Twilight Zone, Bubblegum & Whiskey – SoCS

We have closed the first week of March which officially roared into New England like a lion so I’m hoping she remembers to act like a lamb on the way out. We are hiding from the cold at the bar, hoping to relax, while we try to navigate Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘butter.’ Use it as a noun, use it as a verb, use it any way you’d like. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be catching up, at least that’s what I think.

“Good afternoon, my young friend. Did you get your life and your butter out of the Twilight Zone?

“Funny you should put it that way, David.”

“Dan, you do understand, it was a greeting, a figure of speech, I wasn’t really asking a question.”

“David, you should know better. You’re talking to the man who was asked to give up answering rhetorical questions for Lent.”

“Haha, I know Cheryl. Maybe I can bribe my way out of it. Give the young man a Corona and set me up with a John Howell’s Special.”

“I’ll be right back.”

“Dan, I’m going to hate myself for asking this, but why did you find my rhetorical question funny?”

“It’s just that I watched one of the bread-and-butter episodes of the Twilight Zone this week.”

“OK, now for a real question, what are you talking about?”

“Bread-and-butter. Don’t you remember saying that when we were kids in the sixties?”

“No, but I remember the song by the Newbeats. That might have been bubblegum, though.”

“Yeah, I remember that song, but the bread-and-butter thing was a superstition. You know, if you and your girlfriend were going to walk on opposite sides of a lamppost.”

“Like you had a girlfriend in the sixties.”

“I could have, but that phrase came up twice in the Twilight Zone.”

“Here you go, boys. A nice cold Corona, sorry we’re back to bottles, Dan, and bourbon, ice and seltzer for the old man who can stay quiet.”

“Thanks Cheryl. Cheers Dan. Are we done with your story?”

“Well, I was going to mention the episodes.”

“Of course, you were.”

“The one I saw last week was ‘Nick of Time’ with…”

“William Shatner. I remember that episode, Dan. I even remember when he said bread-and-butter. His wife looked at him like he was crazy.”

“He was. A little.”

“So what was the second episode?”

“It was the one with the old folks in the retirement home, ‘Kick the Can,’ remember?”

“I remember the episode, but not the bread-and-butter part.”

“Charles Whitley, the main character, reminds his friend Benny that he used to believe in magic, hinting that he should believe in it again.”

“Oh, that’s right, bread-and-butter, baby teeth, he used them as examples. OK, are we done now?”

“Unless you want to talk about Maddie’s.”

“Your dog?”

“The diner.”

“You had breakfast at Maddie’s?”

“I did. I had to bring my car in for an oil change on Thursday.”

“Well, I do not want to talk about that. I was munching on an oatmeal-raisin breakfast bar.”

“Speaking of munching, David, I forgot your cherries.”

“Thanks Cheryl. I’m so used to Skippy, I figured they were buried under the ice.”

“You know I wouldn’t do that. Here you go.”


“Interest, and, if you guys are still talking about butter, I have something for you to try.”

“They made the dinner rolls early for once?”

“No, David. Take a sip of seltzer and clean your palate, then try this.”

“Holy moly, that tastes like a Reese’s Cup. What is it?”

“Skrewball peanut butter flavored whiskey. Dan, you want a taste?”

“Sure, I like peanut butter.”

“Here you go. “

“Oh my, that is smooth.”

Before the current thaw began, I took a short walk through a small park that lies near the point where the Farmington River empties into the Connecticut River. The gallery includes some photos from that walk. Beneath the gallery is that song by the Newbeats.


  1. Hahahaha
    Seriously wonder what that would taste like “ Skrewball peanut butter flavored whiskey”
    And The Newbeats closing song was a perfect fit for an ending to this SOC post
    PS was thinking of you with Twilight Zone a while back – so that was fun here too

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  2. Peanut butter whiskey sounds like something I might not wish to try – like our garlic ice cream spotlighted at our garlic festivals down here. But who knows, I might like it!!
    Sorry March was so rough on you. I rather enjoyed our Winter and wish it stayed like that!!

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    • Haha – it won’t be long, GP before we’re both complaining about the heat. It was 24 when Maddie and I walked today. I don’t want it to stay like this. That whiskey was actually pretty good. I did try garlic ice cream at a festival in California. I’m not a fan.

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  3. Peanut butter flavored whiskey? I am not a whiskey drinker, but might be tempted to try this variety. I am also tempted to try Fireball whiskey since I am a huge fan of Atomic Fireballs. When I was still working, I would sometimes have a tub of them on my desk. Unlike chocolate candies, which people would consume by the handful, the fireballs tended to last longer. I am impressed that the sign refers to “anglers,” but worry that some fishermen might not realize that the sign refers to them. I was noticing recently how early it is getting light, but that should change in a week when we switch to Daylight Saving Time. Your photos are wonderful, Dan, with the usual cast of characters, but my eyes were immediately drawn to the plate of eggs and sausage–I should not read your postings on an empty stomach.

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    • I had the same thought about the sign, Mike. Maybe they want to be inclusive and fear using “fishermen” – people are easily offended these days. The whiskey was pretty good. We used to have Fireballs in the office, too. I was the guy bringing in chocolate – you’re right about how quickly that moved. Sorry about the breakfast shot. If it’s any consolation, I’m having toast :(


  4. “Did you get your life and your butter out of the Twilight Zone?” ??? I never heard of that expression: get your life and your butter out of X. ‘Splain, please Loosie. Thank you for the trout/salmon visual aid. Next time I go fishing and a trout tries to tell me he’s really a juvenile salmon, I’ll know better.

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  5. Oh Lordy, is another trend coming down the pipeline where everything edible will also be made tasting like peanut butter….. just like it did with pumpkin? Ewwwww!

    Maddie looks quite proud of herself having commandeered your seat Dan! You really need to get Smokey a helmet so he can ride safely. And MiMi’s feet will forever remain a mystery to us mere mortals! The bunny has definitely found an acceptable home. I think you’ll see baby bunnies before too long!

    Really nice shots showing winter on the run. Let’s hope it takes Covid-19 with it!

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    • The bartender said the PB whiskey was a big fad a few years ago. They keep a bottle handy because they add it a drink that includes a chocolate liqueur.

      We joke that Maddie moves to the pillows when she’s done with me. I had been sitting with her using my feet as a pillow. I get up for more coffee and she’s like – “you can go now.” MiMi bends in ways I’ll never understand. That’s when I like to grab her foot and ask her which one it is.

      All of the bunnies have found the AC compressor refuge. I’m not sure if it protects them from the wind, or if it holds the heat from the foundation, or if someone was chasing them. They normally scoot under my workshop. We have had baby bunnies each year for the past several years. It wouldn’t surprise me. That’s when Smokey and MiMi get knocked off the Cute Winner’s stand.

      I agree, let’s hope winter drags Covid out of here when it hits the road in two weeks. Until then, have a wonderful weekend, Ginger. Thanks for starting your day at the bar.


  6. Another fun dialogue, Dan. I especially liked the photos that followed. The one of Maddie, resting in your usual spot, brought a smile. Smart dog, she knows how to get your attention. 😊

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  7. Looks like The Newbeats came up for both of us, Dan. I couldn’t stop looking at the fish poster. I never realized how similar the two fish are. I wonder about the coloring though? I guess I never thought about them being in the same waters. Great conversation at the bar, Not sure about the whiskey though.

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    • I didn’t remember who sang that song, either, Maggie. In previous years, they just had an image of the salmon. I guess they added the trout so people wouldn’t make the mistake. They have two signs, on with a yellow background and a little color to the fish, but it was much harder to read in my photo.

      I wouldn’t make that whiskey a regular thing, but the sample was pretty good.

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  8. You gave up answering rhetorical questions for Lent–that made me laugh! Every good Catholic knows you give up chocolate for Lent! 🙄 Smokey on the bike is so darn cute! I am picturing him crankin’ that baby up and scaring the other critters. I am not a whiskey drinker but peanut butter flavored…..I would definitely have to try it. Ah, the fishing sign..I’m glad to see that Florida does not have a lock on weird signs. You know the anglers know the difference–it’s the non-anglers they need to worry about! Have a great weekend, Dan.

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    • So, in answer to Mike’s comment, maybe the use of the word “anglers” was a compliment to the non-anglers (although I’m sure you have a better word fro them) to get them to read the sign. I tried giving up coffee one year for Lent. After about 3-4 days, my wife brought me a cup and said “drink this, or else.” I guess it was making me grumpy. Chocolate has never been an option. I do think Smokey would like to take that bike for a spin. The whiskey was pretty good. I don’t drink whiskey often, but…

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  9. I can see why that’s your favorite bridge. Love the arches! At first I, the only William Shatner TZ episode I could think of was the one on the plane. Thanks for reminding me. “Kick the Can” makes me think of the movie, Cocoon. At least we can stay young at heart. Have a great Saturday!

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  10. Dan, huge thanks for the shout-out for the latest “Dead of Winter” — you’re a gem.
    “…asked to give up answering rhetorical questions for Lent,” slayed me. Ha!
    The gallery is beautiful today — especially the bridge shots. But I really loved the empty road going along the trees and snow-covered riverbank. Stay safe and well. Here’s to a lamby March. Hugs on the wing.

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    • I’m glad you mentioned that photo, Teagan. It’s one of the things we can only see in winter. In a month or so, I’ll be looking for the few breaks in the leaves to get a picture of the water.

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  11. Wai..wha…is that little shotglass in the first photo the only one of this amazing new whiskey? 😕
    I loved Twilight Zone, the movie.
    The retirement home sequence was my favorite. I hope you are headed for a real thaw, Dan. 🙂

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  12. You gave me a good laugh with Mimi’s paw. She’s either a great contortionist or a kitty with magical abilities.

    I gave up potato chips for lent, but I like your supposed vow of not answering rhetorical questions better. Very creative! Natasha says I make too many rhetorical comments, like “So, you’re making eggs tonight,” as she stands over the stove making eggs. If I ever want to drive her crazy…

    Cheers, Dan! With peanut butter whiskey and a lovely weekend! :-)

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    • I’m not sure her legs are all always attached, Mary. They e3nd up sticking out all over the place. I’m chuckling at the rhetorical comments. I’d say something like that.

      I’m not planning to buy a bottle of the whiskey, but if you ever see it, you might want to try a shot. Especially if you’re drinking one of those chocolate stouts ;-)


  13. Peanut butter whiskey? Hmmm, not at all sure about that. My preference runs more towards peaty, but who knows? I don’t remember an of the episodes you’re talking about but since we didn’t get a TV until I was in high school (and away at high school as well), we didn’t really see a lot of TV shows and certainly none regularly. My grandparents had a TV so when we visited them on the farm, we’d watch in the evenings.

    But my favorite part of the whole stream today is this: “asked to give up answering rhetorical questions for Lent.” That really made me laugh.


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  14. I like that Kick the Can episode. I watched it not too long ago. I don’t remember the bread and butter line though.

    The stone bridge is wonderful. I love them too. Did you see the stone bridges in Yosemite? The stone is different but the design is very similar to yours there.

    I have to finish listening to the song now or else it’s gonna be stuck in my head. 😀🧈🍞

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  15. Intrigued by the peanut butter whiskey, but it’s Reese’s egg time and I don’t want overkill :P
    That’s nice about the salmon. I am now thinking about a stuffed salmon filet and a pan of scalloped potatoes…

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  16. Um. On the whisky, I will have to reserve judgement. Lovely photos. Liked the salmon sign. I never knew Connecticut had salmon. Live and learn. Breakfast looked ideal. I had an olfactory hallucination thinking I could smell the rye toast. Thanks for the mention. Have a great Sunday.

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  17. Whew, finally have a chance to read and respond. It has been a very busy day. I think bread and butter means something different up here. I know it as Your Livelihood. And that episode of the Twilight Zone, Kick the Can is one of my favourites. Haven’t we all wondered if we could go back? Enjoyed this post.

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    • Yes, that’s a meaning here as well. I don’t think people do this anymore. Then again, a guy and a girl walking today are probably both looking at their phones so it would be 🍞🧈

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  18. Peanut butter whiskey may just drive me to drink. That sounds delicious. Ash Wednesday hit in the middle of our freak snowstorm. With all the chaos, we missed the start. Maybe I should give up taking things like water & flushing toilets for granted – year round, Lent or no Lent.

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  19. Now I have a bubble gum song stuck in my head. Maybe peanut butter whisky would erase it? Ha! This was a fun post, Dan. I really love the stone bridge. Spring will try to arrive later this week.

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  20. Cheers to a clever take on the prompt – you’ve put yourself bread and butter above Skippy’s efforts once again. Too bad he wasn’t there to see it! I LOVE Maddie’s expression on the couch – she’s so darn adorable. I hope the melt is slow for your area – all that snow melting at once could make for quite the flooding?!

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