Rearranging Deck Chairs – #1LinerWeds

We are solidly in the 60s and may see 74°f (23°c) later today. The sun is shining and the wind has subsided. Spring is settling in. We are enjoying warm afternoons, but we are still starting out in the 20s each morning.

On Saturday, Maddie was on a mission. She saw the sunshine and we had walked without her having to wear a coat, so she figured we could sit. It was still 35°f (2°c) so I told her “maybe later” – which is something Maddie understands. She knows how to calculate “later,” too.

I had to run an errand. When I returned home I put her cot on the little porch by my workshop and I set up my chair. Only half the porch was in the sun. Since Maddie doesn’t normally like to lay in the sun, I put her cot in the shade. Below is a series of photo-one-liners that were the result, followed by my one-liner.

“Negotiating with pets is futile.”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. We have those incliner couches, but sitting too long with his legs out like that hurts Dave’s back. Brandy will sit on the floor and beg him to put it out with her eyes, or paw at the couch until he finally relents and puts it out. So I know what you mean, it’s futile!

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  2. Ha ha ha ha. Maddie has the most expressive body language. And you are a great interpreter. But of course all our pets simply see us as staff. We do all the work and they get all the kudos. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  3. It’s a good thing Maddie is on the top of her game keeping things in order, because you sure aren’t! And MuMu’s got it down pat and very efficient, “If you’re gonna stand there with your darn camera, then be useful and brush me!”

    But MiMi takes the prize. You’re infatuated with her little footsies, but you aren’t paying attention to her signals. Her front paws are curled up into fists. Do you see her eyes? Them’s fighting eyes Dan!

    The bunny is getting braver venturing out, and Smokey…..well Smokey will venture anywhere where he’ll find peanuts at the end of his rainbow! Hope you and Maddie get a nice “sit” on her porch.

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    • I would like to point out that the proper designation of what she calls “her porch” is the extension work area of my shop. I know, you don’t believe it either. Neither does The Editor.

      MuMu and MiMi share the “my feet aren’t here for you to rub” attitude, but MuMu demands payment. I did notice that MiMi’s expression wasn’t exactly welcoming.

      One black squirrel is skittish. One comes way too close. I have to toss a peanut to keep him from walking under Maddie.

      It’s warm, but I think rain is on the way. We got our walk in today. I’m sure “I will want to sit” later.


  4. Thank you, Maddie! Things in the wrong order just do not set well with me, either. Get it right! MiMi and her little feet….that is the cutest photo. And Theo’s American cousin…it is good to see him again. Where is Joanne?! We need to tell her Theo’s buddy is looking for him.

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    • My brother gets credit for mentioning that the chair is on the wrong side. But, it did seem to resonate with Maddie.

      Theo’s cousin is the cat that just refuses to back down from Maddie. I think she knows Maddie is on a leash.

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  5. You said it, Dan. Absolutely futile. Gibbs thinks Maddie was right to claim her space in the sun, but he also thinks it’s right to try to burrow into my sweater (as if it will cover him) when I’m trying to read. Adjustments…we’re making adjustments if negotiating sounds too much like obeying.

    Nice photos of Smokey! He’s a pretty boy.

    Have an awesome Wednesday!

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  6. Hi Dan – pets will win … that’s for sure. They always amaze and delight … Smokey knows it’s still cold …but it is wonderful that it’s warming up … enjoy the warm afternoons! Cheers Hilary

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  7. A wonderful, glorious gallery! I always think I like bare trees best until I see them budding out. Or in full leaf. Or in brilliant autumn. Guess I’m lucky, come to think of it. Yes, pets generally train us pretty thoroughly. Tell Smokey the Low Rider I said hello. :)

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  8. A true one line has never been spoken, Dan. My favorite shot today though is the first one of Smokey in his ready-to-move-in-any-direction stance. Hurrah for spring and sunshine. Just think of us–we go through that big temperature swing almost every day, although in summer the range might be more like 70-110. :-)


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  9. Ha! Maddie knows how to get her own way! We used to have a dog that got so excited about going for a walk that we had to start spelling “W-A-L-K?” when we wanted to go. Then he learned how to spell. :)

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  10. Ah, yes. Getting a spot in the sun is very important, particularly when it’s cold. Perhaps Maddie will feel differently this summer, but for now, it’s good to see she’s set. :)

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    • She switches from sun to shade as the year goes on. This time of year, we’re looking for sun. In a month or so, we’ll be trying to sit when it’s shady. By July, we’ll be waiting until well after 5:00 to go and sit.

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