It’s been a tough few days (weather wise). Just sharing some pictures today.


  1. Never saw frozen fog. Love that photo! MiMi the contortionist! She could get a job in the circus. Love the shot of your favorite bridge. Looks like a Hallmark card. The smoke coming from the chimney looks frozen too!

    Keep that home fire burning Dan. You and the Editor and the 3-M’s will need it. Not as bitter cold here, but everything is ice covered. Makes walking treacherous.

    Stay safe. Translation: Stay inside! 🤗

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    • I’ll be trying to keep Maddie close to home. Business use only of the outside.

      We get frozen fog fairly often when the fog rolls up off the river. It’s so pretty, but it leads to black ice.

      MiMi gets wrapped up in herself. I’ll grab a paw and ask her “which foot is this?” She’s never amused 🙂

      Take care. I hope Murphy gets out and in without trouble.


    • The panel is bolted on near the bottom of the pole. The phone company also provides a TV and high-speed Internet service. Those panels are distribution points for that service. It’s less expensive than cable, but it’s considerably slower.

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      • Our electric utility company cannot allow such installations near their poles. Sometimes their poles are downed by strong winds, so they have been replacing them with concrete ones. The phone companies do their own underground cable installations linked to standalone panels for campus distribution. It is rare to see phone companies equipment installed near those that belong to the electric company. They don’t even share manholes although their cables run in separate PVC conduits.

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        • Here, all the utilities share the poles. High-voltage lines run at the very top. Transformers step that down to residential (single phase service, two 120v hot wires and a neutral for 120/240 service up to 200 amps in most areas) lines which run below. Phone and cable run several feet below the residential service lines. Towns are also permitted to run signal cables on the same poles in exchange for giving the right-of-way to the utilities. Different utilities own the poles. The phone’s boxes are usually mounted on a pole that they own (there’s a tag on each pole designating ownership/responsibility. If they don’t own any poles in the area, they will mount the boxes on a concrete pad to avoid renting space on another utility’s pole. Streetlights are mounted on the same poles.

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          • That is still fine, although I think at one point you might have too many cables running above your head. In engineering designs we try to create systems that are safe to use and work efficiently at affordable costs. Any design that achieves these is fine by me.

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  2. You really got walloped by that storm … snow and cold temperatures combined!! It missed us completely and we’re still snow-free. I’m not complaining at all :)

    Merry Christmas, Dan. For us, it will be quite quiet, with an unsanctioned get together with our sons. We’ve been in lockdown for the past 4 weeks and it’s just been extended for another 4 weeks. There are fines for get togethers outside of your household, but we’ve been in the same ‘bubble’ for months now so we’ve decided to go for it. Our youngest son has been in quarantine for almost 2 weeks after getting exposed to COVID – we think while riding on the transit system. He comes out of quarantine on Christmas Eve – just in time to join us for Christmas.

    It’s been a strange year and I celebrate that we’ve made it unscathed this far. My very best wishes to you and all of yours. Stay safe and well. Fingers crossed that the new year is kinder to us all!

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    • I hope you can all enjoy a safe and Merry Christmas, Joanne. I would have been fine sharing six or so inches of this snow with you, but it was heading off to the northeast. I’m glad your son has not shown symptoms. I hope we all make it through into a clear 2021.

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  3. Soon Mount Maddie will be taking shape. We have been threatened up here with snow but so far it’s all bare pavement. My fingers are crossed. I loved snow when I was a child, I’m over that now.

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    • Perhaps like you, Maddie is over having a mountain of snow to climb on. She hasn’t really used Mt. Maddie for two years, so this year, I am spreading the snow around. I can’t get my trailer out of the yard until Mt. Maddie melts, so I’m taking advantage of her lack of interest. These days, she prefers to sit on her cot and watch the world go by.

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  4. Gosh, I remember those snowy days and the delight of the kids. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos – always appreciated. Merry Christmas, Dan.

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    • Merry Christmas, Gwen! I still like seeing the snow. This was deep, but fairly light so it wasn’t any trouble to move (it just took forever). It’s the heavy wet snows I can do without.


  5. Love the frozen fog photo, Dan, but I’m glad you’re being careful. Much as I always loved winter, it can get treacherous. Thank goodness your bar is virtual! No danger getting there. 😉. I hope Monday brings you better days.

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  6. The snow is so pretty, Dan, but I understand your unwillingness to walk on the icy stuff. It’s easy to take a digger on that and who wants to take a trip to the ER or doctor’s office these days?

    Your little cat pretzel is so cute. I bet she’s super content these days to be wrapped up and cozy by a fire. Have a safe and happy Monday!

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    • Yes, avoiding the ER is a key concern. Maddie is easily excited and too powerful to not be on a solid footing at all times. She has pulled both of us down in the yard. There’s no stopping a dog when it’s in snow. MiMi curls up there until the family room downstairs warms up, then she scoots down the stairs to one of her hiding/napping places.

      Take care, Mary – stay safe.

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  7. Great photos, Dan. Like others, I liked that frozen fog. I can also imagine how iffy it is when Maddie has solid footing and you are not so secure. Old guys gotta watch that. (Which it appears you are.) Thanks for a nice Monday tour. MiMi has the right idea.

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  8. I might be over-reacting, or misreading, or something – but when you say, “A touch few days” do you mean a tough few days and if you do, I hope it’s nothing serious, though judging from you commentary it doesn’t seem to be serious, but I need to ask. Because I am a worrier.

    Be safe, k?

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  9. Dan–I don’t know how you do it. Those are some crazy temps you have. The photos of frozen fog and the power line/steam/clouds are beautiful! MiMi–whatever keeps you warm, sweet girl! Where does Smokey go in weather like this?

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    • Smokey has a nest in the uppermost branches of our maple tree. He also seems to spend the night in the neighbor’s oak tree. They tend to stay in the nest when it’s really cold. Then, when the sun comes out, they come out in force looking for food. They do forage in the yard, even in the snow, but when they see one of us outside, they storm the steps.

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    • We don’t normally see single-digit temps until mid-January. This was a bit of a shock. But now it’s heading into the 50s – It’s crazy. One thing about the cold, you can hear Jinx coming from about a mile away ;-)

      I always visit that bridge if we have snow, and fog, but I haven’t been driving in the fog so far this year.

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    • Thanks Laurie – I tend to pay close attention to where my feet are going. Maddie will slow down when she’s on ice or packed snow, but when she gets her footing back, she gets excited and wants to get going. I scan the area ahead of her pretty close.

      I would not want to be running anywhere around here. Do you wear any special shoes for that?


  10. It looks beautiful! I hope some of it sticks around for Christmas, but rain is going to wash it away! I’m learning that.

    No snow in our forecast until Saturday and it’s only 40% chance. I’m not counting on it.

    You continue to stay off the icy bits and have a wonderful, merry Chirstmas!


  11. Hi Dan – that wasn’t too bad … but still a reasonable covering of it … I’m glad you were able to get out with Maddie – though Mimi strikes me as being the sensible one! Cats are amazing animals … but then dogs too … lovely photos of your neighbourhood – interesting to see Mr Bezos’ #???? warehouse nearby … I bet nothing stopped him. Stay safe and have a happy seasonal time – all the best – Hilary

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