1. Will this be one site that keeps all the doors photos, updated weekly with the current doors? It’s a great idea, but seems like a lot of work for you. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the concept.

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    1. The page will have all the links to the recent week’s posts. It’s not much work. I’ll warn you ahead of time – I’m going to explain how I do it tomorrow. I’ll have photos, you can skip the geeky stuff 😏

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  2. First of all, it’s Sunday, what are doing in Blogsville? Happy to see you though.

    I checked the list and it seems like a good idea, but being as the list is so long, perhaps the bloggers’ locations should be included. It would be difficult for everybody to go and visit everyone of those blogs, I’m thinking. That way they could pick the ones that interest them.

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    1. You make a good point, GP. I’m not sure how I can do that, but it’s a worthy goal. It might be possible to glean the location of the blogger, but I don’t know how I would extract the location of the individual post. Of course, the blogger could give it to me, if they use a Pingback. More to come on this subject. Thanks for giving me a few minutes of your Sunday.

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      1. I use reusable blocks on my WP.
        Maybe creating one such block (perhaps with bloggers’ names and locations (we could provide this so you only have to copy/paste), inserting it the weekly blog post, and just editing it with the links?

        I also posted a second solution on the ‘recap post’. :)

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        1. I’m going to ask participants to complete a short form for me. I’ll use that to improve my lookup table. Then i can include whatever they want to say about themselves. At this point, this is very much on autopilot.

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  3. looked at the calendar to make sure it was Sunday when I saw you posted today! I thought, ” Oh my, did I miss Sunday completely!?” 😂

    I like the idea of a weekly recap with the links to all the previous week’s or current week’s entries. I hope it’s not too much work for you. I look forward to h̶e̶a̶r̶i̶n̶g̶ reading your plans for it.

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    1. I know, it’s very odd for me to post on a Sunday. Sorry if I threw you off course.

      I’m working to make this as easy and as useful as possible. Those are, unfortunately, somewhat competing goals. I hope I can figure it out. I appreciate the feedback, Deborah.

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  4. If I understand you correctly, this would present as a list of the week’s Thursday Doors posts which we could easily scroll through and visit those that interest us as opposed to having to scroll through the comments on each Thursday to find them. If so, I very much like that idea. Just don’t run yourself into the ground. But I understand tech driven projects. You guys actually love this stuff. 😉

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  5. Hi Dan – I can see the logic … we’ll still have your original post to scroll through if we wish to – but can visit this curated page too … I must say I’d quite like the location … perhaps country … most can be found by looking … or city – probably a request would be needed. Then you’d have the problem of you in Connecticut – but posting about NY or Pittsburgh … and others … good luck!! Cheers – Hilary

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    1. Thanks Hilary. I do think I can add the location of the blogger, or perhaps for a summary as to what they normally blog about (travel, history, art, etc.), at least if the bloggers are willing to provide it.

      And yes, nothing will change about the way my Thursday post works.

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  6. Hmmm… a basic recap post of a weekly feature can be a good idea, but I don’t understand about the relevance of grouping by location. Location of blogger, or location of doors? That just sounds like a whole heap of headache to me! :-)

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    1. Thanks Ruth. Right now, I have the basic recap, and it’s fairly easy to do. I think I can add some additional information about the blogger, if they ware willing to provide it. It may not be necessary, but it shouldn’t do any harm, and it won’t be extra work for me, other than a few minutes up front one time.

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