Open Wide – #SoCS

Welcome to the No Facilities bar. It’s the first Saturday in May, and we have secured our side of the bar and are ready to relax with an adult beverage and perhaps a bite to eat. As we sip, we will be thinking about Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. It looks like it may be an easy one.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘may.’ Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you would be getting nervous.

“Hey Dan. How are my two favorite customers doing today? Wait, where’s David.”

“David’s late, but I am parched, Cheryl. Absolutely parched. I swear it’s ninety degrees out there.”

“Dan, I’ll get you a beer, but it’s sixty-one degrees. It’s actually a little chilly with the wind.”

“I was working outside. I built up a powerful thirst.”

“OK, OK, one Corona coming right up, with a wedge of lime. Is your buddy coming?”

“As far as I know. Go ahead and set up his amalgamation of beverages and glassware. I’ll get the tab today.”

“Oooh, I like that, you tip better than David.”

“Did I hear my name?”

“Hi David. Dan just ordered some John Howell’s Bourbon for you. I’m going to get it now. Unless you’ve switched to vodka.”

“Perish the thought. No clear liquor for this boy.”

“Why are you late, David?”

“I stopped to get my car washed, Dan. Having a black car in the spring is a nightmare. The pollen turns it green.”

“Here you go. One glass of bourbon, one snifter of seltzer, a glass of ice and three cherries. I think I forgot last week.”

“You did forget, young lady. You were in such a hurry to escape story time with Dan.”

“Ahem, Dan? As in me, the guy who just bought you a glass of top-shelf bourbon?”

“Yes, I’m sorry, Dan. I didn’t mean for that to sound as if it was painfully boring.”

“Are you boys ready for May nineteenth?”

“May nineteenth? What is that Cheryl, is that Mother’s Day?”

“David, if you ignore the mothers in your life until the nineteenth, you will be in big trouble. May nineteenth is more like the mother of all days.”

“Do you know what she’s talking about, Dan.”

“I do.”

“Would you care to enlighten me?”

“I didn’t want to bore you with my story.”

“Can you just give me a simple answer? No, never mind, I know that skill is beyond you. Just tell me. Take as long as you like.”

“Actually, it is pretty simple. May nineteenth is the day they’re lifting all restrictions around here.”

“All restrictions?”

“Well, we still have to wear masks as we enter, but we don’t have to sit six feet apart.”

“Will you still be behind plexiglass, Cheryl?”

“I don’t know. I won’t have to be, but I’m not sure they’re going to take it down. We’re all kind of used to it.”

“So there might be people sitting next to us? I mean there might be someone right here next to me?”

“Um, David, I am sitting here, right next to you. I have been for the past ten months.”

“Yes, Dan, I know, but I I know you. I know where you’ve been, how you conduct yourself, the precautions you take. I trust you.”

“But I’ve been going to Skooter’s, I’ve gone to Allegro, after getting my haircut. I’ve been to Maggie’s. I’ve been grocery shopping the whole time. Those are all places that might give someone a reason to be concerned.”

“Yes, but you’re careful. For example, I know you wouldn’t come in here when it was crowded. We’ve gone to…”

“Ixnay on the r-bay.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Have you guys been cheating on me?”

“We might have gone to Sophia’s on those few Saturdays when this place was crowded.”

“I see. Sophia’s. And how’s their bartender, Dan?”

“Um, well, um, she’s OK. You know, nice. You want to help me out here, David.”

“Like Dan says, she’s nice. I mean she’s not as nice as you, but, um…So, May nineteenth, huh, that’s right around the corner.”

Right around the corner, David. When there will be no reason to need a backup bar, as it were.”

“Well, about that, I don’t know if I’m ready for a tight crowd, Cheryl. Maybe you guys could pull a couple stools away from the bar. You know, give us some elbow room.”

“Don’t temp me with the idea of giving you an elbow, David. Do you two want another round? Or do you have somewhere else to be?”

“Nope, nowhere else. Let’s have another round, and an order of wings.”

“Are you sure, Dan? I hear Sophia’s has pretty good wings.”

“They do, but not as good as the ones here, Cheryl.”

“I’m just picking on you guys. I know we’ve been too crowded at times. I wouldn’t expect you two to go without a Saturday bar visit.”

“Thanks, Cheryl. We appreciate that.”

“Just remember, May nineteenth!”


  1. Beautiful blooms, and I love that shot of Maddie. I was at Lowes yesterday spending a fortune on some pressure treated lumber and encountered a couple of people with no masks. It’s kind of strange after a year of covering up. I had to go hunting for you today. When I checked my Reader, you weren’t there so I did the ‘follow’ routine again. Here’s hoping it holds. Sometimes, I wonder if WordPress is trying to tell us social bloggers something. :-)

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    • Thanks Judy. We still have the mask mandate across the state. We’ve never had to wear masks outside, unless we couldn’t be 6’ apart, so mask life hasn’t changed much here. I have to get four PT4x4s for a hand rail, and a couple sheets of 1/2” plywood for my garage. I’m dreading the cost and possible delay. At least I did the bulk of my construction last year, with lumber I purchased in 2019.

      Sorry for your having to chase me down. I hope they get a handle on this mess. Thanks for taking the time to look.

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  2. Now that we’re getting closer to our normal life, I don’t yet feel comfortable with the idea of actually not wearing a mask. I won’t be abandoning mine for some time…..maybe never. Besides helping me get through the pandemic, I didn’t have the usual killer colds all year and my allergies have been significantly milder. The mask and I have definitely bonded. 🤗

    MuMu asking (demanding?!) to be brushed, and MiMi showing off her leg again are just too cute. Then there’s Maddie with her feathers blowing in the wind plus a reflection….what more do I need?

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    • This was the first winter I didn’t get a cold. I retired in early November 2019, so, it was a long time before I was wearing a mask, and even without the contact in a work environment, I managed to catch a cold. The mask does make a difference.

      The girls all have their favorite places and ways to relax. Maddie loves being outside in the wind.

      I hope you have a great weekend, Ginger.


  3. Our area has opened up, but some places still require masks. It’s strange having normal conversations with folks after such a long break. I still feel a tad uneasy. Having lived in Japan for five years, wearing a mask was never a problem for me. BTW, the photo of MuMu is particularly precious. I could enjoy a hammock about now. 😊

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    • It is going to be a little odd, at least for a few weeks, Gwen. The good news for me is that I always tend to visit the restaurant during the slow period. I’ve never wanted to be in a crowded bar. I use that image of MuMu often. It’s my favorite, and I see that pose a lot as I’m trying to work at my desk.


  4. Today, out mask mandate for outdoors has been lifted. Masks are still required indoors. The goal is a full opening with minor restrictions June 1st. We only have 40% of the population vaccinated. Here’s hoping for the best.

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  5. I’m a bit jealous, Dan, that you have flowering plants and bushes. They’re so pretty! I’m anxiously awaiting the day I can start plant shopping. It’s usually around Mother’s Day, but always dependent on the weather around here. And I may be helping out in the garden at Loaves and Fishes, where I had been volunteering pre-pandemic with feeding the hungry. I’m excited to be outside among other people while digging in the dirt.

    Wisconsin is not yet ready to lift restrictions. We’re still working on some type of herd immunity in the state, but there’s an issue with those that don’t want to get vaccinated, those who have health concerns, and those who don’t return for their second shot. I’m not sure what’s wrong with those who don’t understand that vaccination will help us get back to normal rather than always fighting the science.

    Have a lovely Saturday, Dan!

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    • The blossoms are still the early-blooming plants and trees, Mary, but it’s so good to see. I planted some trees, and I’ve been working around them, raking things out and putting down mulch. It does feel good. I have to cut the grass today – oh joy.

      We are still under an indoor mask mandate, but I’m OK with that.

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    • I am flummoxed by why so many are resisting vaccinations… and masking up. So I will be wearing one for the foreseeable future because I can’t trust the numbnuts out there.


  6. Texas reopened March 2. Private business are doing their own thing which means masks really haven’t gone way. And the protocols for me to return to the office include weekly COVID testing. Oh the joy. I’ve not had one of those yet but I hear they’re easier now.

    I loved the gallery today. Especially the kitties and the apple tree blossoms. That makes everything better. Happy Saturday!

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    • Our statewide mask mandate stays in place for now, and will continue after May 19th, but there’s no requirement outside, unless it’s a large group. I think we’ve done a pretty good job with this mess. I’m fine with going slow. I love the signs of spring. It stretches out from early April to mid-May, and we enjoy every bit of it.

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  7. Yeah, to opening up! I think they’re starting that here today, but I will mask, and glove up at the grocery store and places like that because I didn’t catch any bugs from those places for the first time in my adult life wearing those while shopping.

    The blossoms and reflections are just lovely! That toll taker had a face that would be hard to refuse anything! 😀

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  8. Since I am new to No Facilities, I’ve had to give myself some time to figure out the bar. The dialogue is based on Stream of Consciousness Saturday? Not sure my brain can keep up, but it’s fun to try! Your barely-blooming lilac is everything spring should be — a lot of promise in that.

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    • Thanks, and welcome to No Facilities. I used to switch between SoCS and my own If Havin a Beer series. A coupe years ago, I merged them. I try to drop enough names to make it clear who’s talking, but I don’t always get it right. I do write these according to Linda’s SoCS rules, so I don’t go back and edit.

      I think the lilacs are the best signs of spring that we have in our yard. Even the little ones look so pretty.

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  9. Do I detect a note of excitement? (I hope to heaven that I’m not making typos every where. WordPress has shrunken the comment box at all blogs, but not the text… so I can only see the top edge of what I’m typing…not what I’m typing, let alone the red lines. Anyhow enjoy the anticipation of May 19th. That first pic of MuMu is adorable. Hugs.

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    • When I see MuMu laying like that, I still think of “you can bring Pearl, she’s a real nice girl, but please brush MuMu” I think I used s similar picture for that. I’ve noticed that shrunken comment box on several blogs. I really hope WordPress eases up on us. They are making it hard. I am both excited and wary of the changes. I try to avoid crowded indoor situations even in normal times. I hope you have a great weekend, Teagan.

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  10. Beautiful photos, Dan! I love so many, the apple blossoms, the lilacs, but the one with Maddie is incredible, not just because of her, but that hoop reflection!! Much love for that! And good luck with the lifting of restrictions. We are in this way for a week and I haven’t been anywhere at all. Amore’s father is visiting but it’s raining. After an hour of chit-chat with him (in Italian) I had to have a nap. Completely out of habit.

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  11. Whew! For a minute there I thought you guys were leaving Cheryl. What?! I should have known better. I would surely miss both Cheryl and even Skippy….
    Your yard is looking beautiful, Dan. Nest Depot, eh? Too funny. Yes, Mama Squirrel looks like she just needed to get out of the house for a bit.
    The winner in this group, though, is Maddie. She is glowing in that photo–so pretty.
    Good ol’ Florida. Our attorney general says, ‘We don’t care what the CDC says–go forth unmasked. Everywhere!’ I think not….

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  12. Excellent use of the prompt, Dan. Since your Thursday post, I have been riding my bike and counting window panes. I can’t believe the variations around here (Nine-six is real ugly). I hope by Monday I will stop looking. Loved the photos today, Dan. Thanks for the mention.

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  13. I am most definitely not ready for crowds. Indoors, outdoors, no crowds at all. But if I could find a restaurant with well spaced outdoor tables…that’s sounding pretty awesome right about now.

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  14. Wow. That’s a little too up close and personal for me yet. It’s not like the virus is gone yet. I’m like you, though, I have more reasons than Covid to dislike crowds. And I have not had a cold or allergy problems since we started wearing masks. 🤷‍♀️Nest depot. 😂😂😂You are so funny.

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  15. Cheers to whatever ‘normal’ will be as things open up. They’re doing fine with it in Florida and other states, too, so hopefully, your area will do just fine. Our local bars and shops are opening up too. Summer is when the virus is at its lowest (according to stats). As you said, the virus may never be totally gone. You have had way more rain than we have. Our trees and flowers are barely appearing. Thanks for sharing the beautiful flowers and buds – your photos give me hope for Spring!

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  16. There is always something you write on Saturdays that makes me laugh at loud. Today it was ‘Perish the thought’ and ‘Escape story time with Dan’. Thanks for getting my funny bone! Beautiful photos, Dan. Don’t you love how flowers take turns blooming?

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  17. I totally understand wanting to avoid crowds. That’s one of the primary factors in where we go out to eat. The photo with Maddie and the basketball hoop reflection is interesting. It threw me for a second.

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