Right down the line.

Maybe you were relaxing in front of Wildcard Weekend TV. Maybe you were stressing over your game or the game of the opponent you might be facing next week. Maybe you were glued to the news. Maybe you spent the weekend trying to forget the week. Whatever your weekend, I thought I’d give you Monday off. No math, and nothing to think about. Just a January Jot that I stopped before using too many letters, some pictures I collected and a song inspired by the caption of that picture at the top.

PS, congrats John and Janet.


    • Maddie is bugging me to walk, but we’re still in the teens. I’d prefer we get closer to 30. She might hold out until 25. The only snow we have is in our front yard. The house fully blocks the sun in the winter.

      I hope you have a good week.


  1. Seeing our favorite redhead on a Monday morning is a real treat! No math is even better! 🤗 I’m glad Maddie inspected that lump of snow….it does look a little suspicious! But Dan, the Stone Field? Seriously? Love the shadows.

    Stay warm. At least we’re blessed with dry weather for awhile.

    Think positive. Test negative.

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    • I like your closing, Ginger. A worthy goal indeed.

      When I moved to CT, I worked in a building overlooking the Ancient Burial Ground and Stone Field. People were still upset about how much money was spent on that “Sculpture.” Apparently they gave the artist a $100,000 grant. He spent $17,000 buying, transporting and “arranging” the rocks (glacial boulders from a town about 20 miles away). He pronounced it finished, and pocketed $83,000. Other cities get things like “The Bean” – we get rocks – makes you think of Charlie Brown on Halloween.


    • I’m glad you like the song. I won’t pry. I’m still working on that chain. The picture I’m trying to capture has the sun reflecting off of a water drop trapped in a chain link. I can clearly see it, but my camera never does. Or the redhead steps in front of me ;-)

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  2. Super photos. That truck reminded me of the time in California where a truck like that did not see me and crossed into my lane. I had to stand on the brakes to avoid his wheels rolling over the front of my car. His cargo came very close to the windshield. There was a lot of smoke from my tires and the guy never did see me. Have a great week.

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  3. It’s 45 degree here. Feels like 37. Cold. A bunch of rock, eh? How much you want for some sand? Florida sand! This song….I’m listening to it while typing this. Such a good one. I miss our music. Have a great week, Dan.

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    • It was 17 this morning. I told Maddie I’d walk her later (it’s up to 27 now). The City of Hartford might make you an offer on that sand. I really like that song. It jumped into my head the minute I wrote that caption.

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  4. Thanks, Dan. You’re a gracious loser. What a game and with no head coach or offensive coach, plus starters out or injured. Baker’s looked like a real quarterback this year, which is great. Even though this is probably the end of the road for the Browns, what a road it’s been! I was just laughing the entire first half.


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  5. I enjoyed the walk with you and Maddie (and the giggles at the sightings too). We have a warm front that may make its way into my neck of the woods this week. My 5lb Finley will be very happy if she can go without a coat for a day.

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  6. Thanks for the great music Dan. I haven’t thought of that one in awhile. It seems very fitting for this week.
    LOL, I commend your restraint on leaving that little white paw alone! =^-^=
    I love the plane and the Canada geese. Maddie is channeling her inner glamour-girl, posing in the sun with the wind in her hair. Be well, be happy. Hugs on the wing!

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  7. Thanks for the day off, Dan. My chiro set me straight this morning, which means I need to rest for a few hours and can’t risk muscle strain trying to figure out math on a Monday.

    Have a chill day and great week.

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  8. Good pics Dan. As for the rock art one persons art does not always wow other persons. Or to put it another way mountains can be magnificent and inspiring right up to the point where you have to drive through the mountain range for 4 or 5 hours. Or survive a blizzard up on Mt. Washington. As for the sports I am the agnostic in the house. So I will have the laptop open for the Ohio State game too. Happy Monday.

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  9. I hope people are allowed to sit on or walk on the rocks for fun. The way they’re lined up looks awfully regimented. I would’ve come up with a much more interesting pattern for half the fee. Anyway, thanks for no math, interesting photos, and a very cool song.

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  10. Great tune :)
    With the rocks, um, really, but is it art? It only elicits the “It cost how much?!?” feeling from me, but then, that’s a feeling, so I guess it’s art. Technically. shakes head

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  11. Hi Dan – sadly the video didn’t play here … but that’s life occasionally. I don’t believe we have sky …it’s disappeared – still it’s not too cold! Love the photos … and the fact Maddie is rarin’ to go, Mimi – is in the best place! All the best – Hilary

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    • We are back to overcast here, after a couple days of strong sunshine, Hilary. I never understand the way YouTube handles videos from one country to another. The song is “Gone at Last” by Paul Simon. Maybe you can search for that on your end.

      We are getting a bunch of snow/sleet and rain right now, but Maddie wants to go for a walk. I’ve drawn the line, but she doesn’t understand.

      Take care.

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