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After clearing fourteen inches of snow on Thursday, I think we’re ready to relax, share a beverage and spend some time contemplating Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. This week, Linda has given us:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘magnet.’ Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be surprised to see Skippy again.

“Dan, why is he here again?”


“Yeah, why Is he here? This is two weeks in a row. He never works two weeks in a row.”

“I heard someone saying that Cheryl is running late. It’s not a big deal.”

“On the contrary Dan. It is a big deal. I have a date tonight. Cheryl was supposed to take over an hour ago.”

“Relax, Skippy. Why don’t you get us something to drink?”

“The usual, Dan?”


“I don’t think his mind is in the moment, Dan.”

“What do you mean, David?”

“He’s already on his date. Skippy doesn’t strike me as someone who can focus.”

“Does he strike you as a chick magnet?”

“Huh? No. Why would you ask me that?”

“Remember he got a date with that girl at the table last year? And, when Teagan Geneviene was here, he left with Lulu. I think he’s got something special going, David.”

“Well, it isn’t his skill as a bartender.”

“You know, David, I don’t mind serving you this curious combination, but why do I have to put the seltzer in a brandy snifter?”

“It’s easier to hold, for one, and it tastes better. Of course, it tastes better without the cherries, they go in the bourbon.”

“Irregardless of the glass, seltzer is seltzer.”

“Re – gardless.”


“The word you’re looking for is regardless. Irregardless is not a word, regardless of the fact that too many people use it.”

“Have it your way Gramps, I still say the seltzer is seltzer, the glass doesn’t make a difference.”

“I have bad news for both of you.”

“And what might that be, Dan?”

“Yeah, Dan, did I break another antiquated rule of grammar?”

“Easy, Skippy. The shape of the glass may well affect the way the liquid in it tastes – that’s why you have so many different shaped wine glasses.”

“I didn’t know that. I never pay attention to which wine glass I give people.”

“We’ve noticed, Skippy.”

“Now, now, David. Don’t be so smug, you have a bit of crow to eat, too.”

“What are you talking about, Dan?”

“Merriam-Webster is adding irregardless to their dictionary.”

“What? You’re kidding me, right? Why would they do that? That is stupid!”

According to NPR, the folks at Websters said, ‘Irregardless is included in our dictionary because it has been in widespread and near-constant use since 1795…We do not make the English language, we merely record it.’ So, Skippy – is – right. Sorry.”

“I still say it’s stupid, Dan. A bunch of people like Skippy use the wrong word often enough and it becomes a word?”

“Some think it’s a good sign. They feel that our language should evolve, David.”

“You probably agree with them, Dan. I’ve heard you use ‘beer’ as a verb and I think I heard you say that you had been ‘beerified’ once.”

“Beerified might be the past tense of beer, if it was a verb.”

“No Dan. Language has rules. If you want to be funny, you know, make a joke, that’s fine, but we shouldn’t corrupt our language.”

“Holy moly! I’m half an hour late and you two have worked yourselves up into a lather. What is going on?”

“Cheryl, it’s so good to see you.”

“It’s good to see you, too, David.”

“We’re discussing the fact that Webster’s is adding irregardless to the dictionary.”

“That’s what this is about? I’m bringing you two clowns another round.”

“Well, the previous topic was whether or not Skippy is a chick magnet.”

“You two are hopeless. Look at the specials while I get these drinks.”

“Dan, look at this. They have Philly-Cheesesteak Eggrolls.”

“We need an order of those, David.”

“I heard that. I’ll put that order in, but I’m going to double it. You can thank me later. Here’s your Corona, Dan and David, here’s a proper John Howell’s Special.”

“Thanks Cheryl. Now, for the record, are you with me or Dan?”

“With you or Dan? What does that mean, David?”

“Do you think they should add irregardless to the dictionary?”

“Why, just because someone says it wrong a thousand times? Why not add ‘libary’ and ‘supposebly’ while they’re at it. I see people trying to use those in Words With Friends – all – the — time.”

“Dan, I’ll give you one more chance. Do you want to agree with Cheryl and me, or do you want to agree with Skippy?”

“When you put it that way, David. I’m with you, re-gardless of what Webster’s says.”

“Cheers, Dan.”

Note: This post is dedicated to The Editor. The part of Cheryl was played by Cheryl.


  1. It was a heck of a first big winter snow. We had 18″, but a friend to the north cleared a solid 40″ so I won’t complain. It was at least an easy snow for the blower well except when it gobbles up downspout extensions. :-) 4.5° here this morning. Enjoy the weekend off from snow removal duty. :-)

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    • I read about the big drop in NH but I was hoping it was north of you. 40″ is a lot of snow to move. 18″ is a bunch, too. Maddie is not happy with the low temp. Her feet are too cold. If we walk today, it will be later. I hope you enjoy looking out on the crisp snow.

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  2. I’ll have you know irregardless is one of my all time pet peeves. Don’t negate a negative! Every time my husband says it he feels my wrath. 😡
    And may I say…. you have one very chill cat there.

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    • The Editor was none too happy with this news. Websters is right up the road in Springfield. I hope there isn’t an angry road trip in my future, Given a warm sunny shelf or a fire in the wood stoves, these girls know how to relax.

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  3. haha, I’ve told people for years that irregardless is not a word and was told in no easy term just how stupid I was. Luckily most times I was actually near a dictionary. At least you agree and my computer’s automatic corrections still puts that red line under the “word”.

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  4. I despair of the English language. It is a hodge-podge of so many other languages. I remember chanting as a child: “you can’t use ain’t cuz ain’t, ain’t in the dictionary.” It is now. Is our language evolving or de-evolving? Those egg rolls look delicious!!

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    • I was always bothered by the line in that Beach Boys song: “Now, what’s the matter, buddy, ain’t you heard of my school? It’s number one in the state.”

      (yes, and nothing demonstrates superiority of one’s school, more than use of the word “ain’t”)

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      • HaHa – Picking on Skippy is normal, Scott, but picking on the Beach Boys? That might be un-American. Still, we support freedom of (grammatically correct) expression here at the bar.


  5. Snow and cold here in SW Michigan have been insignificant thus far. Still, I don’t recall being this fed up with winter so early in the season.

    I think it’s because the last couple of winters were reluctant to leave, and were marked by a couple of angry squalls, or just enough chilled precipitation to make you think thrice before driving (or walking) anywhere. Nothing that looks like your photos.

    This year, I think I need a couple of Norman Rockwell-quality snowfalls followed by some windless, blue-sky days.

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  6. Big Baby Boy corrected me when he was a teenager for saying irregardless. I looked it up. He was right. I haven’t said it wrong since. Spellcheck or Grammarly says it’s wrong still so…

    The snow looks pretty, but I don’t envy you having to shovel or snow blow that much! Will it stick around until Christmas or are more snowstorms in the forecast there? We don’t have snow in our forecast for over a week then on Sunday next it’s only 30% chance. It’s looking like our Christmas won’t be snowy or white here.

    Your fire looks cozy. I’d melt there too. 😀

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  7. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💕💕I love all the photos! 3 (choke, choke) degrees? I’d melt by a fire too. So many wrong words, so little time. I’ve also heard some really bungled expressions over the years but the funniest was someone the hubs worked with who once said, “Don’t lick a gift horse in the mouth.” 🤦‍♀️ Still….good advice overall. 😂😂😂

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  8. So glad to see the snow thrower working. That downspout extension does not look like a good idea wrapped in the auger. I wondered why smoky didn’t take the path you had cleared? Oh well, not for me to wonder about a squirrel’s intentions. The fire looks great and Maddie and MiMi look happy. Those Philly cheesesteak egg rolls look to die for. Super post, Dan

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  9. “The part of Cheryl was played by Cheryl.” I love being able to count on somebody to push my laugh button, irregardless of how I feel when I start reading. I’m afraid I’m with Skippy and the dictionary, having read and listened to many, many pieces on the evolution of language. Hmmm, Skippy and the Dictionary… sounds like an afterschool special. ANYWAY, language neither evolves nor devolves but changes with time and usage. That’s why we aren’t all sitting around the bar talking in Proto-Indo-European. And those pictures of birds in flight win any damn prize you want to claim!

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    • Well language can evolve all the way into the gibberish the Binars spoke while commandeering the Enterprise computer, as long as this blog is subject to The Editor’s review, I’ll be dropping the ‘ir’ – regardless of what Merriam says. By the way, she adds: “Remember that a definition is not an endorsement of a word’s use.”

      I hope you have a great weekend. Marian. I’m glad I could make you laugh.

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  10. The English language is such an amazing, complex, flexible, varied thing! English English, Indian English, American English… and then the regional things that can make a person feel like a foreigner for talking differently.
    I love that Webster’s is sort of a keeper of word history. Regardless, I know a woman with a towering superiority complex. Several years ago, hearing her make (yet another) annoyingly, snotty, condescending remark when someone said “irregardless,” my inner research geek had to look up the information. Back then it was described as a regional term, and while not considered proper, they wouldn’t say it was wrong either. Of course I had to wave that under her nose — though I had to reach pretty high to the nose-in-the-air…

    Good golly Miss Molly! Those photos are freezing me, Dan, but they’re gorgeous. Your neighbors surely think you are a hero for clearing all that. Seriously, you might be saving a life by doing that. Stay safe and warm. Hugs on the wing.

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    • Thanks Teagan. If the snow isn’t freezing you, the overnight low of 3° f would certainly take care of it. Maddie didn’t even want to walk.

      I’d never be snooty about it, but I try to adhere to the accepted rules of good English. As hard as those rules are to figure out.

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  11. Cheryl was wise to get you guys some food. Debates are never good on an empty stomach. I still remember when “ain’t” was added to the dictionary. Doesn’t make it okay. I love your snow photos, especially the snow hole in the bush. My David is glad he moved from CT, where he plowed snow for years, to the Carolina coast where snow is a novelty.

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  12. Ah the great storm of 1795 when someone left the vulgate swinging in the wind and all the vulgar words escaped the coral. Irregardless is the one without the irrings. An old viking word for partially adorned bartendresses. But we are getting way ahead of things here. When have you ever been in a bar that had a dictionary in a place of honor at the bar ? I will just help myself to a John Howell sans fruit and seltzer and await your reply. PS glad you survived the storm and successfully proved the temporary downspout extension was de-extensionable. And that you had the foresight to stock enough fire wood. Happy Saturday Dan.

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  13. 13-14″ here Dan. Too much too soon. How I would have loved this storm when I was a kid! But I was living in a much younger, much healthier, much more flexible body then. Temperature extremes hardly registered. Now, it’s like the end of the world! Murphy can’t take care of her business fast enough in order to get back inside!

    Great bar conversation, as always. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our biggest problem was agreeing on the English language? Lol.

    Love the birds and Smokey all with the same goal in mind. And MiMi melting away in all her glory. The “hole in the bush” looks like a mini whirlpool. Photo of snow, sunset and the moon is fabulous.

    Hope you and the Editor have a warm, relaxing weekend and that all is well with Faith.

    Be safe and be snug as a bug in a rug!

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    • The blue jays fight for the peanuts. I try to throw them the single ones. Sometimes the squirrels are too slow, but Smokey was on a mission.

      MiMi loves having a fire. Maddie was not interested in being out this morning. She took card of business and made a beeline for the door.

      The whirlpool is funny. We see spider webs built like that on the same bush.

      I’m still able to move and work outside. I don’t mind the snow, but I’m not a fan of this bitter cold.

      Take care, Ginger. Stay warm.


  14. I think the people who say ‘irregardless’ don’t look at a dictionary, so I am sticking to ‘that is not a word.’ But, if we are adding words to the dictionary, how about ‘pacific’ for ‘specific.’ Yes, yes…..first heard when I moved to the South…along with ‘ain’t’ which I do use from time to time on my blog, but just for fun. Never (heaven forbid!) said in public. Three degrees. I don’t know how you do it. Our heat was coming on all night and we were only in the high 30’s. I dreamed of dollar signs…. The action shot of Smokey and the birds is wonderful! As is MiMi melting. She is adorable. Stay warm, Dan. Have a great weekend.

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    • My ex said ‘pacific’ and ‘supposably’. It likely contributed to the deterioration of our general ability to communicate. That and his raging temper. No, I did not correct him. The problem I have with irregardless is that it isn’t just a slang or made up word. It is grammatically incorrect. I am a stickler for grammar. Changing that, to me, is akin to telling a Mathematician that perhaps 4+4 should really be 7 or 9. I could deal with the dissolution of Albebra but I respect its place in the Scientific process. 🙂

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      • Moving from NJ to Florida was a game-changer, Cheryl. But the language…they must have thought I was some dumb Yankee because, until I realized what they were saying, I was constantly saying, “I’m sorry. What??” Pin or ink pin=pen. Pamp-let=pamphlet. Where is the universality in the English language?! You did well to not correct. I was correcting in my head for the longest time. Then I became jokingly (or not) the Grammar Queen.

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    • You’ve been too long gone from the north, Lois. I had a cousin who used ‘pacific’ and pneumonia for ammonia – I guess both affect your breathing, so… The blue jays fight for the peanuts, and they have amazing eyesight. They zoom in from high in a tree, sometimes catching the peanut on the first bounce. Smokey got that one, but the birds get theirs, too.

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  15. Dan, I didn’t see the beginning of Mount Maddie, but I supposed it was enough work to clear the driveway and dog paths without building a snow mountain. Glad you got the hard work done and can enjoy the weekend with a beer and the crew at the bar.

    If only I could still eat dairy – those philly cheese eggrolls look scrumptious! Have a wonderful weekend and let’s hope for two football wins!

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    • Maddie hasn’t been all that interested in Mt. Maddie the past two years, so I’d rather spread it out so I can use my trailer if I have to. She’s gone from playing in/on the snow to sitting and watching the world go by. The snow came at a good time. I got to clear it in the day, and finish the cleanup yesterday during the day. Much easier than working in the dark, and so much less stressful than trying to finish in time to get to work. I do not miss those days. The last snowstorm we had while I was working was one where, after the snow was predicted, my boss scheduled a 10:00 am staff meeting and labeled the invite “mandatory.”

      I may have another order of those egg rolls today. We really need a win on Monday. Just in case, I’m rooting for the Giants against Cle on Sunday. We still have time to make this work.

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  16. This is a cool post Dan!  “Why, just because someone says it wrong a thousand times? Why not add ‘libary’ and ‘supposebly’ while they’re at it.”   Agree 100%.  Adding an overused word is just not cool!  By the way, the bush snow hole is way cool.  I think it perfectly describes my life lately😁 Its very windy and too cool today here in Cheyenne and that’s not cool either.  🎄☃️🙋🏼‍♀️

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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  17. Love that fire photo, Dan, and I protest vehemently to adding “irregardless” to the dictionary, regardless of what “they” think. Watching the Ohio State, Northwestern game today, I noticed a number of the usual crimes against grammar but there was one I’d not heard before that left us all gazing at each other in bemusement. The announcer said the team was matriculating down the field. I know it’s a college game, but that should have gotten a red flag and loss of down!

    Best to you and the Editor and I hope Skippy finds someone who appreciates him! :-)


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  18. Matriculating down the field? What on earth. Perhaps that announcer could be ejected for targeting the English language. Cheryl’s going to have Skippy working overtime for a week. MiMi wants another fire. She doesn’t understand why we let it go out.


  19. I kinda don’t care what they put in the egg rolls, I always want to eat versions of those when I encounter them. Crunchy dippy things are yum!
    Wood stove looks perfect for the snowy cold days you’re having.
    Regardless of our feelings, they’ve also added literally to being used figuratively, which disturbs me.

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    • I guess it’s inevitable but we don’t have to use them. The birds trying to get Smokey’s peanut are Blue Jays. We don’t normally have this BC amount of snow in November. Places in central NY, VT and NH got 35-40″ so I’ll take 14″.

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