Recently Unmasked – #1LinerWeds

We had an appointment yesterday to have our oil burner serviced. This is an annual drill and being a fan of preventative maintenance, it’s one I appreciate. Of course, it means having a technician make several trips through the house as he moves his tools into the basement.

I remember when we had this service last year. The service company had called in advance to make sure no one in our house was infected with the virus. They also wanted to make sure we would be willing to wear masks while the technician was in the house and they ensured us he would be wearing a mask. Burner technicians always wear gloves.

When he arrived, I was wearing a mask (the Editor was locked away with Maddie, trying to keep her from barking). Containers of hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes were on the table and we practiced an odd little dance as I led him to the burner room. When he was done, I offered him a bottle of water which I wrapped in a paper towel. After he left, I wiped down the doorknobs, light switches and surfaces he had contact with. Surface transmission was thought to be more of a threat last year than now.

Yesterday, the same technician was back. He was wearing a mask, but I wasn’t. I apologized and reached for one – I don’t mind wearing a mask – I had just forgotten. He explained that he had had his shots, and if I had had mine and was comfortable, we could forgo the masks. I agreed (It’s not like we really ever get close).

He took his mask off and said,

“Thanks, but just in case, we won’t kiss.”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. Kudos to every person who has made us laugh during this awful time! That last photo, with the different stages of blooming, is kind of like a gardener’s clock: it’s half-past Dogwood. Nice!

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  2. There is a wide range of ‘being careful’ right now. We’ve had service folks and some wear masks and some don’t, but we’ve worn ours and wiped everything down just as you described. One thing about gardening – I don’t wear one unless there is a volunteer without shots and then we all wear them. It always makes me smile when Maddie tolerates your small friends that close to her. I’m thinking those lilacs smell as good as they look. :-)

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    • Maddie tolerates them, but I’m frantically trying to get a peanut out of the bag so they get off the step. The lilacs smell wonderful. This technician was here before, and he has a great sense of humor. It’s fun to talk to him.

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  3. Hi Dan – how funny … and yes I’m glad you didn’t … burner oil flavouring wouldn’t be too good! Fantastic photos and Spring shrubs coming into their beauty, or making way for others … I’m amazed Maddie allowed Smokey that close … those plants are loving the rain … cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary, The plants have their schedule, and I like how they spread the beauty out over a long period. Maddie just isn’t bothered by the squirrels. I’ve never understood that.

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  4. I’m almost to the point of being maskless with one of my neighbors, who is also vaccinated. We have lived so close and so far away the past year that it will be good to be maskless and safe in each other’s apartment. And although we are good friends, we won’t be kissing either.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, Dan!

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  5. I love his line–too funny! So good to be able to actually see the smile instead of just looking at their eyes (smiling eyes). Your lilacs are so pretty. We don’t have them down here–I think because it doesn’t get cold enough in the winter. Smokey is getting really bold, isn’t he? Such a cute photo.

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    • Smokey went from shy and skittish to just about joining us for a nap! I love the lilacs. Maybe they do need the cold, I would have thought you guys had everything that grows. Seeing the smile, and watching someone laugh was delightful.

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  6. I love your technicians sense of humor. Made me laugh out loud!! I too am amazed at how close Maddie lets the squirrels come up to her. But at the same time it makes me nervous for Maddie.

    Spring has sprung here, but you are still ahead of us. Soaked with rain or not, your Beauty of Moscow Lilacs are still gorgeous! I do believe Rivergirl’s bunny is “with bunny’! Chinook is looking very pleased to see spring all around him.

    Hope you and Maddie find time between rain showers to walk and do some deck sitting.

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    • Thanks Ginger. We think you’re right about Ms Bun. Hopefully, we’ll have pictures of baby bunnies at some point. I doubt they’ll be as bold as Smokey. Maddie will snap at them, if they move too fast. I worry when they get inside the length of the leash. At that distance, if she wants one, it’s hers.

      We did get out for a walk today. It was drizzling a bit by the time we got home, but Maddie was glad to cross it off the list. Yesterday, we sat for about 10 minutes. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. She’s OCD, and just wants to be able to say “I did it.”


  7. Rain drops ! Who is that maskless burner technician ? And bold squirrels. The bunnies here will stop being skittish if we talk to them. No peanut involved. The squirrels on the other hand never do calm down. It must be something in the sunflower seeds we feed the birds and the squirrely ones. So far the bunny has been next door and not so much in our yard.

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    • Thanks Teagan. Smokey does seem to be getting a little too brave for his own good. I hope he realizes every dog isn’t like Maddie. I always like it when the lilacs and the dogwood are overlapping.

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  8. I guess getting the same technician back again has it’s pluses and minuses like odd familiarity. I love the lilacs. My azaleas were especially full this year.

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  9. In the process of selling our house, the real estate agents asked us to stay in the big studio barn when visitors came, and we did – without a mask:) since don’t kiss visitors anyways, lol… Jesh

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  10. Haha! That’s cute. CT is rockin the vaccine distribution. That Chinook. What a looker. I agree with Maddie. That squirrel isn’t leaving without nuts! I love that tree! All seasons.

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  11. Having people come to our homes has taken on a whole new meaning. It used to just be do I feel safe in the house with a stranger. Now it’s what do we need to do to make sure everyone’s safe in the house.

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  12. SO glad to know you weren’t kissing!! Although I still wear masks in stores (as most require them even if not everyone does it), it’s nice that things are starting to open up. Nice to see people’s faces.


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  13. LOL! That’s a funny guy! Isn’t it nice to be less afraid of fewer people than last year? Maddie better watch out for Smokey, though — he’s starting to look like she’s worth a taste test.

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  14. I love this! A story that puts a smile on your face- and no kiss (haha). Thank you for the picture of your favorite tree throughout the seasons. I’ve been missing that tree.

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