Three Stories & Candy – WATWB JusJoJan

My blog scheduling got confused this week. I wanted to be sure I had a post today, to mark the end of Just Jot January. January is such a hard month to navigate, and this daily prompt by Linda G. Hill is a bright spot. Whether I was participating or reading other’s as they played along or just reading Linda’s remarkable little stories, JusJoJan was helpful.

I also wanted to be sure to participate in the We Are The World Blogfest because that monthly blogfest has the goal of sharing good news, and I have found three bits of good news. But, I didn’t want to post six days in a row. So, as the title suggests, I’m going to go with the three stories for WATWB and share some photos featuring ‘Candy’ for Linda’s final JusJoJan prompt. And, just because the word ‘candy’ always makes me think of Natalie Merchant, I tossed that video in at the end.

The three stories were featured in a ThomasNet article for something they call “Amplify Friday” – which is a cool theme. Their post starts with what could have also been my One Liner Wednesday, but two prompts in one is enough. I think this is a message worth sharing,

Philosopher William James said: “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”

I’m going to hint at the stories in reverse order because the first one is my favorite.

The third story is about Michael Jordan helping to fight hunger:

“Former Chicago Bulls player Michael Jordan is donating $2 million from the proceeds of his recent Netflix documentary, The Last Dance, in an effort to battle food-access inequalities along racial lines.”

The second story is about a company that donated baby monitors to a hospital that needed some. But it the third story is the one that warms my heart.

“New York City’s disenfranchised are getting fresh opportunities to rebuild their lives in the construction industry, thanks to the Andromeda Community Initiative. The nonprofit educational organization, founded by entrepreneur John Kalafafatis, provides tuition-free classes in construction skills as well as certifications.”

Now, this isn’t just teaching people construction skills. This program is salvaging lives and salvaging buildings.

Currently, the construction school is set to have about 150 graduates. Among these are individuals who had been homeless or in jail. Perhaps fittingly, just as these students are renovating their careers, the program focuses on building restoration.

Right now, all costs are assumed by Kalafatis, an owner of several New York companies. When he emigrated from Greece to the U.S., he struggled financially. However, in 1989 he founded Skyline Restoration and began to make a name for himself through other projects. Now, he wants to give back to help others build their dreams.”

Again, you can read more about all three stories, here.

The “We are the World” Blogfest is in its third year. This blogfest’s goal is to spread the message of light, hope and love in today’s world. We are challenging all participants to share the positive side of humanity. This month’s co-hosts, Sylvia McGrath, Simon Falk Shilpa Garg, Mary Giese , and Belinda Witzenhausen welcome participants. You might want to join us in during future months. #WATWB is a blog hop on the last Friday of every month. If you want to SIGN UP for WE ARE THE WORLD – Click HERE to be part of the Light. Today’s gallery includes a few scenes from our yard as winter is approaching.


  1. This is a fun and interesting post, Dan. I have been reading other posts on the “Candy” prompt and now I have Reece’s peanut butter cups on my brain all day. I appreciate you sharing the three good news stories. These are stories that often do not show up in the headlines. You say it well “salvaging lives and salvaging buildings.” It also reminds me of the fable about ‘teaching someone to fish.’ Thank you for sharing a great post!

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed this Ericka. I’m sorry about the Reece’s image, it’s bothering me as well. Teaching someone to fish is a good analogy, these people are learning skills that will be in demand for many years to come.

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  2. He-Man and Big Baby Boy agree with your assessment on the Peanut Butter Egg being the best Reese’s of them all. As it’s their favorite as well.

    Those stories are great and are heartwarming. I like Erica thought of the saying about teaching people to fish.

    I hope you’re having a great week-end!


    • I’ll add one more check mark to the list of things I have in common with He-Man – I thing we have good values in common ;-) It’s easy with the Reese’s Eggs – flat out the best! This weekend has been cold but it’s gone well. I was very happy to read about the effort to teach these people these skills. These skills will be useful forever.

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  3. Ok, now I’m in the mood for a Reeses, or any one of those other treats you’ve pictured! Great stories and thanks for showing them. My favorite is dark chocolates. My mom used to make them at Christmas times with creamy fruit or nutty fillings. Oh, baby….😄

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  4. Out of the awfulness of this pandemic, we’ve seen so many bright spots in humanity – people willing to reach out a hand and help whatever way they can – from feeding the hungry, to providing jobs, to helping out the hospitals and Covid patients. It gives me hope that we are not completely lost in material things and self. Thanks for sharing these stories for WATWB, Dan!

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  5. I worked with a gal whose last name was Reese. Supervisor used to laugh at how she and I told people our names over the phone. I was: “Lois. Like Lois Lane.” She was: “Reese. Like Reese’s pieces.”
    I do like that James quote. People really need to take that one to heart.

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  6. These are truly heartwarming stories Dan. Too bad the national and local media don’t pick up on more of these kinds of stories. They not only provide a great uplift to all who read them, they would surely motivate someone or groups of people to join together to get a similar project going in their own area.

    However, just looking at all this candy seems to have given me four cavities!! My dentist thanks you!

    Think positive. Test negative.

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    • Thanks Ginger – sorry about the cavities. I do wish we saw these stories gain more attention. These are very good things. A man, comes to America poor and worried. He builds a successful business, and he starts thinking about helping others. That’s remarkable.


  7. I’m borrowing Natalie Merchant for my playlist for tomorrow. It’s all about sweet stuff.

    Love that last story about teaching people renovation skills. The world desperately needs people with those skills.

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  8. If we can come out of the pandemic with goodwill and training to top it off, well, it just might have been worth it. We all need a way to make a living and we need folks to open their hearts and help others. Thank you for the stories, the candy, and the hope!

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    • I’m glad you agree, Gwen. These are skills that will benefit these people for the rest of their lives. We help some people today, we help some people prepare for tomorrow – we have hope (and chocolate).


  9. Great stories to help lift us out of our Covid funk. I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups but I hardly eat them anymore. I’m not trying to be good, I just haven’t been into an actual grocery store for a long, long time so I’ve been unable to make a impulsive purchase. When we order our groceries for curbside pick up, my inner adult won’t allow me to add them to our cart. Damn her!

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  10. Let me first just say…Chocolate peanut butter egg!!!!!!!! What I like about that third story is that people are gaining skills, not just being given something that will help for the short term (although that’s often needed as well) but something that can help them help themselves. Thanks for sharing that.


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    • I am glad you liked that story, Janet. That was my thought as well, that these people are learning skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives. We will never run out of buildings to repair.

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  11. I like all the candies you pictured, Dan, and I’m glad to see you know the best one of all: the Reese’s PB egg. A couple of those and some cold milk are a real delight.

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  12. Hi Dan – so pleased to read these three stories … it’s good to read about people who’ve made names for themselves in whatever arena – who are prepared to step up and help those in need, especially food poverty. Baby monitors an essential to help in the hospital.
    While the construction company – I really think we could help so many homeless, and/or prisoners improve themselves … it’s brilliant.
    Thanks for sharing these with us for the #WATWB in January … stay safe – Hilary
    PS – thank goodness I’ve resisted the candy part! I try not to buy …

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  13. Brilliant post, loved all three stories, particularly the one about Mr. Kalafatis’s initiative!
    Also love the song, had totally forgotten about this 10,000 Maniacs gem, will definitely be adding it to my playlist.
    Oooh chocolate….😮, need sugar free though lol!
    Thanks so much for sharing this and for being a part of the #WATWB
    Have a fantastic week!

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    • Thanks Belinda. I loved that band, and Natalie Merchant as a solo act. Her voice is amazing.

      The story about teaching these people skills they can use the rest of their lives really felt good. It’s such a wonderful thing for him to do.


  14. Three stories is three times the good news, Dan. Three great stories they are too. As you said, the construction training warms the heart. We will need to keep building community too, coming through COVID and the poliitical instability that has been part of our lives. Thanks for all you do for WATWB and in the blog world at large.

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  15. Well that’s nice :)
    We have gobs of candy in our office. Bulk candy. At least 20 varieties. Of course, we do consume it but it also goes a long way to comfort nervous clients.

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