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We got another 5″(13cm) of snow yesterday which I had to clear before the Super Bowl started. In case you lost your prop bet on the over/under of the national anthem, you’re a winner today – no  blathering – just a gallery. Maybe I should start prop bets on the over/under of my one-liner Wednesday post. How do you feel about 600 words?


  1. HAHAHAH! 600 sounds good! 🤗 Picture definitely looks better with the dog in it! Nice shots of Colt building/Connecticut River. Gotta love the timing of the snow plows! Going to be a very cold week with more snow on the way. 😤😡

    Think positive. Test negative.

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    • I’m glad you like the photos, Ginger. Yes, better with dog… I was talking to my brother (Iowa) during the second half of the game. He’s had (and will have for a week) single digit highs and below 0 lows. On Saturday, it “warmed up” from -17 to -2. I don’t consider that warming.


  2. Beautiful but so cold! We’re in the 20s ourselves. My favorite photo — Maddie lying on your pant leg. How sweet is that! Hope it warms up for you soon, Dan. 🙂

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    • She likes to use me as a pillow, Gwen. I guess it’s nice to have a purpose ;-)

      It’s going to be a cold week, and we are supposed to get more snow, but who knows how much.


    • Thanks GP. I missed most of the first half. I was rooting for KC, but I wasn’t really invested in either side. I have friends who are fans of one or the other team. I’m happy for the Bucs fans.

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  3. You have pretty snow, Dan, although I bet it doesn’t feel that way when you have to remove it. It’s looking like the depths of winter here after our first named snowfall of the season and the blue skies and sunshine of the frigid Canadian air. Maddie looks pretty comfy on the couch and I can’t imagine that draping yourself across The Master is a hardship over sitting outside or going for a walk.

    We skipped the Super Bowl for different TV entertainment and probably a good thing. I would have been sorely disappointed for three hours. Happy our-teams-will-try-again-next-year Monday!

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    • In retrospect, it was a good thing I stayed with the snow removal task. I missed the first half of the game and I didn’t half to go out this morning to chisel through what the plow left. I think I had a better time than most AFC fans.

      Maddie usually finds a way to get comfy. We won’t be sitting outside this week, unless the temps get higher than what’s in the forecast.

      Take care and try to stay warm.

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    • I missed the first half. I watched the second half “with” my brother (phone). I miss being able to stop at that park almost every day. You never know when the conditions are going to be right for those pictures. I’m glad I got these.

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  4. The reflection photos are so pretty! I can remember my dad getting so angry after he had shoveled our driveway, only to have the snowplow come by and block him all in again. It does look pretty, though. I don’t understand the whole over/under the national anthem thing. It was different, but it wasn’t that bad…I didn’t think, anyway.

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  5. Lovely images of the buildings in the snow. Were those taken in the early morning or evening? We semi-watched the first half, got bored and turned it off soon into the second half. I have to admit that I’ve finally reached the age where I had no idea who the halftime entertainer was… and didn’t care a wit.

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  6. You got really hammered by all the snow last weekend. It barely grazed us. We’ve been waking up to a light dusting each morning for the past several days. It doesn’t really amount to much and I’m ok with that.

    There was a big football game this weekend? 😉

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    • These storms seem to be coming up the coast or across from the Midwest. I’m OK with that. The ones that come down from your neck of the woods are usually major events.

      Big game for some. Not very interesting for me.

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  7. New England’s former quarterback didn’t miss a beat moving down south. Hopefully the win will take out a few notches in Mahome’s superego.

    We got 4 inches of snow Saturday night that flaked into Sunday’s daylight hours. Unfortunately, all that lovely snow is gone already and we may hit 50 degrees today. I long for more snow.

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  8. Ooo, I love the winter night tree picture. And, of course, that pretty redhead! We got a dusting, but it’s all melted off. They’re threatening a wintry mix for tonight, but maybe we’ll luck out again and it’ll pass us over. A little lamb’s blood on the doorposts, maybe?

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  9. Those first four pics are amazing, Dan! Ha, you mention that plow guy trying to catch the second half of the Super Bowl, but it sounds like it was enough of a blowout that he should have just taken his time.

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