Fifty-Three Weeks Later

During the week of May 4, 2020, I had planned to ride CT Rail’s Hartford Line north from our town to Springfield, Massachusetts. That ride would carry me across the Warehouse Point railroad bridge – an iron bridge originally built in 1866. I was planning to write about that ride for National Train Day on May 9, 2020. Instead, I walked under the bridge where it crosses the Windsor Locks Canal. I took pictures and a short video of the train as it rolled above me and I used that for my Train Day post.

This year, fully vaccinated, masked and able to buy tickets on the CT Rail app on my phone, I decided to try again. I was going to ride north to Springfield, then south to New Haven, CT and then back home. A train ride on Wednesday May 5th would have given me the chance to get some pictures of and from the train, as well as Union Station in Springfield in time for Train Day.

Before I left for the train station in our town, the train was running 5-10 minutes late – not too bad for a train in the US. While parked at the station, I received a text message saying that “due to mechanical problems” the train was running 20-25 minutes late and that the delay was expected to increase. I decided that it wasn’t worth rushing around trying to make connections. I had done enough of that before I retired.

That decision turned out to be fortuitous. Wednesday was the day we noticed that we had to replace our refrigerator. In addition to being able to shop for a new refrigerator, I was able to avoid another delay. Later in the day, I received a text message that “due to police activity” the train I would have been on was delayed in New Haven.

Last week, as I’ve mentioned in two previous posts, I took the train to Springfield. I have some pictures to share, and I had a wonderful day. I was  a week late for Train Day, but Congress cancelled National Train Day years ago, I suppose I can skip one year.

Here’s a short video taken while crossing that bridge.


    • It was a thing, until Congress cut AMTRAK funding and they had to stop having it. Lots of people still support it. Our daughter and I attended an official one at New Haven Union Station several years ago. AMTRAK had a museum train there for the day.

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  1. I imagine you like a kid in a candy store when it comes to trains and train rides, Dan. Glad you finally made it to Springfield and had a fun day despite the prior’s week’s delay and cancellation. I remember myself and a few other bloggers posting about National Train Day in 2016, with your lead and encouragement. That was fun and now every time I see a train, train tracks or a crane, guess who I think of?

    Have a lovely week, Dan!

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    • That’s a nice thought, Mary. I remember those posts. I’m quietly hoping they are able to bring back National Train Day. I’d settle for them to finish double-tracking the Hartford Line so they can run trains more often. Maybe next year, I can take the train back to DC as a tourist. I took it so many times for work, I’d like to be free of those obligations on one trip.

      You have a lovely week, too.

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  2. I love the video but I think what I like most about it with the sound. There is something so rhythmic about the wheels of a train especially going across the bridge. It’s hypnotic.

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  3. I liked the video, especially the sound of the wheels. Of all the forms of transportation we have, trains are the only ones that have their own personality! The others merely get us from point A to point B. Trains get us there too, but with an adventure in between. Maybe even a fantasy.

    Great gallery. The three M’s always a welcome sight. Glad you and your camera got to take this little jaunt Dan. Hope this week proves to be a good one for you.

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    • Thanks Ginger. I’ll put you in the same car with Pam. The sound of the wheels is a soothing sound. I hope we all have a good week. Trains are the best way to travel.


  4. Amtrak is coming back to the Gulf Coast, but not to my town. It stops service in Mobile AL. So close, yet not to be… No idea what they will do with the Amtrak station in town that has sat idle all these years. I love the video. Enough talk…where’s the brush? I don’t think MuMu looks like she’s gonna wait much longer.

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    • If AMTRAK gets the money they hope to get, you could see train service in your town. They want to expand their routes. I hope they get the money, but I doubt Congress will help them. MuMu did get brushed. I know the real reason I’m at my desk.

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  5. I love this post, Dan. Train travel was never part of my life, so it was fun to virtually tag along with you. But you didn’t miss Train Day, because of the fun video you posted that day. It just wasn’t what you had in mind. Hugs on the wing.

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    • I’m glad you like d this, Teagan. This was a short ride, but I hope to do some longer ones in the future. Maybe not on til winter. I’d like to visit DC as a tourist, but not during the swampy season.

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      • Nooooo… You don’t want to go there during heat and humidity.
        I’ve no idea how it will be post-COVID19, but… I only took the subway there a few times. Each trip, it was so packed that I couldn’t see anything. Plus I had to stay focused on being able to get through the people and to the exit in time for my stop.


  6. I think of you every time I see a train, Dan, and there are still a number, freight trains, that run through this area or when I’m traveling. I haven’t been on a train recently; for a very, very long time in the States, but more recently in Europe where they generally seem to run on time, at least if you’re not in Spain or Italy. The TGF in France is quite an experience for its speed if nothing else. Enjoyed your photos and I think we should keep National Train Day. Maybe the fact that it doesn’t cost anything is the problem. If the government could throw a few million or billion at it, it might be a thing again.


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  7. It seems Amtrak has you well, er, trained!

    I also am a big fan, as you know. and have long railed against the decades of neglect. Been tracking the recent progress with great anticipation, if no expectations.

    And lest it be left unsaid, I’m a big fan of yours too! Well done, my friend. :-)

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  8. Hi Dan – so pleased you made it this year … looks to be a wonderful round trip – one I’d love to do … so interesting to see the sights et al … I know you love your trains – so good to see these and the trip. I’ll be back to look at the video – my connectivity is maggoty … cheers Hilary

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