Just the Headlines – #1LinerWeds

As many of you know by now, Maddie is a creature of habit. OK, in fairness, so am I, but this isn’t about me. When we walk, we always go to the nearby parks, but once there, we vary the routine based on time, temperature and the number of people or, worst case, the crew from Public Works. Sometimes, we have to switch sides of the street to avoid people and other dogs. Sometimes, we simply can’t enter one park or the other because work is being performed. When this happens – when we have to skip a day visiting a section – we have to refamiliarize ourselves.

Maddie sniffs. She sniffs the old stuff, the new stuff, the place on the grass where there used to be stuff and the stuff that has blown up against the fence. She also checks the “message boards,” you know, the places where every other dog has made a deposit. Usually, these just get a quick sniff, sometimes, she wants to linger. The photo below prompted this week’s one-liner.

Maddie, maybe you should download that to your Kindle and read it later.

“I don’t mind you catching up, but did someone write a short story?”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. “Don’t rub my belly until I tell you to!” MiMi has spoken.

    Love, love, love the foggy flag photo. Awesome. Beautiful sunrise shots, but the sunset wins the prize.

    Even Smokey has you wrapped around his fluffy tail, and you love it.

    MADDIE is just regal in her toasty warm coat. Look how the sparse sunlight plays off her feathers.
    Jinx is becoming quite the celebrity. But Dan, the water drop hanging off the Dogwood…..what I see is a half open eye of a giant under a thick black eyebrow! Yeah, I know. I’m weird.

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    • I’m going to give that dogwood a wider berth the next rainy morning, Ginger.

      Smokey is too darned cute. How could anyone resist?

      The flag photo was supposed to be here on Monday with the other foggy pics. I don’t know what happened, but it fell off the digital truck on the way to WordPress. I couldn’t let it go unused, I really like it and it felt perfect for the veterans memorial. You may see it again in May.

      MiMi was awake, and cleaning her belly. I figured I could sneak in a scritch. Not happening.


  2. I love the foggy flag photo, Dan, and your interpretative caption. You are getting quite “artsy” in your images, with your water droplet and reflection photos–the only thing missing are some elongated shadows, but it looks like the sun was in short supply. :)

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  3. Dogs and their ‘message boards’ crack me up. Looks like someone left Maddie a very important message this time. Smokey is adorable. I can’t believe how tame he is. Wow. Your sunset is beautiful. The playscape…..we have something like that downtown, but I have never been there to see kids actually playing on this stuff. Whatever it is.
    Is that big snowstorm headed your way? They mentioned PA and I thought of you….. Take care, Dan.

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    • The storm is heading toward us, Lois. It should be here tonight. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about getting up early and clearing the driveway. I can wait for it to end. Although, I do like being out there with the new LED headlamp lighting the way ;-) Smokey seems to know that he’s adorable. In fact, the grey squirrels seem to like to bring him along. We feed them all equally, but he might get an extra ooh/ah.


  4. Be glad that no one wrote a novel by that tree. You’d still be standing there, holding Maddie’s leash, and Smokey would be starving without his daily peanuts.

    I was watching the weather forecast last night and it looks like you may need to haul out the snowblower and start on Mount Maddie this week. Expecting much snow?

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    • I thought someone had “transcribed” the morning paper. Sammy and Smokey are usually in the driveway when we return from our walk. I haven’t been quick enough to get a picture, but Smokey actually waits on the steps outside the porch door.

      The forecast amounts are all over the map, but it looks like I’ll be using the machine tomorrow. It’s supposed to start snowing tonight. It’s not moving out of the 20s, so I don’t think it’s going to turn to rain.


  5. Oh my gosh, Dan, this made me snort. I’m in a waiting room and the woman across from me is now convinced I’ve got some sort of strange covid symptoms and is looking a little nervous. 😆😆

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  6. My theory is Maddie was reading a ‘dear Spot’ letter. Good pictures a flag in the fog which is by the way way too timely. A very good rain drop and a puddley reflection. Happy Wednesday Dan. PS – watch out for that snow coming your way.

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    • Thanks John.I almost lost the foggy flag photo. I’m glad you liked that. I think we’re ready for the snow. I hope yo enjoy the rest of the week. You could be right about that letter.


  7. Am late as usual …but this time I have at least an excuse. I had two skype conversations after each other – in total 2 1/2 hrs.
    Had to smile about sniffing the signs – it never occurred to me, but of course every other dog does his/her business there!

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  8. Great one-liner and photos. I especially like the pinkish sunset behind the tree and your view of the play scape. Dogs’ olfactory abilities are astounding – more than we can imagine, but you do a good job of it.

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