The Classic Block

This is a mini-lesson in the Block Editor series. I don’t want to have a long post on a Tuesday. For those of you that miss the Classic editor, (but don’t want to fiddle with the Admin Panel hacks to keep it for a little while longer) there is an option. As the title suggests, it’s the Classic Block.

Does that look familiar?

It should, it is the Classic editor and I have just started a new paragraph without starting a new block.

I think MiMi is happy to see me.

I can add a photo and have the text wrap around it like it does in the Classic editor and I can use all the old favorite menu options including  my beloved Indent.

The only thing that’s a little different, is that you need to expand some options. For example, to add the photo, we have to click on the media icon (camera and musical notes) in the tool bar.

That’s it for today. You know how the Classic editor works, and most everything you used to be able to do there, you can do in a Classic Block.

You can mix and match Classic blocks with other blocks. I still use Classic Blocks for my photo galleries, because I can’t get the new gallery options to work the way I like (show captions when I hover and show them in the slide show as well). 

Other than the first paragraph, this entire post, including the gallery below was written in the Block Editor, in a single Classic Block. Again, if you want to see the images (screen shots) in order, click in the gallery and invoke the slide show.


  1. From what I remember about the Classic editor, I always used the camera and musical note icon to insert images into posts, Dan. Given I’ve not used the Classic editor since the end of 2018, I could be wrong, but it rings some bells.

    I’m glad the Classic block is there for those who want to stick with the Classic editor. I’ve witnessed so much panic about the disappearance of the Classic editor that I think many people don’t realise it’s there.

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    • I think it depends on the admin panel the editor was wrapped in, Hugh. My photo options were always on a menu on the left side.

      I am glad the Classic block is available. I’ve stuck with the new editor but I know the change threw some people for a loop. The Classic block is a good interim step, or solution for many people.

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  2. If I have a post tomorrow it will mean that the old classic editor is still available. If it doesn’t then the Horrible Eunuchs have won and I will have to learn the hated new one. Thanks for always being a great support Dan.

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  3. I always like the look of a post that has copy wrapped around a photo. It’s stylish. But WP isn’t concerned with style now are they? Just pay ’em your money and use what they give you. I understand the game, but am an unhappy pawn in it.

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  4. Thanks for this, Dan. So this morning, I went to My Sites and then Media. Every single line of my photos says ‘Invalid Date.’ What’s up with that? They used to be listed oldest to newest with the actual date I posted them.

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  5. Thanks Dan. After being terrorized by the block editor over time a choice popped up to use classic, I clicked it. This time it seemed to stick because usually it would slip back to block.. and make me crazy all over again!! Well see how long this time.

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    • I don’t know. If they have to keep the Classic Block, it would seem they could just as easily leave it wrapped in an editor. No one is asking them to maintain it (as if). I think it’s just a case of not listening to the customers you have.

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  6. Thank you, Dan. I’ve printed out your directions and my fingers are crossed. I only use WP when I post for Story Empire. Each time is an adventure because I’m not adept with the platform. Your explanations and directions will be very useful. Thank you again!

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    • It’s a great way to get things done in a hurry, when you can’t figure out the new way. Or, when the new way doesn’t work as well. That’s why I use it for galleries.


  7. I actually don’t mind the Block Editor, but thanks for this tip. It caused me to go into one of my draft posts and look for the Classic Block … and omg, there it was!! It goes to show that I’ve been doing things by habit without considering a variety of other options that are available on that menu.

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  8. I appreciate these posts about WP editor features, Dan. I’m still trying to get the hang of the new editor. Getting better all the time, to quote the Beatles, but it’s taking some time for sure. The old editor is calling to me!

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