Abbot & Costello & Skippy – #SoCS

Here we are at the end of February, the month that, depending on where you live, gets a big wet kiss goodbye or a warning about not letting the door… We spent a little more on heating oil and electricity, we wore more clothes and traction devices on our boots, but we survived. Today, we’re celebrating, toasting each other and a mistake at the bar allows me to jump in with Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘-sty.’ Find a word that ends in ‘-sty’ or use the word ‘sty.’ Enjoy!”

If we were having a beer, we would be one small step away from slapstick.

“Hey guys, I saw you come in. Here’s a John Howell’s Special for David and a frosty glass of Corona for Dan.”

“Hi, Skippy. Do you have Corona on tap now?”

“We do today. Cheryl said they shipped us a keg by mistake. She wouldn’t let us tap it until today. She wanted to make sure there was enough for you.”

“Awww, that’s sweet.”

“And I put some glasses in the cooler.”

“Did you wash them?”

“No, they were already clean.”

“Phew, I mean thanks. Too bad someone didn’t ship a better playlist by mistake. I’m getting tired of the back half of the seventies.”

“Skippy, did you get the shipment of cherries?”

“Huh? Oh, cherries. I’ll be right back David.”

“Cheers Dan. If you can name that tune, you’re getting your wish.”

“Here’s your cherries, David.”

“You’re right, David. That is better.”

“Better? What, the cherries, the frosty glass?”

“American Woman.”


“The song, Skippy. The playlist. It’s at the good end of the seventies.”

“I’m not familiar. My girlfriend would know, she’s all over pop culture trivia.”

“Was she alive in nineteen-seventy?”

“No but she knows a lot of oldies. So, who sings this?”

“The Guess Who.”

“The Eagles?”

“No, the Guess Who.”

“The Beatles?”

“What? No.”

“Dan, what’s the name of the song again?”

“American Woman.”

“Hang on…dammit!”


“I texted my girlfriend and she told me to guess who.”

“No, Skippy. You’re being obtuse.””

“What? Isn’t that some kind of math thing, Dan?

“Yes, you’re an angle that’s greater than ninety-degrees.”

“Why would you say that?”

“I wouldn’t, Skippy. Why would you go there?”

“Give it a rest Dan.”

“Skippy, Obtuse also means to be slow to understand.”

“Slow to understand what, David? Everyone keeps telling me to guess. I guessed, I guessed wrong.”


“Yes David.”

“Who’s on first?”


“That was a hint, albeit not a very good one. If you aren’t familiar with music from nineteen-seventy, I doubt your familiar with comedy from nineteen-fifty-three.”

“I don’t understand any of this.”


“What, Dan?”

“The name of the band is the Guess Who.”

“Really, is that like the full name of The Who?”

“No. It’s a different band.”

“Seriously, and that’s their name? I never heard of them.”

“Yes. They were a popular band from Canada.”

“I guess that explains it.”

“Explains wha…”


“Yes David?”

“Don’t go there. There are too many good people in Canada.”

“You guys want another round?”

“We most certainly do.”

Today’s post is less fiction than most. Cheryl is out today, mainly because we never pick on Cheryl. If you like, you can check out her recent posts here. As for me, I’m heading over to the river to get on board the Delta Pearl with Teagan . Beneath the gallery is the song we were listening to.


  1. I don’t remember what the dispute was over (probably a crazy-ass cat that habitually bit me), but a college roommate once told me, “You’re just being deliberately obtuse!”

    I didn’t recall ever hearing that term in context outside of Geometry class. And I responded, unironincally with a slackened jaw, “I…..don’t….know….what…you mean..”

    She laughed and the argument ended.

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    • Perfect response 🙂

      My first thought was the same as Skippy’s, whaaaa??? I confess to having to look it up. I was accused in college as well, but by a professor. It’s sad when you don’t understand the insult you just received (and it ends up being ironic).


      • I was just recalling my first Corona beer.

        Some college friends used to come to Chicago when the Cardinals were playing the Cubs because they had a friend who was a Cards relief pitcher.

        After one game my friends went to back to hotel to change clothes, and the pitcher (Rob) invited me to a party that Rick Sutcliffe (then with Cards) was hosting at a bar across the street.

        Rob, told me he was getting a Corona and he asked me if I wanted one. “Sure,” I said.

        As we drank them, Rob said, “I have to make sure when I’m in public that I drink a ‘family’ beer. ”

        He explained that Anahuser-Busch (then) had 20% stake in Corona’s parent so Corona’s were cool with the Busch family (who owned the Cardinals).

        He then told a story of a Cards player who was spotted out drinking a competitor’s beer and the next day he learned he’d been traded to Milwaukee so he could “drink their beer full time.”

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        • Haha – that’s funny. That would be like one fo the Steelers players asking for Hunt’s Ketchup on his burger. I love the way so many of the sports rivalries started out as bigger than baseball or football. In Pittsburgh, the rivalry with Cincinnati and Cleveland included steel mills bidding for big jobs like Interstate bridges.


  2. American Skippy, stay away from me
    American Skippy, oh son let me be
    Don’t come a hangin’ around my bar
    I don’t want to hear obtuse no more
    I got more important beer to do
    Than spend my time feeling old with you
    Now Skippy, I said stay away
    American Skippy, listen what I say

    Have an awesome good 70’s kind of weekend, Dan, and rock on.

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    • Thanks Teagan. I would need a video camera with a long lens to capture those squirrels chasing each other. They were up and down and round and round. I guess it’s the feisty season in Squirrelville.

      I was very happy to visit the Delta Pearl today. That is a great episode.

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      • Thanks so much! I’m happy you liked the “voyage.”
        The area where I lived in DC was very much an “urban forest.” The squirrels would chase each other across the branches, high above the ground, from one tree to the next. I rarely see any here. There would probably be more if all my row of trees in back hadn’t died. They’re fun to watch. But the pigeons who took over are pretty comical.

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  3. If the announcer reads the playlist before the play on the field guess who is on Second Base. What happens next ? Tell Skippy to put on some wings and to get you guys another round. I will be back in a little while. It is time for my vaccine appointment. And warn him to keep his girl friend on speed dial. We have to figure out the pitcher for tomorrow’s game and what tune is playing during the seventh inning stretch. They are having a special on tickets. Bring a cardboard friend for spacing and tickets are half price. It is a tasty deal. Now as the white rabbit said to Alice…

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    • John, John, John, What’s on second! I hope the shot goes smoothly. I hope by the time you’re fully protected, there’s a New Mother Nature taking over and a new splendid lady come to call in your garden.

      Enjoy the jab.

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    • I created Skippy to be behind the bar on days like this, I’m too fond of Cheryl to beat her up. I had my beer, David his cherries and we’re ready to pick it up where we left off. I’m glad you enjoyed this and the Delta Pearl – that was a great episode.

      Take care, Robbie.

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  4. Super post, Dan. I enjoyed the back and forth with Skippy. I did miss your “sty” word for some reason, but that’s just me. Cuter photos. I always like to see Smokey with his peanut. Maddie looks fabulous as usual, and you are right about MiMi’s feet.

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  5. Good stuff! Really good take on the structure of the dialogue! Haha! I wasn’t around for 1953 or 1970 and I know them both. I bet my kids know the song, but not who sings it, even the remake, I bet they don’t know. I doubt my kids know Who’s on First. I will inquire.
    I am correct. Also, Sassy’s version of American Woman involved head bobbing and air guitar, so we’ll give her extra points for enthusiasm!
    Also great photos, always great photos :)

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    • Hahaha – thanks for checking. Agreed, Sassy gets bonus points for getting into the music. I was going to include a clip of Who’s on First, but it’s over 8 minutes long. I wasn’t aware of a remake. Now I have to go check.

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    • The pine needles struck me as amazing, Deborah. Freezing rain always has an icicle like appearance. Freezing frost accretes on the needles and always looks more delicate. I hope your weekend is off to a good start.

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      • They looked pretty amazing in the shot.

        You find me frustrated at the moment. None of the places I want to shoot the moon tonight are lining up! Of course it involves a bit of math and I’m really not good at that bit so, the research continues!
        I hope your week-end has started off on a much better foot. 😀

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  6. Ha! You could have really made his head spin if you’d said, “No, Skippy, we aren’t talking about Jefferson Airplane/Jefferson Starship/Starship here.” Lol Great dialogue. Thanks for the ping. Glad you are getting warmer here. I’m airing out my sweaters right now. 🤦‍♀️

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    • I wouldn’t do that to Skippy. I had to give you the day off – I can never make fun of you. We’re getting warmer but it snowed early today and we’re left with a cold drizzle. Take care.


  7. Aw, Poor Skippy. I remember when my first boyfriend wanna be from around the corner came over with the “American Woman” 45 and whispered, “Listen to the ending! They say a cussword at the end.” He was at least a year younger than me, which in Jr High school made a difference. I love your photographic leaf captures!

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  8. Abbot and Costello. What a fun trip down Memory Lane! Thanks. I’m afraid poor Skippy will never quite catch up, but you gotta love him. He has a good sense of humor. He knows he’s being mocked, especially by David, yet he remains polite. He tries so hard to be “one of the guys”, yet he knows that will never happen. I give him a lot of credit for hanging on always being the scapegoat. Dan, I’m sending you some virtual money so the next time Skippy is filling in for Cheryl, please buy him a drink compliments of Murphy and me.

    Those squirrels frolicking in the tree are too cute. It’s so much fun watching them when they’re playing. MiMi certainly keeps her Yoga up, and nothing prettier than MuMu freshly brushed. Smokey and his peanut, Maddie guarding her newfound leaf, and the lone leaf rising above the ice patch are all great pictures. Soon, instead of snow and ice, your pictures will reflect the many signs of spring. Woohoo!

    Happy last weekend in February Dan.

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    • Thanks Ginger. I’ll buy Skippy and his girlfriend a round next time we see him on the customer dude of the bar. He takes a lot of punishment, but only because I can’t pick on Cheryl.

      I think the squirrels have spring fever. That’s likely to result in more squirrels 😏 MiMi liked to stay limber.

      I hope you guys have a nice easy weekend.


    • I started working for the company I retired from on Feb 29th. I jokingly said “if I’m ever here 5 years, I’ll buy everyone a beer.” 20 years later, I was footing the bill for an open bar.


  9. I knew you would be using ‘frosty’ today. That was quite a comedy routine. I hope most of your foul weather has started the turn into spring. The Guess Who was the first concert I ever attended. My mom did a similar routine with me when she asked who I was going to see. Classic song. Shame on Skippy.

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  10. Who’s on first? I knew the Guess Who and I know lots more from that era. :-) I know this month is a day (or two) shorter than other months but it still went by amazingly fast as has the year. It’s been 11 months since we moved to Arizona which is hard to believe. Ahh, well, hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, Dan.


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  11. OMG, I have never laughed so hard. This was a classic Abbott and Costello moment. Everyone should know and laugh at “Who’s on first?” On a side note, Skippy and my co-teacher are probably the same age, although she is really the math genius like you. Their similarities in music are identical. When I asked her to play some show tunes, like Rodgers and Hammerstein… yup, she asked “Who is that?” I loved the photo gallery, especially the flag and your caption, “One flag-every American.” Terrific post, Dan. Thank you.

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  12. Like so many others, Dan, I loved your comedy routine. For some reason, I learned the non-math definition of obtuse early on. If someone had asked me if I was deliberately being obtuse, I’d probably have replied that I was just trying to be acute. Yeah, I am one of “those” kind of guys who like puns and word plays and it helps to work all of the angles. We warmed up considerably this past week and all of our snow is gone except for some of the larger piles that shrink each day but refuse to disappear completely. The melt-refreeze cycle is such a dangerous period–we had a bunch of accidents a little while back when the commuting day began with sheets of black ice. I am glad I had no need to be on the road at that time, a real benefit of retirement.

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