I Am In Growth – #SoCS

Welcome to the end of a hectic week. We are gathered at the bar, as we always are on Saturdays, and we are going to try to wrestle Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt to the ground. She’s given us the following to consider:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘growth.’ Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be wondering about “clues” as you’re calling them, that I’ve been leaving.

“Welcome, my young friend. Are you here in search of a cold beer, or do you have cold beer at home now?”

“Our new refrigerator is working, David, but it’s not the beer fridge, that one is downstairs.”

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but we have cold beer right here. And, we have fresh lime slices.”

“I’ll take one of those cold beers, Cheryl, and bring the old man some John Howell’s Bourbon, with all the fixin’s.”

“Fixin’s? Dan, I think we need to work on your vocabulary. For someone who writes as much as you do, your vocabulary should be in growth.”

“OK, Lwaxana.”

“Excuse me?”

“OK, one cold Corona with a perfect lime wedge, one glass of bourbon, one snifter of seltzer and a glass of ice. The bourbon should make the journey easier, David.”

“Lawaxana? Journey? What’s going on here?”

“David, Dan is about to beam you up to the Enterprise.”

“Star Trek? Ugh. Is this true, Dan?”

“Well, your comment about growth reminds me of an episode of Star Trek Next Generation. The episode is called ‘Haven’ and Lwaxana Troi is in a humorous scene where she tells a woman she considers inferior, ‘unlike you, I am in growth.’ I love that scene.”

“Lwaxana Troi, isn’t she the ship’s counselor?”

“No, that’s her daughter, Diana.”

“That’s nice, Dan, but let’s talk about things here on earth. I know you got a new refrigerator, but did you get a second one?”

“Yes, David. The first one had a hole in the freezer.”

“I take it you’re not referring to the door.”

“No. There was a gash inside the freezer compartment.”

“Ouch. Well, you have the new one. Did you do anything else interesting this week?”

“I did. On Wednesday, I took the train to Springfield.”

“The train? Dan, It’s only a fifteen-minute drive from your house to Springfield. Why would you take the train?”

“Because the train rolls across the Connecticut River on the hundred and fifty year-old trestle that I have admired for years.”

“You’re a dichotomy my young friend.”

“How’s that, David?”

“You’re a romantic nerd. You waste time rolling across the river as if it were nineteen-twenty-one and yet you’d give it up in a heartbeat if you could step into a transporter.”

“Well, you did say I should be in growth.”

“Yes Dan, but growth implies progress. I don’t see how stepping back in time to an outmoded means of transportation is progress.”

“David, trains carry passengers and cargo much more efficiently than cars. I paid four dollars for a round-trip to Springfield. That’s less than the gas I would have used and less than the cost to park my car at the museum.”

“The museum? What museum?”

“You’ve never been to the museums in Springfield?”

“I’ve been to the museum of art, fine art, history and the science museum. Is that where you went, Dan?”

“They’ve added one since you and I had been there before.”

“A new museum, Dan? What kind?”

“A Seuss Museum, David.”

“Is that where the Dr. Seuss Museum is? I knew they opened a few years ago, but I didn’t know where it was.”

“Yep, it’s at the end of the quad, between the Science Museum and the Museum of Fine Art.”

“I assume you enjoyed yourself.”

“I did, and I also enjoyed the Seuss Sculpture garden in the quad.”

“Is there a sculpture of Horton?”

“Is he your favorite, too, David?”

“He is. I like his philosophy. Say what you mean and mean what you say…”

“And be faithful, one-hundred percent. Would Thing One and Thing Two like another round?

“Hahaha – yes we would, Cheryl, and we would like them here or there. In fact, we would like them anywhere.”

“I don’t think Dr. Seuss wrote a bar story, but you two do remind me of Sam I Am and the guy who doesn’t like green eggs and ham.”

“Who’s who, Cheryl?”

“Oh, David. Which of you is likely to say a train, a train, a train, a train?”

Since we were speaking of writing, I want to let everyone know that we’re going to have a special guest at the bar next week. Author Gwen Plano. I am currently reading “The Choice” – Book 2 of THE CONTRACT thriller series, and I asked Gwen if she would like to visit the bar and discuss her writing with David and me. I hope you can join us.


    • It did feel normal, Judy, except for the staggering of entrances to the museums. But, taking advantage of being retired and going on a Wednesday helped. I had plenty of time to enjoy the whimsy/

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  1. I’m not sure it gets much better than this… bunny, beer and Seuss. I’ve been wanting g to pop down to that museum fur a while now so thanks for the preview. Btw… I’m a Lorax girl. Save the trees!

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  2. Fantastical!!! What a great museum, for young and old alike. Dr. Seuss took his vivid imagination to places no one ever thought to go before.

    I’m jealous of your baby bunny. None spotted here yet. 😪 Maddie still needs her cozy warm blanket outside, but she’s not minding it. God help you if you ever break MuMu’s brush. Hope you have a couple of spares on hand!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

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    • It was a wonderful museum to tour, Ginger. I was muttering lines and sequences under my mask as I walked through. It was fascinating to see some of his sketches and learn more about his life.

      We haven’t seen the baby again since The Editor snapped a few hundred (exaggerating a bit) of this one. But, with multiple adult bunnies, we know there will be more babies soon.

      Maddie was happy to see her cot near the bench. Sh’s been enjoying an afternoon sit in the sun. MuMu has many brushes, strategically placed near all her favorite brushing spots.

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  3. My goodness, thanks for the mention, Dan, and especially the invitation to join you at the bar. I love Dr. Seuss and the museum photos. As always, your nature scenes are incredible. BTW, we had a bunny visit us yesterday, along with plenty of other wildlife. Bunnies are rare though, so it was special to watch her (or him). Hope you have a great weekend! 🌞

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  4. What an interesting place your bar is. I think that sometimes progress is most definitely the ability to look back and appreciate what has been. Although I’d rather ride a train than step into a transporter, I think that if I had a chance to be beamed back in time — just for a visit, mind you — I’d take that transporter.

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    • You have a good point about progress. It’s so easy, especially in New England, to look around and see what brought us here. It’s also (sadly) easy to see the attempts at progress that weren’t all that helpful. I think I’d rather step back in time than peek ahead.

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  5. Awesome, Dan. 5,000 bonus points for combining beer, Star Trek, Dr. Suess and the SoCS prompt all in one post. This was a fun trip, trip, trip to the bar, but not by car, car, car. Have a most excellent weekend!

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    • Hahaha – nicely done, Mary. Thanks for the bonus points. I need a healthy reserve for when you collect them after a Monday Math post ;-) When I saw the word “growth” I could only picture Lwaxana. I had to work her in.

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Is Cheryl going to be here next week, or are you going to inflict Gwen with Skippy? Get me a t-shirt that says Team Horton. Sadly, I’ve met many a Maisie Bird in my time. Thanks for the trip to the museum, and the gorgeous nature and indoor critters photos.

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    • It’s kinda up to Linda as to who stands behind the bar, I wouldn’t want to be accused of planning. Let’s just say, I hope Gwen likes drinks that are easy to make – just in case.

      I like the idea of Team Horton!

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  7. This post tracks well. From the museum of Dr Seuss to the home of the institute for the appreciation of philosophy sauce. The only things missing were wings or chowder or both. Then again wings and Things 1 and 2 just might get messy…

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    • I think Faith and I can still recite “Green Eggs and Ham” and “The Zax.” The museum is only half a mile from the train station, so it was an easy walk, except for those stairs.

      MuMu was serious. “I didn’t bring you in here for a photo shoot, buster. Start brushing.”

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  8. What a wonderful post and photos! It was nice to “see” David’s mood lighten with Dr. Seuss. Thing one and two look like they’re about to run around the garden. Of course, I’m always up for Trek talk. Lwaxana Troi is such an interesting character. In Deep Space Nine she demonstrates growth in her compassion toward Odo. I met Majel Barrett many years ago at a convention where she talked about her work advocating for whales and a particular orca in captivity.

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    • I think everyone can lighten up when Horton is around. Lwaxana Troi is an amazing character. I do remember the Deep Space Nine episode. Her compassion was so sweet. Majel Barrett had quite a long run in the series.

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  9. How wonderful!  Thanks for the photos, my family always loved Dr. Seuss and i think they books are a great way to interest kids in reading early on.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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    • Our daughter was hooked on reading from these books, and even taught herself to read from connecting the words. One day, I brought a new Seuss book home, and she said she wanted to read it to me. We were used to her memorizing the stories and “reading” certain passages as we read others – switching character roles – but she wanted to read it to me. I told her it was a new book, but she opened it and started reading. We were shocked. Although I should use a Seusser word than that.


  10. Haha! MuMu looks like she means business with those toenails!
    Dan, I would never have thought of combining Star Trek and Dr Seuss in one place, but I find it perfectly fitting now that I think about it. I’m looking forward to Gwen’s visit. Hugs on the wing.

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    • Thanks Teagan. This is what happens with SoCS. As soon as I saw the word ‘growth’ I knew Lwaxana Troi had to be mentioned. But, I had the pictures of the sculptures I wanted to share. It wasn’t an easy word to work with, but I think they fit together well enough. MuMu always means business ;-)

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  11. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    While Horton certainly heard a Who
    and Yertle is talented, that much is true
    The Lorax’s wisdom cannot be denied, and
    Those Things with great vigor my patience have tried.
    It is Sam I Am with his stubborn reprise
    and the Grinch with that mischievous glint in his eyes
    That keep me returning to all things Seuss, while
    leaving a small place for Old Mother Goose.
    Thanks for the tour. Nice job with the prompt. He who is not in growth is surely in denial. 😉

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  12. Great use of the prompt, Dan. Loved the photos of the sculpture garden. I think Hotyon is my favorite. I called my first wife Daisy and she never got it. Oh well, I had fun with it. Looking forward to Gwen’s visit next week. Thanks for the mention.

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  13. Top o’ the mornin’ to ye, Dan. I’m happy to find out that your growth isn’t the kind that takes place around your middle but I must confess to being at sea (or in space?) with the Trekkie references. You’ll have to excuse me. But I’m onboard (train reference for you) with the Dr. S. Museum, even more so since the “woke-sters” have decided he wasn’t completely perfect. Two of the libraries in Naperville had Dr. S sculptures and we read those books to our girls and I had them read to me and then later (even now) on my own. There was also a gallery in Ohio that had a number of his paintings, some or many of which had been found hidden. Such an interesting (if imperfect, not like the rest of us) man. A most happy Saturday!


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  14. “Why would you take the train?” I’m sorry, this question doesn’t compute. The train is its own reward. One should ask, “Why would you NOT take the train?”

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  15. I am still pondering the assertion that growth implies progress–in my mind they are two very different things. It is kind of like the saying attributed to Ben Franklin, “Don’t confuse motion with action.” I loved the original Star Trek series but never really got into any of the subsequent versions of it. However, I am a huge fan of Dr Seuss and was delighted by your photos of the sculpture garden. As for trains, I like them a lot. I have fond memories of a visiting some friends in Seattle some twenty years ago and traveling there and back via Amtrak from Washington DC. As always, I enjoyed your photos of the critters, both wild and domesticated, though I am not sure which ones fall into which category. :)

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