, she jumps up to lick my face. I think that’s a thank you, but it can be dangerous because the jumps come without warning. On Sunday, when she was busy busting holes in the ice under the pull-up bars in the park, she turned and jumped to give me a kiss. I was startled, and I backed away and smacked my head on the tall bar in the middle. I don’t want to have to explain this to the EMTs when they come to pick me up.

The next day, it was sunny, and I wanted to get a picture of the long shadows. She kept bouncing from side to side, merging our shadows or forcing my shadow out of the frame as I tried to get her in the picture. I tried holding her in one spot so I could get what I thought would be a good photo, and I think she said:

“When are you going to accept the fact that people aren’t interested in you or your shadow? They want to see me!”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. Maddie may have almost forced you out of the frame, Dan, but I love the shot with the elongated shadows. Maddie looks stylish and warm in that plaid coat. Maybe you need a matching coat. :) We are not quite as cold as you are, but it is starting to drop down to the low 30’s at night here. I realize that I am not used to the cold and have to bundle up a lot to be comfortable.

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    • I do have a similar coat, Mike. Well, it’s more of a jacket, but it is warm. I’m not sure the neighbors are ready for us dressing alike. I don’t mind the cold much, but some days, maybe it’s the humidity, it feels so much colder than the temperature would suggest.


  2. Poor Dan….you are so used and abused!! It’s not that we aren’t interested in you, we’re just more interested in Maddie!! Lol.

    I love Maddie’s feathers in the shadow and her tail closeup. Every so often a blogger I follow does a “What am I?” game. She takes closeups of three things and we have to guess what we think each thing is. The answers are hysterical sometimes. Maddie’s tail would be perfect for that!

    The leaf at the fence looks like a creepy hand clawing its way out of the ground! Go Maddie!

    The squirrels are right at home in your yard. And I think they like the celebrity status they’re gaining …..but not as much as those peanuts!

    Happy Hump Day!

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    • I get it, Ginger. I like to think that I’m in the top five in importance around here. I hope we don’t get a fish.

      I hadn’t thought about that leaf like that until you mentioned it. Yikes, you’re right! OK, that parking lot is off limits until it’s under a few feet of snow.

      We’re convinced that the squirrels are paying Maddie. Sometimes, she drags us outside when she has no reason to go. Once out there, the little beggars appear, then we go back in.


  3. Maddie’s tail, Maddie getting ready to jump, Maddie pointing out a leaf…..were you saying something, Dan?! Trying to get the leash on my dogs was an exercise in futility, so I can only imagine trying to wrangle Maddie into her coat. But darn she looks sharp! Be careful out there, Dan. Listen to Maddie and no one gets hurt.

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    • Getting it back off of her is even harder, especially when she lays down with it on.

      I know I’m only there to watch for traffic, open gates and pick up her stuff, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that my shadow gets in the picture. Never mind, that was just some guy mumbling.

      Have a nice day, Lois.

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  4. Hi Dan – Maddie’s red tail in the sundawn looks just beautiful … you may tell her – unless her mental head will get even bigger! Poor head … but always fun tails of how you’re doing in this weather – her coat is pretty smart. Take care – Hilary

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  5. Maddie is adorable and happy in her buffalo plaid. She’d make a great model for Dog Fancy magazine or for a doggie coat company since she likes to be photographed by her human so much.

    You may need to start wearing a helmet on your walks.

    Happy Wednesday, Dan! I hope your weather warms up a little so you can both walk later than the crack of dawn.

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    • I tried walking later today, Mary, but she just wasn’t having it. We went out for “business” and she came in and started following me around as if to say, “but it doesn’t feel that cold” (which, for some reason, it didn’t). So, we walked when it was 25.

      I had a wool Steelers cap on, with the bottom rolled over, so that absorbed most of the smack.

      We seem to be warming up later this week.

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  6. I’m cold just taking a virtual walk with you and Maddie, Dan! I’m glad she has such a fetching wrap and I hope you are equally protected! I wish I could take a walk again; darn knee pain makes it difficult right now. Getting new meds for it today, hope I’ll be walking again soon! If so, I’ll share a pic of me and my pooches when we do!

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    • I’d like to see a pic with the pups. I hope you get a handle on the knee pain, I know that can make life difficult. We both bundle up on cold days. We don’t always go for a long walk, but she likes crossing it off her list.

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  7. Dogs are like children, their bodies seem to wake up when there’s a change in the weather. We had a Newfoundland, Hulk, and he would jump in your lap if you sat down , thinking he was small. He was such a sweet dog, I still miss him.

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  8. Good thing you have a hard head…and had on a good cap. I’m glad the cap held up better than the steel curtain did last weekend! 😉. I’m commenting from our back patio where I’m sitting outside enjoying some tea and, soon, a book. This is compensation for all those days over 110 this summer!!


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  9. Oh my Dan, I thought you were going to say you slipped on the ice. That would be awful. You gotta be careful. That squirrel looks like he’s about to talk…with a very British accent. “Excuse me, kind sir, but could I bother you for a couple of nuts this morning? If it’s absolutely not any bother. Oh, hello Miss Maddie and how are you today?” 😂
    Happy Wednesday. Oh hey can you see the meteor showers where you guys are?


  10. HAH! I’m glad the EMTs didn’t have to come out :P That made me LOL tho! We DO so want to see Maddie, but we’re always interested in a good shadow pic, especially when they’re distorted in the fun way :)

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