Dumb, Dumb, Dumb!

I forgot to include the photo gallery with today’s One-Liner post. For those that come for the photos, here they are.


  1. I’m glad you included it here, Dan — what a beautiful spring! The flowers are gorgeous. I was afraid my roses were as decimated as my cacti, but I’ve been rewarded with tons of huge blooms. Larger flowers than ever.
    Oh, and “Up squirrel-scope” slayed me! Hugs.

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        • These guys never bothered the covers until this year. Now we’re not sure what to do. Those covers are too expensive to replace, if they’re just going to eat through them.


  2. You got that right, Maddie–we want to see you! Oh, that little squirrel eating right through the cloth…still a cutie. I have never seen flowering quince, but it sure is a beauty. Now, back to your other post…..

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  3. Love the photos, Dan. Your shot of the C-130 is pretty amazing! Every once in a while one will fly over our home. I can hear it coming and always run outside to enjoy the sight. 😊

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    • I’m glad you like these Gwen. The C-130s are so loud, there’s no mistaking their arrival. I need to just park mysefl out there and wait for them instead of reacting to the sound and rushing around like a chicken.


  4. Hi Dan – I’m going to read the post now … but your quince is just wonderful … the colours are so brilliant. Is your neighbour’s plant an azalea?? again – lovely colour. Cheers Hilary

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  5. Ha! I wouldn’t say dumb, Dan. I would say you were moving too quick. I currently have MBB – Moving Boxes Brain – which has no cure other than a lot of chocolate and a day (or many) of rest. ;-)

    The flowering quince is gorgeous! Hope you are having an awesome week!

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  6. “Up squirrel scope” made me laugh out loud. Bunny is so perfectly camouflaged in his surroundings. Amazing. Maddie is right. We want to see both of you and your shadows. Your Flowering Quince look better than mine and the Lilacs will be even more gorgeous in another week. Spring certainly visits with a lot of beauty in tow, doesn’t it!

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    • Thanks Ginger. Maddie is a ham. She struts herself into those photos whenever I try to get the shadows. The lilacs are noticeably bigger today. Spring is on the move. That’s the smallest of three quince, an offshoot of the original.


  7. Yay, pictures! I am visually oriented, so for me this is the most important part. And then who would want to miss all the flowers that are nearby? Jesh

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  8. I like the photo solo.Hey you had done some weighty blog posts lately. So many good tutorials on functioning within the madness that WP has become. Thank you for the effort you’ve put in to helping us keep our heads above water here. 🙂.

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  9. Honestly, I come for the words and the photos are the icing on the cake. If you didn’t include photos after a week, I’d be knocking on your door (haha.). I love the C-130 close overhead. You were lucky to get that photo. Your spring flowers, bunny, and of course Maddie, put a big smile on my face. Thank you, Dan!

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