Thursday Doors Recap – May 13, 2021

The Thursday Doors recap for the two and one half day period beginning on the above date is ready to be viewed. Click here if you’re interested.

Note: If you participated in Thursday Doors and your link is not in the recap, please let me know in a comment on this post.

Special Announcement – Writing Challenge!

The First annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge is underway. The Challenge is for doors photographers and writers who want to write about a door. Seven people have already contributed to the writing challenge. If you want to read their entries, or join them, visit the newly established Writing Challenge Page to see all the posts and / or choose a door from which you can draw your inspiration.

Create your written product and share it with us on any No Facilities Thursday Doors pages during the month of May.


  1. Hi Dan, I really like the idea of having a writing challenge for the doors photo

    and I am going to try and join in – with both doors and some writing

    also – the recap post idea is a nice feature and I will check it out soon

    I have been away from the blog world – but have collected a handful of door photos here and there (because dont’ we all think of our blog even when away – ha!) and the most recent door picture is from a small sand caste (imagine that)
    anyhow, good day
    thanks for hosting

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was wondering if you were taking a break or if WordPress dropped me off your list. I hope you can join the writing challenge. It runs through the last weekend of May, so you have plenty of time.

      Liked by 1 person

      • thanks and I am not just saying this Dan, but I really needed a fresh writing challenge and so I am more excited than you know

        and my blog break turned out to be longer than planned – but refreshing – and the only reason I came back in May was to follow up with some interviews I needed to post – or sadly I might have stayed away til July – and I say sadly because that might have robbed me from some needed connecting and so I am glad to be back
        oh and speaking of interview posts – I just added the Thursday Doors challenge to trent’s interview – at the end – because some other writers might be ready to tackle a new idea as well
        have a nice day and TTYS

        Liked by 1 person

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