Where’s My Email? – #1LinerWeds

This is a post for Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday challenge, but I want to share a little information about a problem that many people are being affected by – being dropped from the followers list of blogs they have subscribed to. Many of you have told me that this has happened to you.

I reported this problem to the Happiness Engineers in a chat on April 6th. Since then, I have updated the information on six different occasions. Each time, I have received an email acknowledging and thanking me for the additional information. Now, I am thanking you. I’m thanking you first, for continuing to find your way to No Facilities. Second, I thank you for letting me know that you were dropped. In addition, I thank the people who have re-followed this blog, and the ones who have tried to re-follow, only to be told “you already follow this blog.” I also sent links to your blogs, when some of you have mentioned losing followers in the same manner.

In the last email I received from the HEs, I was told that this problem has been assigned to a process which should help gain more attention.  If you are experiencing this problem, either while trying to follow my blog or with followers of your blog, please mention that in a comment. As a subscriber to the program the HEs use to track these issues, I can leave a comment, pointing them to this post. I’ve done this before, and it has been helpful.

This is the issue listing on GitHub. In the 19 days it has been active, it’s been upgraded and there are entries indicating that work is underway.

Now, for that one-liner.

I was out most of the day on Tuesday. When I returned, The Editor told me that she, and Maddie both heard one of our cats throwing up. If you have cats, you know that sound. She added that, while she searched all the usual places, she was unable to find the, er, um, a record of the deposit. In a misuse of the government slogan, in use in the US to help defeat terrorism, she offered:

“If you see something…clean it up!”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. I realize living in a digital world that the rules are different. When I was a child if I had done something to cause concern to another person my parents made damn sure I fixed it and I apologized. Now this anonymity issue means that we can pass the buck without ever identifying ourselves. This has been an issue, quite simply, for years. I have been unceremoniously dumped from no facilities several times. Fortunately it is quickly noticed. I am diligent in this as I care. But I worry about others that have fallen away and I haven’t noticed. Let’s see if I can sum this up in one line: They break things that are not broken and refused to fix things that are seriously broken.

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  2. Most excellent bunny shot! And I think Smokey is ready for grilling season. I’ve noticed a few people had to refollow me recently and was wondering why. Good to know you’re on top of it.

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  3. This has happened to me, but not with your blog. I usually add all the blogs I do not want to miss to both the reader and email. Some, like yours, are bookmarked in my browser and I routinely go there to check them out.

    Oh that sound! When I visit my daughter, I often make the discovery barefoot in the dark.

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  4. Smokin’ Twins are just too cute, as is the bunny. Maddie must’ve needed a brushing after the windy
    walk. All your shrubs and trees are really loving spring. Everything looks beautiful!

    The Editor came up with a great One Liner! You should put her on the payroll. 🤗 Hope you found what you were looking for! I had cats for years, so I know exactly what you mean. MiMi sure loves to stretch her hind legs, doesn’t she?

    Supposed to get really warm today, but we haven’t even made it to 40 yet.

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    • The Smokin’ Twins (I like that) are getting ever so bold. They come right up to us. Maddie loves the wind. She stops, sticks her head up and sniffs. I think she smells Murphy ;-)

      I don’t think MiMi knows which leg is which.

      We got warm yesterday, but it took all day to get there. Then, we had strong storms overnight. Crazy spring. I hope you have a great day, Ginger.


  5. The sound of a cat getting sick….you never forget it. Parker is the only one of mine who gets sick, and it is usually at night or while we are eating. I don’t touch it–husband’s job. 😉 Mind the Editor!
    According to your blog site, I am not following you. Yet, you are in both my reader and my email. So weird, Dan.
    Maddie is really blowin’ in the wind. She looks so pretty all ruffled up.


  6. So is it an intentional association of technical difficulties and cat barf ? Poetically speaking it rhymes. Your mention of dropped followers reminded me to check personal reader lists. Surprise of surprises it looks like it is fixed. It appears that lists can be once again reviewed, edited, and updated. I will test that out later. They have even added the ability to export the list. Getting back to the cat barf aspect. Red Cross schedulers can set up several appointments at one time. So they will book me for my every other week appointment two or three months in advance. And each booking generates a confirmation email. The last booking session experienced cat barf errr technical difficulties. Some of the emails orbited Jupiter for a week or two. That is they did not show up in my email in box in the expected time sequence. A few might still be in orbit of Jupiter. Cat barf happens. Technically speaking sometimes it even gets cleaned up in a timely and pleasing fashion. Happy hump day Dan.

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  7. Hi Dan, I’ve not encountered the ‘no longer following’ problem as far as I know. I only follow about 100 blogs (anymore, and it becomes overwhelming), and I can’t think of any I’ve not seen posts from recently. I usually skip through my ‘following’ list via the ‘manage’ button to check none have dropped off. Other than not getting email notifications or seeing new posts from them on the WP Reader, what other ways would I know if they have dropped off? I’m interested in knowing to make sure I’m not over looking anything.
    Thanks so much.

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    • The only way I knew what was happening is when I saw a large number of longtime followers in the list with “following since March 28, 2021,” if similar dates. Otherwise, there’s no way to know.


  8. Interesting problem, but I have unbeknownst to me, circumvented it by always putting in the url of the person/host. So, I couldn’t even tell you if I have been dropped or not.
    Had my own fill of throw ups when pregnant, and hated it more than anything, so I’m happy I don’t have a cat, lol!

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  9. Hi Dan, thanks for this post, the unfollowing thing is real. It has happened to me a few times, but not with your blog. I have a number of blogs which I enjoy and which I try to visit at least once a week so I usually refind any blogs that have vanished from my reader because I look for blogs through the search function. You may have noticed that I do this as I tend to catch up in reading clusters [like today]. I didn’t know that baby quince came up pink, how lovely.

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  10. After years of following your blog, poof you were gone. I couldn’t refollow and my Reader showed I was still following. Today, however, you had disappeared from my Reader so I could refollow. When you follow several blogs, it is hard to remember to go hunting for them on the day they usually publish a post. I hope WordPress is reading these comments and figure out what the issue is because let’s face it – our blogging community is important to us, and it is pretty darn annoying to just have blogs disappear. Again, thanks, Dan.

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