Sticking Around – #1LinerWeds

Last week, we became aware of the fact that we needed a new refrigerator. We have been planning to replace several appliances this year, but the kitchen fridge started flirting with the zone on the thermometer that says, “Spoilage Possible.”

The Editor started looking around for refrigerators that would fit. We were not interested in fancy features. Nothing being delivered to the door, nothing requiring an Internet connection. Just a basic white box that’s cold inside. I did want an icemaker.

Size was an issue, so we measured, took notes and packed a tape measure. We drover to PC Richard and Son and we met Wayne. Within a few minutes, Wayne was showing us the two models that met our requirements. It was easy to choose between them. The Editor asked when we could arrange delivery. Wayne said, “we have plenty of these in the warehouse, we can deliver it tomorrow.” To which the Editor replied.

“I’m not sure that’s enough time to get the magnets off.”

The delivery wasn’t without incident, but I’ll save that for another day.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you would like to join in on the fun, you can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. Thank you for a couple good morning chuckles. I went through the refrigerator thing a couple years ago and am still trying to recover. I never knew there were so many things I didn’t want. It appears that the dogwood is holding its beauty, and that lilac is its competition.

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    • We have to do this so many times this year. I’m not looking forward to shopping for more appliances. The dogwood is hanging on. It’s welcome to stick around as long as it likes.

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  2. Isn’t it wonderful to see green again? I can always look at your photos and see the blooms that will be here in a few weeks time. Great Smokey pic. And of course my lovely bunny.

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  3. Magnets on a refrigerator! No home would be complete without them! I think there’s a little known law that says no new refrigerator comes without issues….many issues! Smokey’s tail from behind that tree looks like a handle to a water pump!

    Your “puddle” pics are great. That poor bunny is going to feel naked once you can get the grass cut.

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    • You can chart my career travels by following the magnet trail.

      I’m glad you like the puddle pics, Ginger. We don’t always see them. Sometimes, it’s drizzling and we don’t walk and then they dry up. Plus, the sun has to be low in the sky.

      We do cut around some spots in the yard so the bunny has places to eat, but they do seem to like the weeds.


  4. Before Natasha moved out, the fridge was full of magnets. Now it’s only half full. I think I need to buy more.

    You and the Editor did the right thing – no fancy schmancy refrigerator, just something to keep the beer, milk and leftovers cold and the ice cubes coming. There’s no need for technology in a fridge when all you really want is to eat and drink whatever is inside.

    Now, if the fancy fridge replicated food and synthe-beer…you’d be there in a heartbeat…right? :-p

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  5. Ah, the old refrigerator conundrum. I’m so glad it only comes up a few times in a lifetime. It is good you could find what you were looking for with one-stop. Your puddle shot of that utility pole is amazing. I loved the shot of Smokey and the idea that his appearance is due to the camera and not the peanuts. Spring in Connecticut is the best. Thanks for the views.


  6. I live in fear that any of my technology will seize up! I might be a Luddite wanna be but I cannot live without my computer etc., etc. etc. Love the pictures! Especially the cat close up.

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  7. Trying to find a dumb appliance these days is getting harder. The last time we bought one I just wanted a French door fridge with an ice maker that’s all in Stainless Steel and they had only one in the store! Thankfully it was the right size. Magnets only stick to the sides not on the doors so I got rid of most of the magnets. Only the ones holding #1’s artwork and important numbers are on there now.

    The Dogwood is still looking gorgeous from here. The neighbor’s Lilacs are fading already all through the neighborhood. Great reflections! I love puddles and am sorely tempted to jump them when I see them. Are you? I’m in the wrong clothes and shoes the majority of the time so, I restrain myself from jumping in the them. 🤣

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  8. Good one-liner. I dread the day when our refrigerator goes kerplunk and stops working. A few years ago we had to buy a new washer and dryer. My husband had a spreadsheet set up so we could efficiently analyze the pros and cons of each pair. It made my head hurt to think about them.

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  9. So funny about the magnets, Dan. Son came over this weekend for Mother’s Day and to talk about the trip he and his girlfriend had just taken to visit her dad. What did he get me? A magnet!! I use those to hold comic strips that tickle my funny bone onto the fridge.
    That last photo–Smokey looks so cute. Even with ‘the camera angle’ adding pounds, he is still adorable. Caught mid-chew, too. Impressive!

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  10. Glad you bought that in person. If you had shopped over the internet by much of the internet traffic you would now be doing battle with the last thing you bough over the internet. Those refrigerator doors make a great shield. Happy hump day Dan.

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  11. Love the photos, Dan, but I love that line of The Editor’s even more. When the girls moved out, I downsized the fridge magnets, but we still have a number that are mostly used for holding coupons, notices of some sort, or drying Ziplocs. Our rental house has a fridge built in to a space next to and under cabinets, so magnet space is almost entirely limited to the front. :-)


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  12. Hilarious because it is so relatable. We collect a single magnet souvenir from every vacation we’ve ever taken. Though not much recently, we have quite a collection.

    The gallery is outstanding today!!

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  13. How MANY magnets did you have one there??? We lived this summer for a month without a fridge. It was hard! But the delivery went perfect – no issues (Home Depot).
    Although ….after that there was an issue – the ice froze up, because the factory had forgotten to put a part in.

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    • I always brought at least one magnet home from each business trip. A month without a fridge sounds like a very long time. I’m glad it worked out well.


    • Unfortunately, I did not make that up. Manufacturers are desperately trying to make the refrigerator the central device in your house. Some have touch screens about the size of an iPad. Others have large screens that take up half a door on a side-by-side unit. You can “manage your shopping list – display your child’s artwork (scanned of course) – read and reply to email – manage your contacts…” the list goes on. They’ve been trying to get this concept accepted for years. Thankfully, it’s not taking off.

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  14. Shopping for appliances falls into the same category as buying a car – I dislike it all including the idea of talking to my appliances. Now, on to something else I dislike, and that would be the fact that I’m back to not getting your posts. I wish I could figure out why like clockwork for years I’ve gotten your posts, and now not so much. Hope you and the Editor are enjoying your new white box, and I know Maddie is enjoying this weather.

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    • I will jostle the Happiness Engineers again, Judy.

      I have no interest in a refrigerator that I can talk to or one that keeps track of what goes in and what comes out. I think I can handle knowing when the ketchup expires without help from the fridge.

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  15. Great pics Dan and love your approach on the refrigerator. So much in the way of electronics these days. We had the mother board fry on our last one (and it wasn’t that high tech). Weirdly enough, it was cheaper to buy a new refrigerator then replacing the mother board! Gotta love technology!!

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  16. Well, what did you expect, Smokey, when you pack in the peanuts like you do? 😂Congrats on the new fridge. New fridges are fun. Like getting a new house for your food. 😏Love all the photos but the leaves is my favorite today.

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