Form vs. Function

Linda G. Hill threw us a little curve ball last Friday. She asked us to be serious. It was a fair request and a fun post, but it wasn’t what I was planning to discuss at the bar. I know, SoCS really doesn’t/shouldn’t involve much planning, but usually, something happens during the week that mingles into the conversation. Last week, it was a simple observation while driving.

Last Thursday, a number of the comments I received on my post about Waterbury Union Station that were along the lines of “they don’t build ‘em like that anymore.” Sad but true. Rather than carry that discussion to the bar this Saturday, I thought I’d just share a few photos today. Besides, I’ve always wanted to use these fancy new photo slider thingies.

Union Station included warehouse space and was built to accommodate over 65 trains each day. Amazon chose to build a warehouse in Windsor, due to that town’s proximity to an international airport (BDL).

Warehouse near a transportation hub 100 years ago and a warehouse near a transportation hub today.

Parking has been an issue in cities and near transportation centers since cars became popular. Getting people from the parking area to the destination has always challenged architects. Here’s one solution in Hartford about 80 years ago and and one under construction at BDL.

Parking and pedestrian skybridge in 1940 and one under construction today.

Finally, I drove by an industrial site, across the CT River from our town, that wasn’t even under construction in November 2020.

Capewell Manufacturing and Manufacturer(s) unknown.

The rest of the images were collected during the week (including breakfast at Allegro – I am sorry). I hope you all have a great week.


  1. Our New England mill buildings are architectural treasures, and parking today seems to always be on the drawing board. The biggest change though are the Amazon warehouses. Those of us at a mature age will be able to talk about living through BA and AA – before Amazon and after Amazon. :-) Maddie looks mighty comfy on her steps, and I’m only guessing but I bet you looked mighty comfy after that breakfast. :-)

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    • My worry is that the AA days will come as soon as the tax breaks end. Either that, or the warehouses will switch to being fully automated.

      It doesn’t look like Maddie will be sitting today. We were just out. It’s 17° and very windy. I hope you guys can avoid the cold.

      Breakfast was filling. I’d like to think it was healthy, but…

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  2. Maddie looks very regal surveying her kingdom now that all the snow is gone. The bunny seems to know that his home is going to change soon. I see MuMu keeps her brush handy! Smart girl!

    Nice to see the old and new architecture living side by side, so to speak, and getting along like good neighbors should.

    Judy thinks you looked mighty comfy after that breakfast. I think you looked mighty stuffed! Lol.

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    • That breakfast was substantial. I don’t often get sausage because they grill two full links. He offered to split it up, one link and a couple pieces of bacon…it didn’t save much room.

      Maddie has been lording over the squirrels in the sun. She won’t be out there today, unless it gets a lot warmer. The decking warms her, but not do much, me.

      We do our best to give the bunny a lot of room.

      Stay safe and try not to blow away today, Ginger.

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  3. Hi Dan – I bet that breakfast was tasty … just what’s needed on a chilly day. All seems happy in Dan-land … but I always enjoy the photos … lots going on and parking is definitely a challenge … cheers Hilary

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  4. Thanks Hilary. Given the pre-pandemic prices they were charging for parking at the airport, you’d think they could add a little decoration.

    We are all well. It’s cold here again today 17°f (-8°c) and very windy. I think we’ll stay hunkered down. I hope you are well, too.


  5. The sky in most of your shots is so incredibly blue! Yes they are different shades but they’re all clear as if without pollution. I have to wonder if this last year has been good for the pollution count in our skies. I was shocked to see two airplanes go by yesterday. I haven’t seen planes for months. I wonder what the benefit will be, long-term.

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    • Most of the really clear blue skies have been on cold windy days. Great for images, but nasty days. There’s also a little photo correction going on, that tends to deepen the blue. I try to get the images to look like what things looked like, but sometimes, I adjust to sharpen the thing Maddie tells me to photograph. I think the pandemic has helped. We are barely two miles from the airport, and most of the flights we see are cargo.

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  6. They sure did have more scope and vision for beauty back then, and oh the use of brick! I suppose it’s too labour intensive and costly to do brick, towers, and all those lovely details like arches and gables today. That’s too bad because today’s concrete and glass buildings are mostly boring.

    The morning images from the River park are gorgeous!

    That slider thingie is pretty slick. Nicely done!

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    • Ford build the most basic boring flat gray building directly opposite the street that exits our residential area. I think the building was three stories tall, but there are so few windows, it’s hard to tell. Someone bought it and painted a thick line around it, as if that was supposed to help. The Amazon warehouse is being sided with concrete slabs. I only hope they are saving all the dirt they moved so they can erect a big mound to hide the building once it’s complete. I love bring buildings.

      I get to the park about once a month now. I still really enjoy being there. I may never get a night reflection again, though. They started locking the gates a dusk during the pandemic due to unruly crowds.

      The slider is a cool option, but very limited in terms of configuration. Basically you have a choice between portrait or landscape.


  7. Maine had some great old mills (not including the smelling paper mills). Lots of fiber mills and dry goods. They were rock solid. The light in your photos is changing heralding an upcoming change in seasons i know it does not feel much like it with those cold temperatures. I like the new photo sliders. WordPress really should contract with you.

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    • The photo sliders are cool. I’ve been wanting to try them. I was going to have a bowl of cereal with that eggs & stuff breakfast – what was and what is today. We are back to lows in the teens for a couple of days. March is strange.

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  8. Can I just give today’s post a five star rating and move on ? Sliders are interesting. The breakfast plate looked more interesting. There are always bonus points for cranes. Happy Monday

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  9. The sliders are amazing. That Italian sausage made my mouth water. What did the server say when you ordered. “You want the cook to throw on an Italian sausage with that breakfast plate?” I loved all the photos. You are the cranemeister.

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    • They don’t serve breakfast sausage at this place, John. Just like they don’t serve whole wheat toast. I told him I like their sausage, but it was always a little too much to eat. He said “do it like surf & turf, one link and a couple strips of bacon.” Made sense to me. The one good think about the Amazon warehouse is the cranes.

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  10. There is something about the character of old homes and buildings, and their usefulness, that new construction simply can’t replicate. My area isn’t too big that getting to a destination requires parking a mile away – as it probably does in Milwaukee. It’s something I can appreciate at this point.

    Your breakfast may have looked good to me on another day, but I’ve already had the breakfast of champions – a waffle, chicken sausage links, and a piece of blueberry pie. Mmmm…

    Happy Monday, happy week, Dan!

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  11. You really went all out with the sliders, Dan. I keep thinking I’ll try them when I see someone using them but then I forget and also realize I have no idea how to even find where to do one. I like the second slider set best and you have, as always, an enjoyable gallery. Sorry, Maddie, but the cat photos win the day for me and the one with the light circle in the middle. A happy Monday indeed.



  12. I’ve never seen the photo sliders before, Dan. That was cool.
    I’m glad to hear the weather is warming up some. The temperatures have been nice down here, but we have high wind warnings (and dust warnings) for the next few days. Maybe we’ll get lucky and have a little rain from all that. Hugs on the wing.

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    • You’re probably right. I’m also not being fair. The modern buildings are under construction. They may get a colorful finish. They’ll certainly get some landscaping.


  13. Hi Dan, the slide photograph concept is very nice. I liked comparing the pictures like that. It is interesting to note that the ideas aren’t that different in construction, even if the final product looks more slick and modern now, it is the same thing really. Nice pictures of your week too.

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  14. I prefer seeing the old ornate buildings, but I’m also a pragmatist so I understand how some of newer buildings are built merely to serve a function. In fact, new churches around here often have no character, lacking style, but have amazingly large footprints. I don’t like seeing these bland structures, but I understand why they look like they do.

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  15. Wow, that slider thingie is so cool, Dan. I am impressed!! It’s a shame the newer building structures are loosing the older generations’ style, but, I also like modern buildings (some) not all. Buffalo for example is a mix of both and I am fascinated comparing the styles that are shoulder to shoulder. Maddie, bad news for you. I do believe your cat siblings hands down got the spotlight. Sorry about that. Perhaps next time you will? Great gallery, Dan! Along with Spring I think new comes sweeping in with it. I don’t know about you but I am so happy Spring is just around the corner. Great post!! Just loved it!!


  16. Thank you for using an excellent word- thingie. I must say it’s a shame that history doesn’t repeat itself when it comes to architecture. Your photos are proof. And, I want the bacon on top of the eggs!

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