Well That’s Different – #SoCS

It’s Saturday. It’s warm. Chores have been done, and it’s time for our reward. We are at the bar, and we’re going to enjoy a beverage, or two, and we’re going to try to steer our conversation around Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. We would also be thinking of Linda’s son Alex and wishing him well.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘difference.’ Whatever the word ‘difference’ conjures first in your mind, write about it. Enjoy!”

If we were having a beer, you would be checking your watch.

“You’re late, my young friend.”

“I had to stop and get some pictures.”

“On the way here?”

“Yes. I was driving along and all of a sudden, a doe…”

“What, did you forget something? I thought you were taking pictures.”

“Huh? I was.”

“I’m confused, you were telling me the story, then you said d’oh. So I figured you forgot something.”

“Um, aren’t you two clowns forgetting something.”

“Are we, Cheryl?”

“This is a bar, remember.”

“Ok, now it’s d’oh. Sorry Cheryl. I’d like a Corona and give the old man a John Howell’s Special.”

“We only need the nickname for Skippy, Dan. I remember what David drinks, what glasses he likes and where he wants his cherries.”

“Now that that’s settled, can we get back to your story?  You were saying d’oh.”

“Not Homer Simpson d’oh, David, the other doe, you know the doe a deer…”

♫A female deer, ♫ re, a drop of golden sun, ♫mi, a name I call myself, ♫fa, a long, long way to run.

“It seems Cheryl understands. Do you think we could have our drinks now?”

“I’m sorry Dan, I can’t stop. That song is stuck in my head.”

“So, …”

“♫ So a needle pulling thread. ♫La, a note to follow so.”

“Cheryl! Snap out of it.”

“Oh, let her go, Dan. There’s only one note left.”

“Hee hee, and that would be ♫Ti, a drink with jam and bread.”

“Which, if I remember the song correctly, brings us back to doe, or do, or d’oh. Now Dan, can you explain why you’re late.”

“As I was coming down River Road, a bunch of deer jumped out in front of me and ran across the road.”


“What? Did you hear something, David?”

“No, ‘herd’ is the collective noun for deer, not bunch.”

“There were only three of them. I’m not sure that’s constitutes a herd.”

“Well, maybe what you saw was a rangale of deer.”

“A rangle?”

“Yes, or perhaps a mob.”

“I take it these are all collective terms for deer?”

“They are Dan. Useless bits of trivia collected along the way. Good while playing Scrabble and winning bar bets.”

“I stink at Scrabble, and I usually lose bets at the bar. Especially with you if I recall.”

“Ah yes, the ‘Magnificent Seven’ incident. That was fun.”

“Fun for you, I believe you collected a few beers that day.”

“Because you couldn’t remember Horst Buchholz.”

“I still think I should have gotten credit for knowing six out of seven and the fact that I knew Eli Wallach played Calvera.”

“That’s about as good as a bunch of deer, Dan.”

“I won’t be using ‘bunch’ any longer. I rather like ‘rangale.’ Mob sounds like they were a group of delinquents. These guys seemed like they were friendly.”

“Now that you two have worked out the word of the day, would you like another round? Maybe some food?”

“We’ll have another round, Cheryl. Maybe Dan would like to test his knowledge of trivia – winner buys an order of wings.”

“No thanks, David. Cheryl, you can add the wings to our order, I don’t need the humiliation.”

“I was going to go easy on you, Dan.”

“The Seven Dwarfs? We’ve been down that road, David. I lost.”


Before the gallery is a little scene that I captured that was very good to see.


  1. A rangale of deer. I admit I didn’t know that one.

    Rangale comes from the old French word “Rengaille”. This would be the main body of the army—the regular folk who have decided to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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  2. Love the word play! You had me smiling and chuckling all at the same time. That picture of Maddie that looks like she’s walking into the light is brilliant. And I guess those are the three deer who introduced themselves to you on the way to the bar. Great shot.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed this, Pam. I hope you were signing along 🙂

      Maddie enjoys walking early. I think she likes being up and out with the riding sun.

      Those are the deer. They actually crossed in front of me. I was glad I could work them in.

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    • I have been working with the Happiness Engineers on the problem of people getting dropped from my notifications. They are working on it. Hopefully they will solve this soon.

      I was very happy to not be speeding that day. They jumped out of the woods on my right and ran across the road with no warning whatsoever.

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  3. Maddie looks extra special walking towards the light. Those deer!! Just beautiful. Best part? They and your car remained safe and sound! Smokey’s cousin looks like he’s hanging on for dear life. Afraid of heights? 🤗

    Hope you and Maddie will get ‘sit’ time between storms this weekend. I hope you’ve cleaned her deck off by now. Shame on you!

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    • Ha! Ginger, you had the same reaction I did to Smokey’s cousin. He looks like the tree is too tall.

      Maddie and I have been sitting here, there and everywhere. Sometimes she wants the sun, sometimes the shade. She’s not happy when I use her porch, but I need to keep the bags dry until pickup day.

      I hope you have a great weekend.


  4. Nice collection of galleries. And word trivia. I got the chance to swap out the line on a neighbor’s flag pole yesterday. The line was worn and ready to snap. I was able to temporarily splice the lines and run the new one through the pulley. And the neighbor was quite happy to have Old Glory back on display. Happy weekend Dan.

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  5. There is something awe inspiring about watching the flag raised – at least for me. And seeing deer is always a welcome sight. And the forsythia is such a nice early beacon of spring. I guess you could say your post today was full of my favorite things. Have a good weekend, Dan.

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  6. Rangale’s a great word, Dan, and one I’d never he(a)rd before but one guaranteed to cause confusion if used. Nice of the group of deer to pose for you, too. 😉. Before I got to your post, I was thinking that it’s the day we meet at the bar and if we really were meeting at an actual bar, meeting with anyone, how nice that would be after all this time. A nice tribute to morning, spring, and friendship today.

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    • It is a nice feeling to meet at the bar. Last week, I met a man from New Jersey. Sitting six feet apart, we had a nice conversation. Two strangers, yacking away in the bar. It was great. I had never heard ‘Rangale’ before either. Rivergirl (way above) explained it.

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  7. Wonderful galleries, as always. I’m a sucker for those sun pictures, whether they highlight a leaf, a tree, or a gorgeous redhead. :) You and your partner made me laugh. Which one is Abbot and which one is Costello? lol

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    • I think we’re both guilty of being the straight man and the comic. But that’s why you go to a bar. Maddie seems to prefer walking as the sun is rising. During the heat of the day, she likes to sit. Not bad choices when you think about it.

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  8. Beautiful collection, Dan, and ending with the sweet photo of the deer made the journey perfect. I enjoyed the dialogue, brightened the morning with smiles. 🙂

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  9. I’m happy to see everyone enjoy their weekend reward at the bar, Dan. The photos are fun too — love that close up of MuMu. It’s always good to see Jinx in the gallery, and Maddie excitedly on the trail of something. That first pic of (private property) the sun behind the tree is really beautiful. Happy weekend. Hugs on the wing!

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    • Thanks Teagan. That private property is a utility access road that runs under some high voltage power lines. It often reminds me of an old road, especially when the sunshine blocks the view of the power lines. I won’t be seeing Jinx much longer. Once the leaves fill in, he will be well hidden. Hugs!

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  10. When I used to go to the prisons (seems like eons ago–I still miss those guys), one of the prisons had a ceremony for taking down the flag each evening. Military vet inmates got to participate. That was a most moving ceremony to watch.
    I love the sparkly raindrops on the oak leaf. Maddie does an excellent job of pointing out things for you to photograph, Dan.

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  11. Beautiful picture getting Old Glory back in its place. Neat how the deer stayed put for the picture. It’s hard to capture because they run away quickly. Always a pleasant sight to see on our game camera.

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  12. This was fun! You guys are trivia pros. I teach my preschoolers the names of animal groups (pod of whales, gaggle of geese, etc.). I’ll have to add ‘rangale’. Love the photo gallery, especially the hard work on raising the flag. Maddie must be loving the weather. Best to you, Dan.

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  13. Glorious to see signs of Spring your way, Dan. I see you suffer chemtrails as well over yonder your way. Every time I see them, it clouds up later that day and then begins raining usually by the next day. Loved your gallery and your play on words. You really do have a unique way of thinking. I would put my money on the fact your brain is thinking a lot. BIG SMILE!!! xo

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  14. I didn’t know that a group of deer is called a Rengale! I I usually just say a group of deer or family.
    I liked Rivergirl’s explanation of the word origin too. The banter today was fun and enlightening!
    I’ve always liked the name for a group of crows…a murder of crows! I’m sure you’ve seen one or more while walking with Maddie in the park.

    The leaves with drops are lovely, and your deer image is wonderful. I’m glad you were paying attention and they got across the road safely. I love seeing deer. I don’t see them as often here like I did hiking in CA. Baby Girl has a Rengale of them that eat and sleep on their property and she sends me images of them and I do enjoy seeing them when I’m there.

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    • I was very happy to be able to stop in time to not hit any of these. The speed limit is low on this road, but people do speed. I don’t, because I’ve seen deer before and I’ve even had to stop t let a bear cross the street. I’m not sure what would be left of my poor car if I hit a bear.

      Maddie and I frequently hear a murder of crows in the trees at her park, but we usually only see one or two – unless they’re getting ready for a big game ;-)


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