Wonky Things

I don’t know whether to blame the virus, the lack of sunshine or the stress of the holidays, but last week seemed out of whack. Don’t worry, none of these are the popular complaints, so this should not be a polarizing post. This is just a few first -world problems that I thought I’d share because it’s Monday.

Gmail Sorting – In April, I wrote about how I had wrestled Gmail to the ground and set up some rules to get my WordPress notifications sorted into categories. I won’t go back over that, you can read it here if you like, but it was wonderful – for – eight – months. Last week, the rules went off the rails. Emails are all over the place, and at least 70% of my WordPress notifications are in the wrong category. I sent a detailed question to the folks at Google…crickets.

Bat-Sh*t Crazy Driver – Due to my retiring last year, and the lack of traffic during the virus, I haven’t been cataloging the usual amount of BSDs. That changed on Saturday. I was going to drop a few items in the mailbox at our local Post Office. This Post Office is at the airport, but since it’s where the mail from our town Post Office has to go first, we get better service if we send from here. It’s also more convenient.

As I pulled in, I noticed that the parking lot was crowded to the point of overflowing. I didn’t care, I wasn’t going inside. I stopped at the stop sign and then I pulled into the One-Way circle that leads to the mailbox with the snout for depositing letters and such. At that point, a woman in line slammed her car into reverse, squealed her tires while backing up, stopped, and squealed them again as she pulled into to circle – going the wrong way and headed straight toward me.

I stopped. She stopped. She motioned for me to back-up. I refused. I motioned to communicate to her that she was going the wrong way. After a furious look and a few words, she backed up out of my way.

Covid Football Fallout – As some of you know, I attended West Virginia University and the The University of Pittsburgh. Pitt’s football coach, in an interview on Wednesday, said he hoped they could have a decisive win against Georgia Tech on Thursday. He said they wanted a legitimate chance of getting a bowl bid in a postseason where many bowl games have been cancelled. They won the game on Thursday. On Friday, the players and coaches agreed to remove themselves from bowl contention. Season over. Then, West Virginia’s final game of the season was cancelled. WVU might get a bowl bid, but I’m football sad.

Fog – On both Saturday and Sunday, we woke up to heavy fog. Saturday’s fog included a light drizzle, so Maddie and I did not walk. On Sunday, Maddie jumped off the couch at 7:13 am and looked at me as if to say “let’s go, it’s time for our walk.” I started to tell her we would have to wait, and she started barking. It was clear, we were walking. I hope you like pictures of fog.

That’s it. I hope you all have a nice week.


  1. I really like the fog photos, Dan, especially the one with the close-up view of the links. I don’t drive very much these days, but am much more conscious (and somewhat less tolerant) of the foibles of my fellow drivers. It is amazing how confrontational some of them can get, even when they are clearly in the wrong.

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    • I do like the fog, Mike. I thought about driving to a couple of places, but it seemed a bit risky to get a photo. I’m used to self-important entitled drivers, but angry drivers worry me. I just want to get away from them.

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  2. We’ve had a lot of fog here too. Your driving story made me cringe because a couple of weeks ago just as it was getting dark, we turned left at a four way stop with lights. As we made the turn, a teen on a skateboard launched himself across the two left lanes, jumped the center curb right in front of our car, and then stopped in the right hand lane on the passenger side of our car and just stared at us. We could not believe the stupidity of that move, and the potential result. I kept thinking he was someone’s son, grandson, brother, nephew, friend, and he was ready to throw that all away just to prove he was what – stupid. Take care, and may we both avoid ignorant drivers and pedestrians.

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  3. I love that you took the time to diagram the bad driver. You really are retired. 😉
    We’ve had that same depressing overcast fog, because you know… the holidays aren’t depressing enough this year.
    Looks as if Smokey is close enough to wander in the house now. And we still don’t have any here…. just sayin’.

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  4. I love the fog pics! Gmail is pretty much reliable for me. It’s yahoo I have a problem with, all their changes and j terruptive ads are annoying, but it’s my original, from 1999. I’m not a fan of change. Since forced updates, I now have more ads than ever on WP. Wonky is tolerable, but getting tiring, at least for me.

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  5. That’s the problem with using public domain software – unpredictable change. I am glad we live in a fairly rural environment. Not a lot of BSDs and our little post office is never crowded. I appreciated the diagram because I could not picture your dilemma. Love the fog photos. Is it your close proximity to the river that gives rise to the fog?

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    • We have other email accounts, but the bulk of my notification (WP and other places) goes to gmail. The filters were doing a great job of putting things in their proper columns, but it just stopped working.

      The river definitely brings us the fog. The CT River Valley is an odd place for weather. Last week, we had fog and rain, but places 30 minutes on both sides of us had 6-10″ of snow.

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  6. Wonky weeks and terrible drivers are sadly becoming the norm. As always, I’m impressed by your morning walks! If the temps are even in the ’30s, I’m out for that kind of activity LOL! You and Maddie are troopers!

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  7. Foggy photos are the best, Dan. Probably not much fun to walk in, but it seems as though what Maddie wants, Maddie gets and I understand that completely. ;-)

    I haven’t had many opportunities to encounter BSD’s, but my short trip to the chiro this morning, on the highway, reminded me why I’m glad to not be in the commuter’s fray every morning. Going 9 mph over the speed limit in the fast lane is never fast enough for some. I hope your crazy driver didn’t go off and terrorize others that day. Sounds like she was mad about something and was willing to use her vehicle for anger venting.

    Yeah, college football sucks this year. The WI Badgers are not faring much better. I think they are done because they had too many games cancelled due to Covid.

    Have a wonderful Monday, Dan. I hope your week is a little less wonky.

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    • I didn’t even mention pro football, talk about wonky 🙁 I’m hoping we can step out if that fog.

      I avoid the highways near rush hour. There are so many people who think even 80 is too slow.

      When I was exiting, that woman was waiting at the red light, but she was halfway into the travel lane. An accident waiting to happen.

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  8. The holidays seem to bring out the craziness in folks. Years back, just before Christmas, I pulled into a parking space, and a guy came over and started yelling about the shopping basket by my car. I tried to explain that I had just got there and hadn’t touched a shopping cart. That did no good. It’s one of those unforgettable Christmas moments.😂

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  9. How did Maddie know I LOVE fog? But chilly walk I’m sure. At least we don’t live in London.
    As for BSC lady, all I can say, as a former long time Florida resident, is…just ONE? 😏🤦‍♀️
    All these programs, apps and online services are now about as distracted and disconnected as the techs creating them. Update, update, update….all so someone keeps a job. Then of course the ‘fixer’ has a job…ignoring complaints because there is a computer generated system to drag you through the automated labyrinth of possible solutions to their guesstimate of your issue. 🙈😱😫

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    • We do like the fog. Maddie gets a little weirded-out by it when she cant see the landmarks in the park, but she sniffs our way to the memorial. I haven’t even gotten close enough to a robot at google to get a bad answer. Just nothing.

      When I was going to meetings in FL, we were cautioned against renting cars unless we absolutely had to. Several staff members had been involved in what-was-that-person-thinking accidents.


  10. We had snow on Saturday morning followed by rain and then COLD. I’m glad Maddie insisted on that walk the foggy images are lovely. I really like the gauging tree and links.

    I’m glad the BSD backed up and didn’t hit you or anyone else.

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    • Maddie let me skip one day, but skipping two was out of the question. I do like the fog. I find those link compelling, especially when the water drops form or the sun is shining through them.

      That woman seemed intent on causing an accident. She almost caused one on her way out of the lot while nearly running a red light. She stopped, but not before entering the travel lane by about 4′. I ended up behind her at the light.

      We might get some snow on Wednesday. I think we’re ready.

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  11. I do like pictures of fog, so that’s fine. Arizona has an amazing number of bad drivers and I’ve seen more accidents since we moved at the end of March than I did the entire time we lived in Illinois. Not a good thing. While still in Naperville, I was exiting the post office onto the main street (one lane and one way–out) when man pulled into the little bit of lane that my van wasn’t occupying and he wouldn’t back out. I had no way to get around him (although the way he was driving, I’m surprised he didn’t just drive on the grass) so I eventually had to back up and let him in. I was NOT happy but he didn’t care. I really should have just sat there and waited him out, but sometimes it’s just not worth it.

    Maybe it’s something about the post office. Right now I’m waiting for a package to arrive that was supposed to arrive on the 11th, then the 12, then yesterday, and there probably aren’t any updates on arrival today, even though I signed up for text updates and got a text from the PO saying I’d signed up. Just shaking my head.


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  12. Hi Dan – google has a problem today … perhaps it’s fogged down! We’ve had a couple of foggy days inland, occasionally the sea fog rolls in – then it’s cold too. Now it’s just gloomy … Nothing like 7.13 am on a Sunday for a retired guy … clever Maddie: who knows she needs her walk! I’m glad you sorted the lady out – really annoys me that sort of thing … take care – Hilary

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    • Hi Hilary. I got the notification for your post, but I wasn’t able to visit your site. I was instructed to try again later (which I will).

      Maddie seems to know exactly when we should be walking. My wife walks before we do, and Maddie has taken to barking at her to “get going” so we can start the process. I’m an early bird, but I do like it to be light out when we walk.

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      • Interesting to know that you had that notification … I wasn’t exactly sure what was happening – but I don’t panic … life/google will sort itself out. I hope even in 2020! How funny about Maddie dictating terms! Take care – Hilary

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  13. I think we are all in a foggy state these days – I don’t need to list the reasons, cuz we all know ’em and are trying to make our way through uncharted territory.

    Some of us manage it OK, and then there’s the BSD’s. May she be the last one you encounter for a while.

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  14. I love the shot of Jinx on the post, Dan. You made me smile with those two of him. “I’m walkin’; Yes indeed, I’m talkin”… Too funny that the squirrels were interested in you covering the AC. Maybe they thought you were building them a deluxe apartment.
    I love the first closeup of the chain, with water droplets. That would make a terrific book cover background. It’s so evocative. And now Lindsey Buckingham singing “Chains” with Fleetwood Mac is in my head. No problem with that.
    I hope you have a better week. Here’s to a marvelous Monday and a de-wonk-ified week. Hugs on the wing!

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  15. Wow, Teagan, from Jinx, to books, to Fleetwood Mac – you’re on a roll. As I was coming home from shopping, Fleetwood Mac came up on my playlist.

    Sometimes, in the winter, the bunny will camp out under the compressor tarp. It’s a good shelter from the storm, I guess. Although they live under my workshop, so I’d think that would be good, too.


  16. LOVE the fog pictures. Love fog…..but not if I have to be out maneuvering in it. Glad Maddie is getting those cold, brisk walks she loves. As for the squirrels, I think they may start to scurry into the house as you and Maddie are exiting, so they can have a one on one talk with The Editor and perhaps get some additional peanuts unbeknownst to you!!

    As for the crazy driver, who apparently would require a GPS in her own driveway, I hope she starts using public transportation from now on! No matter where you are, what you’re doing, or how careful you are, there is always one idiot who can change the course of your life just by getting behind the wheel of their car. Scary stuff.

    Snowing here all day so far, but accumulation only on grass. By mid-week, accumulation will be everywhere.😡

    Stay vigilant Dan and keep safe. If those squirrelly little friends of yours do come to talk with The Editor, please record it and share it with us!!

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    • Smokey was waiting on the step to the porch when Maddie and I got back today.

      I’d like to get some pictures of things around here in the fog, but driving is dicy at best. Especially with people like Postal Patty out there.

      It’s been snowing off and on today. No accumulation but looking at Wednesday ⛄️☃️


  17. MiMi’s expression–no word needed! Oh, what a look! And Jinx strutting his stuff–Dan, that is such a great capture! Wow. The BSD does not wait well, does she? Every year one of the safety engineers in my department would send out a video that cracked me up every time. It’s two women in a mall parking lot (one is the mom from Malcolm in the Middle) who have a bit of a scuffle with their cars. The song that plays over this little scene is Johnny Mathis’ ‘It’s a Marshmallow World.’ It is a riot, and the first thing that came to my mind when I read you this woman.

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    • “War is not the Answer” – I love it. I’m glad my encounter didn’t escalate to that degree.

      MiMi says a lot with that face. I took about six shots of Jinx strutting himself across the park. I love that on. Teagan gave it a sound track.

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  18. I had to laugh at your wrong way driver episode….it’s like “engage your brain”….what are you doing. My wife and I keep commenting here on the freeway (or side streets), have these drivers forgotten how to drive….they act like they are the only car on the road…averted two potential crashes on the freeway last week alone do to this inability to grasp “you are not alone on this road”. Also….love the fog pics from the weekend. I look at national radar every morning to see what is going on in the country and see that you have rain today!! Had we not had our trip to the Pacific Northwest this fall, we would be having a really hard time remembering what that was like. Have a great week!!

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  19. Dan Happy crazy Monday. I don’t know how they done it. And I am not sure if they will do it tonight. The Browns are on Monday night football and might even surprise themselves. But we will just calm down and wait for that to happen. It has been a fairly BSC weekend. Too many people we know have been experiencing covid up close and personal. So the foggy pictures fit the situation. The good news people are getting vaccinated. We will go with that for now. Be well. Be safe. Beware of BSC. That is all…

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  20. I’m glad you had one more wonky driver this year. I get a kick out of your illustrations, and these were the best. All that fog. Must have had some warm air move in. Have to wonder how the Steelers threw away the game with Buffalo. I didn’t see it, but I heard there were a bunch of dropped passes. Sorry about Pitt. The Baylor season is mercifully over. Maybe WVU will get a bid. My Irish are still alive.

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  21. I do like fog and pictures of fog. My husband and I had our honeymoon and our 25th anniversary at Natural Bridge State Park, with a view of the river, which came with impenetrable fog in the morning. Forever after our honeymoon, when we would get up to thick fog, we would say it was a Natural Bridge morning. Thanks for the dear memory! <3

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  22. That lady at the post office was scary to read! I’m glad she had the tiny amount of reason she did, lest she smash you!
    I must say, due to the pandemic, I have a much easier time leaving my work lot and getting into the lane in time to turn as I please.
    Your fog photos are lovely :)

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