Who or Whom Goes There? – #SoCS

It’s the first Saturday of April. It seems like spring. Spring flowers are popping up and major league baseball’s Opening Day was on Thursday. Then again, it snowed yesterday, and the Pirates won their opening game by beating the Cubs in Chicago. Maybe it’s Opposite-April. In any case, regular or opposite, we are at the bar. We’re going to watch some baseball, have an adult beverage and deal with Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘start with who/whom’ Begin your post with either ‘who’ or ‘whom’ and go from there. Have fun!”

Linda doesn’t mention bonus points for getting the usage grammatically correct, but then she’s an editor, she probably doesn’t worry about such things.

If we were having a beer you’d be feeling pretty special.

“Who put this here?”

“What are you talking about, David?”

“This sign on the bar by my stool, Cheryl. It says ‘Reserved’ – reserved for whom?”

“Reserved for you-um you dingbat. Did you see how crowded this place was when you got here.”

“Oh, Oohhh, I get it. Aren’t you sweet? OK, I guess I’m a little early, but I’ll have my usual and when Dan gets here, set him up with a Corona.”

“I just saw him pull in. He’ll be here by the time I get back.”

“Good afternoon, my young friend. How are you this fine day?”

“Geeze, David what’s up with you?”

“Nothing, Dan, I just realized that I’m having a great day.”

“How’s that?”

“Cheryl reserved this seat at the bar for me, well for us, I suppose, but I got here first so, me.”

“And we know how you like being treated like you’re special.”

“We haven’t had much special treatment during this pandemic, Dan. It’s a nice feeling.”

“You did get to go first for the vaccine, David. Here’s your bourbon, your seltzer and your ice.”

“Thanks Cheryl, age before beauty, as they say.”

“You’re cute, David. Dan, here’s a tall Corona and a healthy wedge of lime.”

“Thanks Cheryl, but there’s no juice in this lime.”

“Huh? Lemmie see that. Shessh, it’s dry as a bone. I’ll get another.”

“Can you drink a toast without a lime, Dan?”


“Hang on you two. I found a juicy one. The whole box was bad. I had to open a new box.”

“Much better, thanks Cheryl.”

“You boys want any food. We have our Easter dinners available.”

“That sounds good, Cheryl, but I have three of those on order for tomorrow.”

“Three? I though Faith was a vegetarian.”

“She is. The extra dinner is for me. What’s Easter dinner without leftovers?”

“You’re nuts, Dan, but whatever keeps this place afloat during the pandemic works for me.”

“I will share a pizza with the old man, though. Put it on a separate tab.”

“No need, Dan. I’m happy to buy a pizza. My wife told me to eat here because she’s busy cooking for tomorrow.”

“Are you having company, David?”

“No, she’s cooking at her church’s food pantry. They’re giving away Easter dinners to the poor and to elderly shut-ins.”

“Aww, that’s nice. What will you be eating?”

“All of the volunteers will get dinners to take home for themselves.”

“That’s why she wants you to eat here, so you don’t crack open tomorrow’s dinner tonight.”

“You know me well, Dan. You know me well. So does she.”

“Guys, your pizza is in. What time are you picking your dinners up, Dan?”

“Noon, Cheryl.”

“Do you guys normally eat that early?”

“Well, the Dairy Cream opened, so if we eat early, I’ll have room for ice cream later in the day, maybe during the ball game.”

“Ball game, I though they start at one-o-five?”

“Your team, David. I’m not a Red Sox fan. The Pirates are playing the Cubs in Chicago.”

“Well, at least your dinner will go well.”

“Hey, they took the opener, five to three.”

“OK, boys. Your pizza will be up in a few minutes. Dan, here’s a new Corona for when you finish that one. David, another splash of John Howell’s Bourbon?”

“Yes please, Cheryl.”

“Cheers Dan, Cheryl, and Happy Easter.”


  1. The pizza and Corona looks delicious, and Maddie certainly looks like she’s happy to take a walk. It looks like we have a good stretch of weather coming. :-) I thought you’d get a chuckle when I tell you I received your posts this week, but didn’t get this one. WP is getting like the USPS with regard to the delivery of mail. :-) Happy Easter weekend, Dan.

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  2. I like your strategy of getting three Easter dinners so you have leftovers. Does that include dessert? Did you buy enough Easter chocolate to last you the week?

    Yay Pirates! Have a wonderful weekend, Dan!

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  3. I enjoyed the photo of Maddie in the wind. Both Lucy and Twiggy hate the wind. They don’t like it blowing up their pug noses. That waste truck would be barked to Dormont if Twiggy had her way. Thank you for the mention, and here’s wishing you, The Editor, and Faith a Happy Easter.

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  4. Lol! It’s never dull at the bar Dan.

    I think MuMu watches you so closely so she can know when you stop typing and therefore have time to brush her!!

    Love the shot of Maddie in the wind!! What a great photo you got of Flicker. Bunny stays close to his home…..probably because he’s afraid River won’t be able to find him!

    That has to be the cleanest trash hauling truck I’ve ever seen. 🤗

    Wishing you and yours a happy, fun filled Easter weekend. Enjoy Easter dinner…all of them….and don’t forget to bring some ice cream home for Maddie. I’m really looking forward to those warmer temperatures Dan. As I write this it’s still 16, yes SIXTEEN, degrees out!

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    • We waited until it was above 30 degrees to walk today, Ginger. I hope you get the warmer temps they are forecasting for us next week. A return to the 60s would be nice.

      MuMu doesn’t wait for me to get to a good breaking point. She waits until she wants to be brushed, and then she screams. From her point of view, the only reason for me to have a desk is to make it easier for her to get in the window. The only reason for me to sit at my desk is to be able to brush her while she’s in the window.

      Maddie loves the wind. She sniffs and sniffs. She can probably smell Murphy from here.

      Thanks for stopping at the bar. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  5. I have no idea what we’re having for Easter dinner. I asked Baby Girl what I can make to bring and she said, ” Nothing. We got this, Mom”. That’s okay with me.

    The flicker was a great sighting!

    I hope you and the family have a lovely Easter and your team wins. 😀

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  6. Oh, those beautiful red curls, blowing in the wind! That’s a movie star shot, right there. No Easter dinner at all here. We normally do a pitch-in at Charlie’s family’s, but not this year. And I’m waiting to buy candy at the after-Easter sale. As the baby chickens say, Cheap, cheap, cheap!

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  7. Maddie in the wind is so pretty! It reminds me of those commercial where motorcycle girl takes off her helmet and shakes out her hair–looking good, Maddie! The trash trucks–when we first got these new trucks, many years ago, we were having our house painted. The painter stopped painting and was totally flabbergasted watching how the trash cans were lifted. It’s the little things….. Happy Easter, Dan!

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    • It seems like windblown Maddie stole the show today. She just loves to stand in the wind and sniff. The trash trucks are quite impressive. We had to stay back, or Maddie would have been barking up a storm. Happy Easter, Lois.

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  8. WP did it again! That’s why I’m late to read your post. I have to stay on top of this. Flicker, looks at first glance, like a leopard. I couldn’t figure out what a leopard was doing in your neighbourhood. I looked again. Have a good Easter and enjoy your dinners.

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  9. The pizza looks delicious, I like the flicker shot, and Maddie looks to be sniffing the spring breeze. :-) We’re a bit hot here and no spring breeze so I’ll enjoy thoughts of spring with her. I wish I could be excited about baseball starting, but… Happy Easter!


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  10. The Dairy Cream opened? All’s right with the world then. :)
    I got such a kick out of Maddie with her hair blowing in the wind, a real glamor-girl shot — and she seems to know it. That first shot of Smokey is perfect. In fact everyone looks lovely. Happy Easter, Dan. Hugs on the wing.

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  11. Happy Easter, Dan! The Pirates winning the home opener, and away no less. That’s awesome. Not so good for the Red Sox. Great bar banter as always. Love the photos. How big is a flicker?

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  12. Happy Easter Dan.So good to see you guys. Thanks for not firing me as I know I have been MIA around the blogosphere. But I want a full description of the dinners you are getting. Ham, sweet potatoes, salad….?? 😉

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