Good Bad and Special – #SoCS

Here we are at the bar, on the anniversary of not being at the bar. In honor of this day, our host, Linda G. Hill thinks, “it would be interesting to see not just how everyone has coped, or not, over the last year, but to share our common experiences as a way to connect, to feel a little less alone, perhaps. She offers that in conjunction with her Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘day/week/month/year.’ Use one, use them all, use them any way you’d like. Enjoy!”

If we were having a beer, we would be looking back over the past year and wondering how we actually made it.

“Good afternoon, Dan. How are things?”

“Things are good, David, but I was wondering if you might be interested in helping me answer some questions?”

“Is one of them, ‘what will you be drinking?’ Because my answer to that is John Howell’s Bourbon.”

“I heard that. I bring that right over, along with a cold Corona for the quiz master.”

“It’s not me, these questions come from Linda G. Hill.”

“The prompt lady?”

“I think she might prefer ‘author’ but yes, the prompt lady, David.”

“OK, author, What are the questions?”

“She wants us to share experiences around the words ‘day/week/month/year.’ As we look back over the past year.”

“Ugh, Dan. That’s sounds kind of hard. I mean I’d have to think about that, and as you know, I don’t come here to think.”

“I know, David, so I’m going to make it easy.”

“Here you go, bourbon, ice, seltzer and cherries and a Corona.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“OK, Dan. What’s easy question number one?”

“What was the worst day in the past year?”

“That’s easy. One year ago, today, we showed up and the bar was closed.”

“Cheryl did sneak us in the back.”

“Yes, but it was still pretty bad.”

“OK, what was the best day?”

“October seventeenth.”

“What happened on October seventeenth, David.”

“My mother-in-law turned eighty-eight.”

“But you couldn’t celebrate, could you?”

“No Dan, we could not. That’s why it was the best day!”

“OK, that’s somewhat specific to you and your family situation. Mind if I add a best day for me?”

“Knock yourself out, Dan.”

“I think my best day was in here, on October third.”

“Oh, please. That was the day of Teagan’s party where I never got a drink.”

“Yeah, but it was so nice. So many people came to help celebrate.”

“Ha! OK, how about the worst week?”

“I’d have to say the first full week of lockdown. That was awful.”

“I’d have to agree, David. And I submit that the best week was the week of June twenty-second. This place opened, I got a haircut and I had breakfast at Allegro.”

It’s gonna be hard to pick a month, Dan. March, April, May – remember May? They were going to lift the restrictions, then not, then they were, then not…I hated May.”

“How about MarPrilAy?”

“That works, and the best month might be JulGustSepToBer.”

“Agreed, but do NOT include November in there.”

“Fair enough. No one wants to talk about November, December or January.”

“Well, Linda did have an interesting run at Just-Jot-January.”

“You already mentioned her, Dan.

“For all she does for us, I don’t think two mentions are out of line.”

“OK, Dan, are we done?”

“Not quite, David. We need to look at the year. You know, what was the best thing and what was the worst.”

“The worst thing about twenty-twenty, Dan. ‘Nuff said, the year itself was the worst. The pandemic, the riots, the election, no sports, no travel – they even ran out of Corona, Dan.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t.”

“Only because you were hoarding twelve-packs like they contained toilet paper.”

“Is that what you’re saying is the best thing, Dan, that you didn’t run out of beer?”

“That was a good thing, but no. I think the best thing was this community. All of our friends who came here week after week.

“That was a very good thing, Dan.”


  1. You managed the prompt excellently, Dan. If you and John ever meet, I suspect it will be at a bar. Imagine the stories! Your photos, as always, are beautiful. I especially love the ones of the crocuses. 😊

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    • Thanks Gwen. It would be nice to meet all of you guys in a bar and share some stories. Those crocuses are amazing little guys. We gave up trying to plant things in those beds, but they keep coming back.

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  2. A year ago, I couldn’t believe the guidelines would continue or I’d live through them (sane), but now 2020 seems like a blur. It went by faster than I I ever dreamed possible. Today I get my first shot. Though I don’t think this will cure covid overnight, my other-half thinks of these shots as the Savior himself!
    I used to always look for the crocus coming through the last bits of snow every year as a kid. I’ve tried to grow some down here, but after 4 tried – not one flower.

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    • I think we planted a mix of about 150 bulbs when we first created those little flower beds. Everything else is long gone. I agree, I don’t think the shots will cure it overnight, but its a start and it’s in the right direction.

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  3. This past year has been a doozy. One of the worst things was when it all started and going to a grocery store to see empty shelves and feeling that panic because we didn’t know how long or how bad it was going to get. I know the comment about not going to the MIL’s birthday was tongue in cheek, but that sure happened and the loss of family visits was certainly felt. Hooray for CVS and your shots. Having the vaccine certainly takes some of the weight off your shoulder. Enjoy those lovely Crocus, but Maddie may not understand going from sitting outside in the sun back to cold weather for a while. :-)

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    • Maddie is not happy that we aren’t walking today. It’s cold and very windy here. She might not mind, but I do. Lots of celebrations were put on hold. Some that weren’t turned into super-spreader events. Another word we were unfamiliar with before 2020. In any case, I’m happy to be moving forward. Your gardens must be getting ready to bust loose – I look forward to the spring reports.

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  4. That prompt really does make one think. Linda has a good head on her shoulders. I think I’m just pleased that we are through 2020 and while there is hope in 2021, we are not done yet. We still have a long road ahead of us and I am looking forward to looking back. Distantly. Oh and Maddie has excellent taste in pictures!

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    • I think Maddie feels a redhead connection ;-) I keep telling her the kneeling on the cold ground isn’t my favorite activity, but she says it’s good for me.

      This isn’t over, Pam, but I like the direction it’s headed.

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  5. I love your crocuses. They may have been up around here for a while, but I spotted my first ones yesterday in a neighbor’s garden. So much of this past year was a blur. It’s crazy that one of my strongest memories is of the shortages at the grocery store and how excited I was when I finally found some toilet paper. I was tickled by your photo of the footballs on the basketball court–somehow that seems to be an apt visual metaphor for this past year. :)

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    • I think that’s a good point about the footballs, Mike. At this point, I’ll believe anything. I remember looking at those empty shelves, and I do remember when they stopped brewing Corona. I do admit to a little hoarding there. I don’t really drink much, so it wasn’t hard to stock up until it started showing up on the shelves. The crocuses have been up for a week, but I finally got a good picture.


  6. Super post, Dan. You hit on the best of the year. The community here at the bar is exceptional. As a result of sharing the same experiences, the entire world has been placed in a community of one. Those of us who have survived (so far) have a union forged under adversity. When you think about it, that is pretty special. Loved the photos. The crocus is a beautiful sign of another kick at the can. 😁

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    • Thanks John, and thanks for being a regular at the bar, not to mention providing your namesake drink for David. Sometimes, it’s the silly things in life that help us hang unto the thread of normal that’s out there. It is weird that we have a subject that everyone in the world can relate to. Sad that it had to be a virus, but maybe some good will come of it.

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  7. I whined all winter about wanting to see crocuses coming up in your yard. And here they are! Very beautiful ones at that! Yaaaayyy!! Laughed out loud on your revision of “Who wears short shorts?”

    Maddie and the football…….c’mon Dan, finders keepers, losers weepers. The bunny looks like he can’t believe his eyes. No snow!

    My Reader’s Digest opinion on the best and worst throughout last year is:

          WORST: 2020 began
          BEST:     2020 is over

    I haven’t told Murphy about the forecast for temperature drop and snow. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to pass!

    Have a great weekend.

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    • That is a good way to sum up 2020, Ginger. I don’t know what that sign at CVS is supposed to mean, but I stred humming that song as soon as I saw it.

      Maddie did seem to think that one of those balls should be hers. In the past, she’s tried to bring a basketball home. I just wish I could have seen the game they had invented ;-)

      Maddie has been informed that we won’t be braving the wind and walking today. Maybe tomorrow. The gusts are pretty stiff, and very cold.

      Take care, Ginger, and thanks for being a regular at the bar.


  8. Beautiful thoughts, Dan. You’re right — we have a wonderful online community here. Fun photos. Maddie with the football was a great lead-in to make the footballs at the basketball goal even funnier. I love crocus, such an unassuming little flower, but so pretty. Hugs on the wing.

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    • Thanks Teagan. The crocus are so pretty. The just have to be first. I love their spirit. Maddie was upset that I wouldn’t let her have the football, but shell get over it. Thanks for being part of this community,

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  9. You’re right. One of the best things about the past year was community. Not just with blogging, but in general. Being connected with friends, family, church, work peeps, neighbors, etc., in whatever form it took, helped many of us social creatures get through a time when our faces were covered and we couldn’t touch or hug. Giving up restaurants, the theater, or the mega grocery store for a time is doable, but being unable to connect with people is not. I’m glad that this blogging community kept it together, either at the bar, on the bike trail or in someone’s garden.

    Have a lovely weekend, Dan.

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  10. That which does not kill us makes us stronger. After a year of this we all must be very strong. The sad thing is we lost so many people. Some of them are close personal losses. All of them are personal tragedies to someone, even if we don’t know them personally. And all of the people who lost their jobs and for one reason or another fell in the cracks. I just hope we can all bounce back quickly. We have another two weeks to wait for our second shot. And they are finally getting their act together for people who cannot drive up for a shot and cannot sit waiting on the computer for pharmacy vaccination slot to open up. So yes things are starting to look up. There is hope.

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  11. Quite a reminiscence, Dan. I have to wonder about a year in which getting shots is one of the highlights. And what’s with the “A flu shot shots for everyone” sign? Are they covering all vaccines, whether one shot or two? Kind of weird but then it’s been that sort of year. On the other hand, perhaps it’s made us (at least some of us) appreciate the small things more and things we used to take for granted. We can but hope.


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  12. I’ve never been a bar kind of gal, but wouldn’t miss meeting up with you, David and Cheryl (and Skippy) for the world. This is a very fun place. I had two best months in 2020: February because I retired and April because my chemo ended. I’m hoping 2021 turns out to be better. It doesn’t have to be great, but better would be nice. Maddie has such a good eye for photos–the pine cone shot is lovely. Which leads to ‘shot shot shots’–whatever that was all about! Have a great weekend, Dan.

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    • The sign was my feeble attempt to plant a song in your head (I’ve been mumbling it ever since I saw it). I am very happy you visit this bar. I think we have the best regulars on the planet.

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  13. Couple of LOL lines in here: the one about the best day being his mother-in-law’s birthday because they couldn’ celebrate together, and the other was the one about you hoarding cases of Corona as though they contained toilet paper…

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  14. You got laughter and tears from me today fine sir!!! This right here caused a belly laugh “No Dan, we could not. That’s why it was the best day!” Introverts of the world unite for not having to make an excuse to bow out of forced family functions. Rona took care of that for them. And of course the community here and at large. No words sufficient to describe that human connection. Despite the bad, there was good, and definitely something special!!

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  15. That was clever how you turned the prompt into an interview. Linda Hill does deserve more than one mention. She sure makes WP interesting through thick and thin. Reading everyone’s posts, I realize how important her request was – It’s not easy, but important to record our experiences of the past year. I enjoyed Maddie’s smile and the crocuses. Your caption on the basketball court gave me a chuckle.

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  16. Great take on the prompt, Dan! The Crocus is gorgeous, and the sunrise golden hour by the river is beautiful.

    I’m glad 2020 is over and I’m looking forward to getting to the place where they lose the mask mandates and we get back to seeing whole faces. I miss faces!

    Our tree and flowers are mostly still asleep. We had snow on Friday, but the Day Lilies have little bitty green sprouts showing so Spring is on the way here!

    O/T I’m so happy we changed the clocks and we have longer days!!

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    • Thanks Deborah. I saw your comment on the photo, but WP won’t let me reply.

      The crocus is always a good sign of spring. That and the local soft-serve place opening.

      The river photo was in here by accident, I was saving them for tomorrow, but I’m glad you liked it. I do too.

      I am looking forward to seeing faces, and being able to have a conversation in a bar (without undo worry).

      I’m not a fan of DST because I am a morning person, but I’m glad some people like it.


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