The Choice is Yours

I’m adding a #JusJoJan post today because Linda’s prompt made me think about an old post of mine that was about the power of singing. Well, singing and supporting each other. Since you didn’t take the first choice, ignore this post all together, you now have three choices:

1) Read the quote/Jot and skip everything else.

Once in a while from out of nowhere
When you don’t expect it, and you’re unprepared
Somebody will come and lift you higher
And your burdens will be shared

Paul Simon – Gone at Last

2) Revisit one of my favorite posts from 2014.

3) Listen to the song by Paul Simon and Phoebe Snow.


  1. I’ve not thought about the Crazy After All These Years album in… years. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful song to feature here. Thanks for sharing it and your earlier post about it. Now I have a good earworm for the day.

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  2. You’ve hit on one of my favorite topics, Dan. Singing has played an important role in most of my life. Prior to the pandemic I was one of the worship leaders at my church helping to lead singing each Sunday morning. Once restrictions began we banded together with three other local Episcopal churches for virtual services and activities. For some of our music now, we have a virtual choir. They send out the accompaniment track to us and we record our individual parts while listening to it. It’s an interesting challenge to sing four part harmony when you can’t hear the other parts being sung. One of our members then stitches all the contributions together. Does it work? I think it lifts us all and we especially saw that at Christmas time this past year. I’d recommend that you check out at least a few minutes of our virtual Christmas Eve Pageant. In addition to some cool music, it features different pre-recorded scenes of the Christmas story filmed at different homes and includes Mary carrying a unicorn, baby Jesus in a cradle made of an Amazon box, and a wiseman on roller blades. Check it out at

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      • We have been doing a lot of thinking about how this pandemic experience will change our worship experience when things return to something close to normal. We use Zoom for our services and do them live, with the exception of the music that is recorded in advance. What that means is that at our prayer time we can pray for needs in real time. In many churches I have been at, the pastor asks if there are any needs and most people remain silent. People seem much freer to express their thanksgivings and prayer request using the chat function in Zoom and they are all read aloud, which can take quite a while some Sundays, but that process helps us to support each other. Still, I really miss the human contact of an in-person service. FYI, we think we will end up with a hybrid service when this is over, one that is available virtually as well as in-person.

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  3. That’s exactly the kind of thing I was looking for on Christmas Eve, carols and lessons more or less. thanks for sharing. Excellent virtual choir by the way and I loved the candle being passed around. It must have taken quite some coordination. Well done to your church.

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  4. you even snuck a little Neil Diamond in here! Such a great post, Dan. Phoebe and Paul….it doesn’t get much better than that. I’ve been Catholic all my life but the singing…. Either it was hymns that the organist played at the slowest rate possible, or the highest key possible. Even when we brought guitars to Mass, it never sounded quite right. So glad to hear that you are a star in the car, too. When NPR drags a bit, I switch to the oldies station and really hit my stride!

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  5. Yes, I pray that it’s gone at last, because it sure has been a LONG tough string of bad luck. Dan, I had forgotten all about that song. Thanks for including the YouTube. I’m singing in my head, and after giving fair warning to Crystal, I’ll sing it out loud too! Thank you for this uplifting post! Also, thanks again for letting me use that particular photo with our Brother Love serial version. Hugs on magpie wings!

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  6. Two of my favorite songs, thank you! I was raised in Congrefationalist but chose at 16 to be baptized in the Baptist church. A very enthusiastic small in stature pastor influenced me. Then of course I moved to TX where the Baptist church was not to my liking at all.

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  7. Awesome post Dan!! Had to laugh….when I was serving as an elder in our church in San Diego, my family would laugh at me when I was up in front of the congregation singing hymns because only they knew I was lip synching the hymn because I am so flat when I sing.

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  8. Singing was really the only part of going to church that I really enjoyed. So many hymns in my life. My mother was always drafted for the choir because of her alto voice. The Old Rugged Cross was my favorite. I loved to hear my Mama sing How Great Thou Art.

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  9. I did 1 & 2 and can’t do 3 right now as my husband’s on a work call and I don’t feel like getting out my earbuds. Loved that post from the past. I love lots of Christian contemporary music but I still love the old hymns and get cranky when a new hymnal comes out and they’ve changed some word or some music. :-) I belt out songs while driving which these days may have people thinking I’m talking on the phone, but I’m ok with that.


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  10. I loved the old radio in the video and the song got me awake enough to finish up the evening tasks. My favorite part of church is the music. Makes it hard with zoom church, but sometimes they let me sing something. Thanks for the fun post!

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  11. I’m happy to sing along, as long as no-one is listening … happy singing while life takes us along with it – stay safe – Hilary


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