Friday Fun – #JusJoJan

Linda’s JusJoJan prompt today – Button – made me think of a people/process challenge I wrote about on my technology blog back in 2012. You can still read that, but it won’t help your Friday. The underlying subject was getting people to take action rather than to keep ignoring email reminders. One of my proposed solutions is shown below.

Sometimes, you have to lead people to the right choice.

I hope your Friday is a good one.


  1. Gosh, only 8 or 9 years ago and emails meant something. I love your solution, but these days, folks are deluged with emails from all directions and most of them are unsolicited and unimportant. Store sales, latest doomsday warnings, LinkedIn invitations, COVID updates, and so much more. Because of that, I’d simply update your message slightly with a hashtag – #Important or #LastChance. 🙂

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    • These messages were from a payment system. It tracked reimbursement requests and the various approvals through the whole process, and sent alerts at each step. It was mind-numbing, so people, including me, just started ignoring all of the alerts. Then we’d have to be reminded on the day the manager wanted to cut checks or make payments, because nothing was approved.

      Today, I get emails and text reminders (and spam in both arenas) that grow old quickly. I’ve been trying to tweak the alerts to be things that truly matter, and to adjust sounds so I know what I can ignore without looking at my phone.

      Have a good weekend, Gwen. Speaking of email alerts, I see your entry on SE is live – I’m heading over there soon.

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  2. I’m afraid I’m the dinosaur in the crowd. When I’m high I never have cellphone on. I only turn it on, in case of an emergency, when we leave the house. We have a landline. If anyone asks for a cellphone number, I tell them that I don’t have one! I do like your “solution” to getting people to take action to alerts and not ignore them! If nothing else, it’s good for a belly laugh!

    PS: Dan, I did a quick proofread and see my typo! I could’ve deleted it, but I decided to leave it alone. Makes my life sound more interesting, don’cha think?!

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    • Thanks Ginger. I was about to edit your comment, but in keeping with the humorous spirit of this post, we’ll leaved it alone.

      I think you would get along well with The Editor.


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